The Kween’s Kouch: ~Dreams Manifested~

*done on 10-29-08*

Today I did a REAL show. The first was simply a test…this was me with both feet hitting the floor. No real co-host to speak of (kinda scary). Been so used to having someone in the front seat with me…it was weird driving alone. I did pick up a few passengers though…

Howelegant stepped into the Kweendom taking a seat next to me for a bit. Mahogany Dymond and Youngcity da Boss also propped their feet up. Butterfly Effect, Fit for a King, Ebony Eyes Live (dot com), Funky Black Chick, and Curvy Queen took their seats in the chat. The show’s topic, “Dreams Manifest” was simply a question put to all the listeners. WHAT if anything did you want to be when you grew up? Do you remember what your passion was that you just couldn’t shake? How close are you to your childish dreams and desires? One of the bigger questions was if your dreams were even your own? I shared with the constituents of the Kweendom (the chat room) that I once told my mother at age 7 of wanting to be a clown. HEY! Blame it on my unending love for Mickey D’s. Ronald’s job seemed like a cool hook up! *drooling @ thought of a Big Mac*

Anyway…check out the show and see for yourself!

The Kween’s Kouch: Testing 1-2-3

Today I did a test show for my online talk show, The Kween’s Kouch. I’ve been hosting Mr. Chap’s Morning Show for several months now and with a lot of poking, prodding and encouraging…I finally caved in and set up my show. It started out as a 30 minute test and ended up being extended 30 more minutes. Mr Chap produced the switchboard while my girl Fit for a King did a little co-hosting. Butterfly Effect showed up, as did my sista Netty (Neturu), and Sunny G…a fellow BTR host. I read a poem, shared my concept of the show and Net helped me rename the chatroom. It will now and forever be known as “the Kweendom”. Fits, huh?

Take a listen…