For today’s challenge word, I had something thought out…something about desires of the heart, desires of life goals, blah blah yadda meow…

Then I remembered that my friend Iba, has a missing niece here in New York. She has been posting incessant reminders to her Facebook and tumblr audience to keep an eye open for her young teen niece, Nikki.


My niece is still missing.
My Sister spoke to the young man that Nikki was last with in Manhattan.
He says she was happy, didn’t say anything about being mad or running away.
He’s 17 and attends her after school program.
He is cooperating with the investigation at this point.
He gave us a lot of info but nothing on where she could be…she literally walked away and disappeared.
He claims to be just as shocked by this as we are.

Please continue helping us find my niece, it is going on three weeks next week.

 If you are in the NY Tri-State area please help.
She has been gone since September 8th. If you have any information please contact (718) 708-6236.
She was to begin her first day last Friday at The School for Law Enforcement and Public Safety in Manhattan on Audubon and 191st. The school has the flyer and hasn’t seen her either. News 12 has been running the story every half hour…working on other channels as well. ALL the help we can get helps.
Please keep reblogging. We need her back safe.

This is the exact posting…

What bothers me is that there is always little to NO real urgency in finding missing children of minority races. There has been little to NO coverage in my area for this young lady’s disappearance or plea for her recovery. I don’t want to kick around militant accusations of unfair treatment of missing persons cases where “we” are involved…but, you get it.

Every day that goes by is time lost. No exposure lessens the chances that she’ll be spotted and her whereabouts reported. I pray that the situation is as simple as Nikki “decides” to come home on her own and that this is an instance of rebellion.

PLEASE post this information where you can and if nothing else, share this post. Fervent prayers are welcome as well.

I DESIRE for this young woman to be returned to her family safely.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

New York State’s Missing and Exploited Children Clearinghouse