Dia Cinco~ Something I Hope To Do In My Life

I want to do a lot of things.

I’ve wanted to publish my writings. I’ve wanted to show the world my ideas. I’m constantly writing and nothing is being shared yet. I anticipate that one day [soon] an opportunity will meet with my burgeoning ambition and BOOM…I’ll be on the path to authorship.

I’ve wanted to be a mom…a wife.
I’ve wanted to travel…exotic islands, culturally-rich countries…
I’ve wanted to conquer my paralyzing stage fright…

Can you see me? Like…singing my ASS off on stage and folks loving it?
Speaking my poetry and ripples of awe and emotion feeding my delivery?

I’ve wanted to get serious about my love of photography and graphics.

I hope to do a lot in my life…This little ole blog can’t hold my hopes. I could go on forever talking on my hopes.