New Blog Challenge!!!

Challenge Accepted!

Hola bebes!

Do you all remember the 30 day challenges? The 30 Days of Truth Challenge? The 30 Day Love & Truth Challenge? Go on and click if you don’t. Hell, click if you DO but just wanna reminisce. I had fun on both challenges and it definitely kept my mind spry. It kept me writing when I didn’t feel like it…and because I feel like I don’t spend enough time writing or blogging, I’m hosting another challenge. (I’ll reveal it the day of)

Come February 28th (so folks can assemble themselves and pass it on in enough time to start the month) I’ll reveal a challenge and you all are invited. You can pass it on to whomever you please! I’ll create a banner for the challenge and hopefully we’ll use each other as a support system to encourage one another to stay on top of it.

SO…tell your friends and fellow bloggers to report back here on the 28th so we can get this 30 day party started.

See ya!!