Someone LOVES my blog!! :)

Well, I’ll be GOT dayumned…lol. 

Someone LOVES my blog. Well, I’m sure she’s talking about “Passion Fruit” because that’s where I post the sensual side…but, nonetheless it’s still so cool to be appreciated for my literary endeavors.  Things like this are always RIGHT on time. Just when you’re needing a little support, love and acknowledgement…in comes something so simple, but so meaningful. Thanks to Cook.the.Poet for loving my blog!!

I’m gonna tell you whose blogs I love. I’m only doing 7 because I LITERALLY could do this all day.

Deez Nailz is such a cool site for ladies dedicated to the love of the mani. She experiments with colors and styles and posts some VERY unique designs. Definitely for the girly girl.

Krissy’s One Stop Beauty Spot is just that…she’s prolific in all things cosmetic. Gotta love her.

My inner thoughts…ME is the very personal blog of my girl Diva. She’s such a tease…but, she delivers!

soulbrother v.2 is the blog of a brother that goes by Max Reddick…he dissects the everyday issues, but from the view of a very intelligent, unique and funny perspective.

kiss.the.pen well, she’s my fave kissy face in the whole world. LOL She and I have become each other’s stalkers. Her poetry, stories and love of music, make for a very kisstacular blog read.

THE INTERSECTION OF MADNESS AND REALITY is just damned that. It’s insane AND real. Rippa’s a personal friend of mine, whose blog is all about the shock value and the very open and unapologetic perspective of a black man…if you can get past the shock to see the real.

Last, but damn sure never least…my blog model, [FUNG’KE] [BLAK] [CHIK] is my friend…my P.I.C. and if you want to laugh, think and possibly bob your head to the off beat in her head…give it a try. You WILL enjoy her wit.

Honorable mentions: my go-to-blogs Butterfly Effect, The Curvy Gyrl Chronicles & Ms Downlow

~doing my kween pageant wave~