What if…

What if Trayvon Martin had been the survivor? Standing cast over the lifeless body of George Zimmerman…

Do you think that he would’ve been taken at his word?

Or that the police would have skipped any protocol…such as a drug/alcohol test, a background/wrap sheet check, a call to George Zimmerman’s family, using his own cell phone. How about just checking the phone records on the calling history? That alone would’ve revealed a 911 call and a little more perspective into the series of events.

Do you think the police would’ve hesitated to arrest Trayvon…age be damned? His hoodie alone, the supposed mark of suspicion…would’ve given the police enough reason to stereotype what kind of person Trayvon might be…seeing a need for apprehension and an immediate comprehensive investigation.  Do you know that the longer they wait…the “colder” the case gets?

We’re not new to this people…we’re not. We’ve seen many a Black man gunned down by trigger happy police and wannabe police, vigilantes and bigots. Some walking home carrying nothing but a wallet. Some celebrating the last night of being single. Some…accused of glaring too long at a little white girl, “needing” to be made an example of. We’re not new to the slaying of our children, our men, our sisters…these kinds of crimes are hundreds…thousands of years old. The threat of the “brown germ”…giving the non-brown any and every reason to attack, maim, disrespect and rally against.

So, what makes this different? Why is Trayvon different than Yusef Hawkins? Sean Bell? Amadou Diallo? Nothing and everything…

With the careless, non-responsive policing involved…is American hatemongers being told by silence and inaction that a free-for-all can commence on our community? As if there weren’t a million things to worry on as we go about life daily…now we have to be concerned that our young boys can’t even go about the street to the store and back without being considered a target? My 17yr old cousins can’t walk our hometown as it IS because of the violence corroding what was once a community of homes and good schools. Now, there’s this?

We’ve been up in arms about the wrongfully accused, the harshly convicted and the legally lynched. Now once again, faces and voices and pumped fists holding signs are asked to stand up. The never ending fight for rights unobtainable and barely maintained peace ensues and snowballs. Another full on movement is at hand and we’ve got to act swiftly and do what is within our reach. We’re stopping in the middle of  women trying to reclaim our vaginas…to reclaim our safety. Our ancestors and fallen civil activists did not die, leaving behind legacies and empty chairs at the head of the table so we could pretend things will get better.

Communities all over have rallied, wearing hoodies as a show of solidarity. Justice is being sought…demanded. Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers…people with family they know could’ve been Trayvon…are making their voices heard. Do a little…do a lot…but, do something. Sign something…SAY something.

Here’s a link to an online petition for the arrest of George Zimmerman. If you want to see Anderson Cooper’s interview of Trayvon’s parents…click here…perhaps seeing the faces of these grieving parents will endear you to the cause.

I am Trayvon Martin…


I like this picture, because it is a collection of faces…that become Troy Davis.

Troy Davis…

Executed on the 21st day of September, 2011 at 11:08pm…in spite of overwhelming reason of doubt…the state of Georgia still rejected the stay of execution and took this man’s life.

Let me state here…this won’t be a blog full of legalese, dripping with political terms and agenda. There will be no recounting of the evidence or lack thereof throughout the trial. I’m not here to run down the precedents, the list of witnesses or even Troy’s background of criminal activity before his subsequent arrest for the murder of Officer McPhail.

What this is…is a woman trying to make sense of the senseless. Someone trying to remember that God’s will is by far vaster than anything we can dare conceive. How it is that a 16yr old, held and tried on flimsy evidence…and eventually…recanted stories…is sad.


It could’ve been my cousin, my uncle, my dad, my friend…it could be them still. Yet, this isn’t about the many men who Troy symbolizes…or even the many women who have lost their sons to the system. It’s about a sleep-walking creature called Racism. I say sleep-walking, because it’s not sleep…and it’s not quite conscious. It’s alive. It’s breathing. It’s quite possibly…even infectious. It’s surely not dead. It did NOT die with MLK, Malcolm, Medgar, Marcus, Rosa anem. It wasn’t even remotely subdued by Huey, Angela, Bobby, Assata anem. Yet it’s not conscious anymore.

Systematic…when you have a way of doing stuff and you do it the same every time, kinda like how we hang the sheets and we hang them first so we can put the socks in the cracks…” ~ Nettie & Celie “The Color Purple”

^^^That…a “systematic” thing…so commonplace and banal in repetition…that eventually becomes subconscious. It is second nature to those who made the “ism” of racial inequality…their practice. What this looks like to me is a very loud and resounding cackle in the face of America’s people who thought that with the election of our first Black president, things would change. The hope was beautiful, the dream was glistening…bright like angel eyes…but, decidedly unrealistic. How it is that in the face of stories changed, reports of police coercion and others confessing…that they’d still take the life of a man, whose journey to injustice began as a child? I don’t know…seems like that beautiful dream died an egregious death.

What was beautiful…was seeing so many different colors blur and “become” Troy Davis. The petitions were passed around, the numbers posted were called…the pictures of him were posted for reminders of urgency…and no one cared what the person standing next to them looked like.

I just said to my sister on my Facebook status:

…it’s the epitome…the worst case scenario of how wrong it can go. You know how we speak of people who get away with things they do with evil intent…and others who just want to live in peace can’t find it…they get harassed, disregarded and oppressed by bad instances? This is that. This is a man who when this case begun was a tender teen…maybe not purely innocent, but a child nonetheless. He spent his entire adolescence damn near…fighting for his life. There has got to be a higher purpose for this. I’ve prayed and asked for God to give us all strength to be what we need to be and stand up in this with everything we are. Perhaps he was a beacon of light. Not quite angel, but more like vessel of purpose. Maybe his purpose was to show how we can all become a blurred audience of one…standing in love for a brother. Not a “brotha”…but our HUMAN brother. I don’t know. I’m still making sense of it.

That’s all I got…

Rest In Peace, Troy…I pray that your  life doesn’t go unaccounted for. I pray that your transcendence leads to a portal of light bright enough to shed light on injustice and blind the holder of those scales…for real.

My bro, Rippa posted this…I decided to post it here as well…