A Floating Ship, Obama and the HS Crew: A Dream

My boy ThugRockStar shared his dream the other day and it had me in STITCHES!! My side is still healing from laughing at “Unc” the killer. PLEASE read that…a laugh a day, keeps the wrinkles away.

I decided to share my dream. It woke me up terrified. There wasn’t a drop of laughter in it for ME, but perhaps you guys might laugh at the insanity which is Kween’s Obscene Dreams. LOL

What I remember first…is that I was at my Auntie’s getting ready for some family gathering. Eventually I got left behind, to which I spent an inordinate amount of time in my dream trying to catch up. No such luck. All I ended up doing was living in a house with a bunch of people who WEREN’T family, but kept acting like I was. I didn’t know their asses, so I “blinked” myself out of that one. (Yes, if my dream isn’t going my way…I blink myself into another dream. lol)

SO, I end up in the lobby of some hotel…convening with some High School alumni. A bunch of folks I couldn’t stand back then sprinkled with my “crew” that I hung with. We entered on the Reunion “ship”. Something like a cruise liner…but floating and more metallic like. We’re all chilling when one of the guys, let’s call him “Jack” as in ASS…says something stupid. We laugh it off and say, oh please and whatever. Dude gets angry. All of a sudden, we’re running. This guy has taken an all out campaign on our candy asses. We’re scattering like roaches…but this dude (who literally is about 5’7″) has everyone shaken.

I run into a bathroom and a few girls have my back…throwing themselves in front of him trying to reason with him, because apparently it’s the shit “I” said that tipped him off…so, they’re begging him to stop. He takes my BFF of the time, turns her upside down and shakes the blood out of her. All you could see was her body convulsing with her legs in the air…shit, I began looking for a way out. I told them to hold him off a little longer. I got into a bathroom stall, climbed on the toilet and started digging through the ceiling. 

(sidebar: I have recurring dreams where I’m always trying to climb up, remove a ceiling tile and pull myself up into it…to hide, get away or go to a secret place)

I finally dig a hole, shimmy up and through it…when the Secret Service come looking for me. I am watching them in plain sight now, but they can’t see me. They start emptying the bathroom’s carnage that Jack left. All of a sudden they start pointing upward and saying to check where I am. So, I morph into a small red die (yes, just one…not a set) and as I sit there watching them, they find two bags of what is supposed to be dirt. All of a sudden, not only am I the “die”…but, I’m also a damn agent…so, I’m cutting open one of the bags and we’re dumping them onto a long table. One of the agents, who clearly is on Jack’s side suggest they bring out the hose and see what happens to the dirt. I get really nervous. They spray down the dirt and the dirt begins to give way to a the shape of a little boy’s body. He wakes up and I say to myself, “Oh shit…they found the kid we hid in the dirt when Jack was killing everyone”. 


…aaand ACTION!!

Now, one of our friends is being interrogated. The other agents and me (the agent) are questioning her as to my (the die’s) whereabouts. She’s crying and looking straight at me…they can tell she’s lying but she refuses to tell them where I am. They apprehend her and then while back in the lobby, Obama comes in dressed quite casually…and announces that they’re about to launch a full investigation into some things and that change is coming.

My friend is eventually released…I don’t quite shake my die shape. I just wake up staring at the ceiling fan wondering just how late DID I eat dinner? O_O

Yea…go ahead and say it…I’m weird. lol