Quit Playing, Mookie!!

Damn, Mookie!!! “Why can’t you just be a MAN, Mookie.  Be a FUCKING MAN, Mookie!!” ~ “Tina” (Rosie Perez) “Do The Right Thing”

I love that movie…I love that LINE! More than anything, I love to say it to just about anyone male or female when either, they are actually playing with me (for shits and giggles) or they are TRYING to play me O_O.

What pisses me off and will make me consider detachment, dis-ownership or a straight dolphin’s fin slap across your mouf…is emotional games. I have had this convo with 2 of my SiStars in one week and I must say…we’re in complete disbelief at how some people love to be vague. 

My sis Joy says, that when a guy likes you and won’t say so…what he’s really doing is waiting for you to be assed out and laid out vulnerable so he can be SURE that you’re feeling him. YET…if after you’ve stripped down ball ass naked and he’s STILL not declared any feelings, he’s playing this game:

I-want-her-to-like-me-more-than-I-like-her-so-she-won’t-go-anywhere-but-if-it-goes-wrong-and-I- discover-I-DON’T-want-to-be-tied-down-I-can-say…”I NEVER SAID THAT!”


NOT COOL!! What…WHY is it so hard for a grown ass adult to say what is on his mind? Why is it that these men of THIS day and age want absolute assuredness concerning the object of his potential affection? The days of High School rejection are gone. At least they SHOULD be. There IS risk to the ego when avowing interest in a woman…but, SO WHAT!!! Say what it is. Do something about what you want…and YES, men are the captains of the ship called “Courtship”. 




Yes, courtship is the man’s arena. He should be the one to speak up. I’m an analog girl living in a digital world (LOL). I don’t do desperate chases of men. I don’t do half-assed averments. Either you say, “I like you” or some related phrase and let me as a woman say what I want from that point, or clearly you’re not THAT interested. I’m tired of giving guys the excuse of “He’s scared”. O_O Grow some testicular fortitude, jump on her back and tame that filly. Okay…don’t jump on her back guys…but you feel me. Any guy sitting back in the belief that HE should be chased…is questionable in his security as a man. Say what you want guys…no dude is supposed to sit securely on the sidelines and await to be asked to dance. Stuff that Sadie Hawkins shit back where it came from. 

I feel if a man cannot speak up to say “Hi, My name is Dick…nice to meet you Kitty Jones”…then I wonder if he’ll stand up for me. For himself in our union. For us against others. If women take the aggressive courting role, is she not emasculating her counterpart? Besides, you know we live in a “damned” society. Damned if you do…damned if you don’t. 

She takes the lead…she’s a controlling, ball-busting, possibly gold-digging, bitch.

She doesn’t…she’s a frigid, possibly stuck-up, insecure woman afraid of her own shadow.

I think it’s important to be able to speak up and say what you want as a man. After that, a woman who is mutually interested in you should meet you halfway and join the courtship or excuse herself. NO one should play emotional games with another. In this world of extreme reaction to minor infractions…you can get hurt. LITERALLY. Not saying ~I~ would do such a thing, but I know folks who aren’t too keen on the idea of being played with. If you’ve stopped eating “hot lunch” in a cafeteria and calling your classes “periods”…then you may just be too old for this shit.

Come on, Mookie…quit playing. Okay?

Hey Thick and Sexy…

…REALLY now?

Is this what it is? Men think it’s okay to approach a woman like this?

Now wait {scratches chin}…before some of you say, “Damn, Kween…maybe he thought you were THICK and SEXY!” or “See, if he DIDN’T holla…” (go ahead and add other possible reactions). Yet, what I’m getting at isn’t that the dude responsible for the blog title is wrong for being attracted to me, or getting the gumption to actually approach…but, his METHOD is what I question. Even though I am cool with being considered thick and sexy…I don’t quite appreciate that being the first thing out of a man’s mouth when he speaks to me for the first time.

If I said to a dude on first glance, “Hey Cute and Chubby” or “Hey Short and Sexy”…regardless of the underlying implication that I’m indeed allured by said attributes…it MIGHT be considered a little on the disrespectful/hurtful side. Most people I know don’t want to be called by names associated with body type. Even if a chick is shaped like a Coke bottle…to call her that, to me is indicative of 1) lack of originality 2) superficiality and 3) lack of manners/decorum.  It’s flat out classless.

So…when cat hit me with a message and said “Hey there, Thick and Sexy”…I wasn’t flattered. I was turned off. I felt as if he didn’t (as DeBarge so eloquently sung) “…dig deep into your train of thought…try to find something new…what worked so well for you before…for me just won’t do…” Whatever happened to, “Hi, my name is…” or “Hello Pretty…” hell even THAT is better than thick and sexy. It’s almost like saying to ME…that thick AND sexy are two different things…and with me, everything that I am is embodied in my sex[y]. From my mental splendor…to the fluff in my figure…to the wit that makes me funny…to my spiritual “innocence” and my emotional tenderness. It’s all a part of me…and I’M sexy…because I say so. I just don’t want a dude more or less “cat-calling” me without even knowing if that’s how I get down. Don’t say, “Hey boo”, “Hey Ma”, etc. Boo and Ma and Baby are terms of endearment…and I feel they’re better suited to someone whom you are already endeared to. 

A kween of my sort must be approached with the care and respect of an admired butterfly. Not so much to tread lightly…as to tread with the truth in mind that this thing of beauty (inside and out) isn’t to be roughed off or handled like any other.

*deleting message*