CHALLENGE!! 30 Day Word Association

Welcome to the Challenge!!! Thanks to Mahogany Dymond you guys have been gifted with ANOTHER challenge! (Thank or blame HER!!) LOL

This blog will be kind of different. Not like the others, this isn’t just a writing challenge, but a creativity challenge. You can invite who you like to join in…just remember to encourage your buddy to follow the rest of the challenge takers and like The Kween’s Kaleidoscope on Facebook so you can keep up with everyone else’s blogs!

This is also the month where NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) takes place…so we can participate in our own way. (I’m posting a day early so we all can prepare and invite who we like)


Use each word (in any part of speech) and create a fictional paragraph. It can be any style, any topic…as long as it’s original. 

We’re keeping this challenge down to one paragraph for a few reasons:

  1. – It’s brief. If we have 10 or more blogs, it can be almost impossible to read several scrolls of words every day…making it hard for us to keep up with one another’s daily offerings.
  2. – It sparks creativity. If you if you have only a paragraph of 100 words or less…it makes you come to your point quicker, allowing you to use better forms of expression.
  3. – It encourages each blogger to participate. If we all know there’s not a lot to write (yet still feeds our creative muses) then people may be more apt to blog. Not everyone can write extensively off the top of their heads…so this caters to both kinds of writers.

1- Castle
2- Water
3- Rock
4- Stand 
5- One
6- Song
7- Sword
8- Bridge
9- Voice
10- Book
11- Ring
12- Baby
13- Television
14- Room
15-  Path
16- Hole
17- Clouds
18- Huge
19- Lies
20- Friend
21- Fruit
22- Afraid
23- Bed
24- Fire
25- Beach
26- Cold
27- Radio
28- Shoes
29- Car
30- Simple
Free Day- Use the first word off the top of your head and write your paragraph

What’s Going On?

Edward “Butch” Harris

It’s been an interesting week. I sigh in the aftermath of an emotional turn of events. Some are somber and at least one is the bright spot of it all.

Last Saturday, a beloved family member died. I would be lying if I said that death has me shaken since 2010 where at least three people I knew and loved passed away. Since then, my paternal family had it’s ups and downs, with a cousin falling ill with cancer (and recovering NICELY at this time). She got sick almost back to back with us losing our grandmother. Prayers were prayed diligently and religiously. Thank God she was spared and is now bouncing back wonderfully.

Unfortunately, last year…her stepmother died unexpectedly (to those of us unaware of her sickness). Last August when she died, left a chasm in my family centered around money. I’ve chosen to remain on the outside of that situation. I want no parts of that. Money is never important enough for me to betray nor go against my blood. I’d rather be broke.

Either way, this last death was sudden…but not really. Our last time seeing one another he didn’t look too great, but I want to say I put those concerns in a place called denial and prayed he was okay. He wouldn’t be. This is just one more hit to my paternal family and it seems incessant. I don’t know what to think anymore and it’s created a sense of worry…maybe even paranoia.


Two days later, a situation was brought to light concerning someone I once saw as being a friend. I was angry for two days and that’s all I gave her. I wasn’t in the mood for it and have decided that life goes on and that’s it. I’m moving forward and hope that this week begins as a close to that other shit. I’m so done.

Everything also happened during the week where I wasn’t feeling too great. I went to the doctor’s though, so I’m good.

One of the better parts of my week have to do with my friend DeAnna. She was placed on the National Kidney Transplant List and hopefully it won’t take too long. I cried and thanked God. I pray Godspeed over her and that her wait is no wait at all. Read her blog on it HERE.

Tomorrow is my cousin’s funeral. I ain’t ready. I dreamed of him and woke up crying. He was one of those people who when you think of cool people who stay the same no matter how much time goes between seeing one another…you think of him. He was a staple in my childhood and I can’t remember him ever being mean, petty or disrespectful. He’ll be sorely missed. I’m just blown that he’s gone…

Edward “Butch” Harris…rest in peace fam. I love you.


Greetings boos!

I come bearing the gift of inspiration…Lord knows “I” need it. I’ve been immersed in the graphics and designing aspect of my craft, leaving little room for my Literary Muse to perch anywhere near me. She’s seething about it, too. lol

See, what had happened was…my girl Mahogany Dymond (my Tracy) asked me to get another challenge together. Something using words. Cool, I GOTCHU Mah!! I GOTCHU!!

The “30 Days of Word Association Challenge” will commence on the first of October. (The same month as National Blog Post a Month Challenge; which I’m simply giving a more FOCUSED name to).

We’ve held several challenges around here, for those not familiar:

(Beware on that last one…you might not be ready for that kinda truth from me and my girls. lol)

Either way, we pride ourselves on trying to do something different using writing as a vehicle. This time the challenge is centered around word association. I will post the rules on the first of October so that we can get it started. THIS IS A WARNING SHOT! This is basically a call to duty! lol

This gives participants a chance to mentally prepare for the upcoming challenge and also time to invite other bloggers along for the ride. We’re a community, so we do our best to SUPPORT each other’s daily efforts. We’re each other’s checks and balances. If you think for ONE moment you can’t do it for lack of time, energy or interest…don’t even bother. YET, if you need a fire under your ass to exercise your writing chops…we’re your crew! 😉

In the meantime…check out the other challenges and see what we’re made of. “Dem Challenge Takers” are on the side of the blog entries on this page. ENJOY!!

See you in October!!! 😀

Too Close For Comfort?

This is kind of painful to write…

Oh, forgive me…”HI!” Nice to see you all again. It’s been a minute…but, then you guys understand me so there’s no hard feelings. 🙂

Like I was saying…this is kind of painful to write. The reason being that I have always been proud of the ability to connect to others…to build genuinely true friendships. There’s something about establishing a connection with someone who has so many wide and equally deep commonalities as yourself. It quickens the meshing and it can hold you endeared to that person for years of long friendship.

Until it doesn’t anymore…

I firmly believe that just like in love relationships with a significant other…we are drawn passionately to people who are built to bring out the best AND the worst in us. Reflectors of our light and dark traits, lovers AND friends are there to show us who we can be…and remind of us what we no longer HAVE to be. Having said that, just like in love, there’s passion. Friendships can behold passion as well, except it will often be for love OF things like: shopping, reading, partying, music, etc. What will draw you together also has the potential to weaken your bond over time with too much stress on the parts of you that are depended on for your dynamic.

For instance, you may find a friend who loves to shop like you do. You guys tend to hit each other up for the newest sales, seasonal releases and just plain old window-shopping for the lean days. At the same time, because your buddy may like to shop and acquire things…they may also be superficial. You may have a friend on your hands who will “trade up” just because someone else can buy them things and get them into places you may not be able to.

There are always drawbacks to common threads that create friendships. We are individuals and that means we’ll always be self-interested at some point. (Most of us anyway)

For me, I’ve realized something. An epiphany hit me in the middle of the night/early morning, hence the reason I’m up blogging presently. (Random Side Note: I am such a geek, in that when I find a new favorite font, I change my settings so that I can use it as a default font. I’m enjoying watching these words form. Oh, new said font? “Veggieburger” lol)

…I digress.

What I realized is that due to my own deeply empathic abilities and my propensity to meet or befriend people who are also deeply empathetic or spiritual…it’s like placing two frayed, live wires together and watching the electricity surge and form sparks. They can either be sparks of intelligence, inspiration, encouragement and love…or they can be  sparks of competitiveness, envy, confrontations and sensitivity.

It makes all the sense in the world that people who are extremely sensitive to their surroundings and energies, would pick up on the slightest slight. I am by no means saying that they way I feel or the way others feel in relation to me are insignificant or trite. Contrarily, they are at times insurmountable and daunting. It leaves the people involved questioning whether or not they’re crazy.

Questions one can ask themselves in such a conundrum:

“Am I too sensitive?”

“Am I feeling my own feelings or someone else’s?”

“Do I need to tailor my words and behavior? Should I ask someone else to do that for me?”

Those are questions to begin with.

I often wonder if I misunderstand the spirit and intentions of my friends. I surely believe that I’m misunderstood at times. Here you have two or more highly sensitive spirits, picking up on each other’s mental, spiritual, emotional and SOME times PHYSICAL pain. There’s bound to be moments when the intensity of raw emotion bubbles over into everyday communications. Maybe it’s better to be around people who aren’t as sensitive to the unspoken word as you may be. Perhaps that will foster better relationships that don’t breed contempt with passing time. I just know that it’s often work, communicating the intent and motivation behind what I mean…what I mean to SAY.

I just imagine two psychics in a room…so much clairvoyance, perception and highly sensitive and lighted vibrations…can you imagine the offense to be taken to each other’s deepest feelings? To each other’s SURFACE feelings? Think about it…for an average person, a surface feeling is just that. It’s skin deep, seasonal and fleeting. For someone who feels everything with abysmal depth…a “surface” feeling can become a misinterpreted slight. In order for each psychic in the room to truly feel one another with the truth, there has to be a give and take. A moment when one is tuned down as one is tuning in.

Or, maybe  I don’t know what I’m talking about. That’s entirely possible. lol

Either way…I’m trying my best to harness that which doesn’t require release and loosening that which does. Nothing hurts more than to hurt others unintentionally or otherwise. When friendships become difficult because of miscommunication, it can be hard to deal with. It forces you to look within, but more so, it can make you feel like alienating yourself…especially if it’s happening too often.

Just a short thought…

Peace, Scopers.

***BLOG NOTE: I wrote this like three days ago in the dawn hours…I just got around to pressing “Publish”. lol***