23~ Doves Disparaged

Some of these questions, MAN…smh

…what? It rhymed!

Do you think love and marriage are synonymous? ((Was I sipping pineapple rum while penning these questions?))


Love can LEAD to marriage. INSIDE of marriage the two should become synonymous. Wherever love is placed, that relationship should become enmeshed in the word love.

Marriage is a tricky thing to discuss nowadays. Honestly, I don’t know why I brought this shit up. Perhaps today isn’t the day for me to be expounding on such things in my current state of IDGAF. Yet, I’m already 2 blogs behind in this challenge due to my attitude and need to be an example…or WANTS to be an example for the challengers…especially those who may be struggling with certain questions.

So, yes. I think I answered that. I ain’t sticking around here too long. INSIDE of marriage the two should “marry” and encompass all of those things resident in love…but LOVE stands on it’s own. It would be the arms of God wrapped around the world…if there were a physical way to describe it.

So there ya have it…