Intuition or Paranoia…or BOTH?

For decades we’ve heard of the glorious sense known as intuition. That “feeling” that one gets when something is wrong (or right). It’s that sense that won’t quiet itself. No matter what logic or realistic objectivity you throw out…you simply cannot shake it. It’s called “your gut”…probably because you feel that funny fluttering in your stomach. Not quite butterflies, but something more like bats in the belfry. Annoyingly loud and restless…hungry for truth and revelation.

I have heard so many say that intuition and paranoia are two different things…but, I’m wondering now. The definition of paranoia has it defined as a psychotic disorder. It’s a baseless distrust of others…yet a definition of intuition is defined as direct perception of truth, fact, etc…independent of any reasoning process. Well clearly they both stem from and are motivated by feeling and not fact. No reason is involved with either…just a sense of something being “off” Now of course paranoia is also defined as being an “EXTREME and irrational distrust of others”. Intuition isn’t so much extreme as it is annoyingly present.

Yet, I feel strongly that one or the other can be something so much bigger than what is taken from it. I know personally that the smarter you are the harder it is to share your vision or insight. People call you crazy or weird. So, it stands to question if one’s intuition was so keenly tuned…that someone ELSE may conclude them to be paranoid or over analytical…so ultimately it is the perception of someone looking from the outside in that makes the difference. I am sure there is someone who was thought to be paranoid who proved a theory to be true. No one believed him/her and called them psycho and other ignorant monikers all to be floored by the final outcome.

I say…go with your GUT. If you really know yourself…you can discern from whether you are “paranoid” or insecure and far off the mark. Or if you’re on point with an intuitive notion that can lead you to a long pursued truth. Go where your spirit takes you.