Word 7: Sword

A cover I made from one pic that I entitled “Fish in the Fire”

*slides in to home base*

Woooo, sorry I’m a day late!!

Well, I got caught up with errands yesterday and whilst out and about…we (mom and I) spotted the sunset…and BOOM. GORGEOUS. The sky was so beautiful. It looked like it was on fire. Everyone was either outside the grocery store snapping or getting out their cars.

The first one was this one that my mom pulled over for us to take.

In this pic, we saw a bird and something ominous moving in the background that looks like two mounds…
anyway…the next two I saw right from the front of the grocery store in the parking lot. Another couple was snapping pics and a worker was standing there oohing and aahing. lol
When I went inside…I heard a lady say that someone had hit her up and said, “Go look at the sky”…and I confirmed that it was amazing. When we looked out, it was a tad dark so I “s-beamed” her my pics. (she taught me how, since I’d never done it)

I felt like the sky looked like a lake of fire…or something aflame. I told the couple outside, “It looks like Jesus is about to roll out. lol

I said all this to say, that I kept calling the “fish” in the top photo a “swordfish”…so there. I that’s what came to mind today.