Dia Siete~ Someone Who Has Made My Life Worth Living For


No, it’s not megalomania or anything of the sort. I’ve been through some things that have taught me that life deserves to be lived…and more so for myself than any other external reason.

Living for anyone or anything else is a¬†fair-weather¬†approach. The moment that “thing” or person isn’t inspiring enough, around anymore or has lost your interest…the will to live diminishes? No way. If I live for me…well, for God’s purpose…then I’m showing appreciation for the breath given ME. I’d consider it quite insulting to God that one might lose the will to live because someone left or something faded. Did He not put as much breath, energy and divine purposing into me as He did others? Absolutely.

This is big…because I USED to be the one who was the consummate care-taker. I was always giving and finding reasons why people needed me in order to prolong relationships and friendships. The truth is I needed them to need me. Without them leaning on me and validating my love…I felt lost. What I’ve learned is that God needs me. He needs me present in the life He’s fashioning for me every moment I awake.

Living for ME is worth it. (Did I sound like a Loreal commercial?) LOL