The Twenty Second Day…

The Gastonian in Savannah, GA.

…a day with the family you’ll never forget

So many days ran through my mind just now. I have been doing everything within my power to keep these posts jovial and lighthearted….

Let’s see…

*shakes head no* …nah, not that.

*flips through photo album*

Well, I don’t have a pic for it…but, my family reunion in Savannah, GA was nice. I remember wanting to visit Paula Deen’s restaurant, but it turned out that not only were we late getting there…we needed to reserve ahead of time.

My mom, sis, Aunt/Godmommy Yvette and I drove around Savannah taking in the old time architecture. I saw so many wonderful buildings with huge windows and and beautifully ornate moldings. Aunt Yvette lives in GA so she came through to see us. We found some hole in the wall to eat at…food was good…but, the company was better.

Once we found our way back to the hotel…we prepared for our banquet. It was nice as usual. Lots of stories, genealogy, performances and mingling to meet the family you don’t already know.

The day before…we’d had our BBQ and the kids swam afterwards at the hotel. (The BBQ was at another venue). After that, us young ones hopped in a couple of cars and went bowling with the kids. We had SO much fun! Once we left there, the cousins and I found ourselves a 24hr Walmart…kicking around in a desolate store looking for shoes for me. We had a ball.

I tell ya one thing…it’s a HELLUVA long drive home from GA. Good GRIEF I felt like we were in that car forever. LOL I mean we stopped off to my uncle’s house in NC…but, once on the road back up to NY, I felt like I was gonna die in a van. I swear NEW JERSEY is a problem! LONG ass state. I was convinced I was in a damn Stephen King novel called, “Mt. Holly”. Shit. Damn…END already. (AND NJ stinks…like manure and sewage). Sorry Jersey folks…but it does to us outsiders. lol

Once we got home…it was like being reborn. I saw my bed and whispered sweet nothings to it for at least a day.

So there…Savannah, GA circa 2006.

The Next Level: Turning 40


ME…Kween…will be 40 (God willing) on January 10, 2013. I will have lived four decades (almost half of a century) on this earth.

I’m not daunted about the age though. Not the fears that I’ll look back and wonder where my best years went, or ask myself what am doing with my life, or mourn the fact that I’ve yet to have children and most likely will not. (I’ve done that already).

Why cringe at the grace God’s given me? I’ll be 40 and will have survived these years with a healthy constitution  a roof and four walls, a circle of beautiful friends and a good, albeit…wacky…family. I’m blessed. I love who I am and what and who I’ve become. I’m proud of myself for having been consistent in friendships and personality and for having grown in the places that needed to grow. I pray I’ll live to see the age my great grandmother died at…91. Sounds like a good number. Hell, if I survive to see 81…the age my grandmother died…I’ll still have done this 40 thing, TWICE!

I have plans for my birthday. I’ve always just let my day pass without a thought to celebration. I used to wait around for people to surprise me (which happened once at the age of 30), but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to own my entry into my fine forties and kick it off with a bunch of ladies whom I couldn’t imagine having anything but the best time with. There will be some missing from the fray…some by circumstance, others by choice…and perhaps…I’ll nod and sip to their part in my journey. What I do know…is that I am going to have a ball.

The weekend in question will boast dinner, drinks, fun and maybe even a little shopping…but mostly it will boast LOVE. The love for my friends and theirs for me. If I could invite EVERYONE and see to it that they all showed up no matter where they were coming from…I promise you, I would. What I AM certain of, is that the well wishes that will be in the room will be no more important than the ones I get from afar.

Wow…I’m turning 40 y’all…FORTY. Thank God and good genes for that baby face! hehehe!

I’ll be sure to chronicle the weekend so as to share my day with you all.

Until then…Peace and Kweenly Love

Poker Face O_O

I need counseling. LOL

I get a kick out of the damnedest things, but one of my FAVE pastimes is “bluffing”. See, what had happened is…most of my friends consider me smart. Okay, I’ll take that. I’m aight with some info…but, I’m not one of those smarty pants people who relish in being smarter than everyone else. That ain’t cute. Haven’t they seen the shows where the nerd gets cold-cocked in their specs? I own play dat. LOL

I’m all about sharing the info and doing it in a way that’s not patronizing or condescending. I have friends who check me when I’m being annoying…but mostly I’ve learned to let folks do them. My CLOSEST friends will get the red pen…because I love them that much. *giggling* …but, everyone else? Hey…if you want to be the dunce of the class…so be it. No one wants to be wrong. Anyway, I digress…the thing is…I like to help people figure out things. SO, when the old-fashioned way of showing them doesn’t work…I use ye old bluff technique. Sometimes it’s for fun to see if I can get away with making shit up. lol

For instance…I presented a question to a manager where I work. She’s cool. We laugh and talk, so I slid a little bluff in on her. “Why do you think orthodontist and orthopedic begin with ‘ortho’?” She said, “Yea, that’s an interesting question…” Well in swoops “Bluff Girl” and I say, “Maybe ortho is means “bone”. I mean, teeth are a kind of bone…especially since they are connected to the jaw bone…” She was like, “No…teeth aren’t bones they’re enamel”. I couldn’t let her win, so I said, “Think about the root of a tooth and the marrow in a bone…” FINALLY, she quit going back and forth and looked it up on the PC in front of her. No, teeth aren’t bone…but, it was fun discovering whether it was or not. lol

**ortho is the Greek prefix for “straight or erect”. So of course “orthopedic” means to straighten feet (or to help one stand erect properly). An orthodontist is someone who helps to straighten your teeth.

I used to do it to my sister all of the time…straight face and all…and eventually, she too would just look it up. “Look it up…” that’s what my mother always said to me. She instilled a valuable tool of learning when she taught me that. Researching things for self, whether the source seems credible or not…is the way to be a free thinker. It gives you the ability to grow academically on a daily basis, because you’re always checking your facts. It improves your conversations and confidence to be social in any setting.

Oh…I do bluff sometimes, but even if they fall for it…I tell them the truth afterward. That usually causes them to question everything I say…but, I like that. No one should believe whatever’s given to them…especially in the day of the  “information highway”. Unlearn. Re-Learn. Teach.


**Definition found on

Make Me Over

My girls and I met up the other weekend. We were SUPPOSED to get into some make up, but we got sidetracked with some drunkenness. LOL My sister and I have been in love with make up for a while. My sister has a professional make up brush set from Chanel among 2 other sets and we love make up from NARS, Cargo, MAC, and even the mainstream marketers like Loreal and Revlon. We love colorful stuff and like to switch up looks, but I haven’t been wearing much make up lately. So, I’m excited to get back into the girly stuff.

I’m kind of hoping that my artistic flair for colors and drawing will branch off into some really cool looks for me and the girls. The weekend after my birthday (1-10-09) we’re supposed to meet in NJ for a slumber party. I haven’t had one of those in a while. The hostess, Ms Curvy Queen herself is having a Mary Kay party and we’re to extend it into a girls’ night. Soooo, I’ve been looking for cool sites that talk about make up (especially eye shadow) and give us a few ideas.

So far, I’ve landed on a couple of sites that I found through my friend’s site. [FUNG’KE] [BLAK] [CHIK] There, I found two sites (so far) which seem really cool. Pumps and Gloss and Clumps of Mascara. I’m still reading through the blogs, so who knows what cool stuff I’ll learn. I’ve also began following diva on a dime. Butterfly Effect (or BE as we call her) has been watching video tutorials on Youtube for application. We’re gonna help our butterfly sister, Curvy find her make up swagger. MY swagger is about to get SICKER (b/c it’s already pretty sick) LOL

I’ll be sure to chronicle the hotness that is Keys/Kiwi 😉

Kween Curvy Effect~The Weekend

Originally, we were supposed to meet up on the 12th of November, then it was the 22nd…because things kept happening. Life happens and things need to be prioritized accordingly. When we decided on the 6th of December, I was happy that we’d finally get to hang out. See, in the beginning…we just wanted to hook up and meet the people with whom we spoke to on a regular basis. No need for this to stay an “Internet Friendship” when we all lived in close enough proximity to see one another. Then, one person needed comfort…felt it would be a good way to give that support needed. Then the focus shifted onto another…and finally to me. I needed this like a booga wolf needs a shave. So, it was on. (Even though it almost got shifted to next week ONLY and I would’ve had to wait another weekend…THAT I wasn’t having! BRING YO ASSES)

I got up early, went to the train station about 10 to 8 in the morning. Got my round trip ticket for $11 from Peekskill to Bronx and waited. I almost got turned around at the transfer point, because they changed it, which changed the track I was supposed to be on. BE was like, “Do NOT get on the wrong train, I will be mad @ you Kiwi!” LOL Got on the train and before long I was in the Bronx. As SOON as I exited the train, I saw BE way down the platform waving and smiling! There should of been fields of flowers and a slo mo cam, so we could run to each other and hug. *LOL* Do you know the 1st thing she said to me? “Damn, Kiwi…you’re lighter than I thought you’d be!” Yep…that’s BE! We went to the street, nabbed a cab and got to her house…there, I met Albert/Bastum the cat.

BE made me breakfast. I had bacon, hash browns, eggs and coffee. We sat and talked, being entertained by some comedy and just got used to “seeing” the person we’d been chatting with for months.

Finally, Curvy Queen got there. She is too cute. Now, check it. BE is a diva. Chick was in the kitchen handling stuff all prissy (2 finger like). She’s got the HOT ass natural curly fro and she’s just a doll. Curvy is like a baby. She’s got the baby face, the baby voice and yea…she acts like one too. Curvy’s fave phrase? “Uh uuuh” *lol* BOTH of these chicks would NOT let the cat touch them. He got shooed, nudged with feet, looked @ funny! Poor Bastum. But, I digress. Once Ms CQ entered the building, we turned around and walked a block down to the liquor store. I flirted with a few people, including engaging in a staring contest with a dude walking past us. WHAT? He was staring so I returned the glare. I ended up choosing Disaronno & Sour mix for Amaretto Sours. (My Parrot Bay Pineapple Rum was unavailable) We stopped by Mickey D’s where I flirted, CQ harassed the register boy and his equipment and BE shook her head. *hehe*

We got into the house, changed clothes to lounge wear…and then ate. We talked some more and then relaxed. **DING DONG** Who da? What the? SAMURAI SOUL (BE’s baby boo) enters the building. *the crowd roars* Enter…the only man of the party. Well, time to mix the drinks. Hmmm, if I made 4 1/2 medium sized cups of drink…I drank 3. Hence the slanted eye in the pics. From there on, we were just enjoying the evening. I think the ladies were shocked at how much of a nut I am…but, they know now. I had a weak moment of tears and anger, but everyone…including BE’s baby boo, hugged me and made me feel good.

The next morning Curvy went home for church, and BE and I got dressed and headed to IHOP. Some dude flirted with me. He said to his friend, “She’s fine…” then says to me, “You’re so pretty with your butterfly earrings!” He then went to introducing himself and smiling at me the whole time. I turned pink. I guess BE thinks she cant take me NO damn where! LMAO I had to hide behind BE to keep that cat from staring a hole in my forehead. We finally ate and then went back to her place. I said goodbye to Albert/Bastum and we went to the train, but not before running to the 99cent store to pick up the TV tray I saw BE using for her laptop. We took a pic @ the station and then I got my happy ass on the train to Peekskill.

I had a wonderful time. BE was a BEAUTIFUL hostess and I enjoyed seeing her and Curvy and Samurai for the 1st time. It was so nice, we gone do it twice…next weekend!

**By the By…BE stands for Butterfly Effect and CQ stands for Curvy Queen. Gubment names were concealed to protect the not-so-innocent and the paranoid (*QQn @ CQ) LOL

The Weekend that Almost Wasn’t

I don’t make a big deal over holidays. I just dont. Especially these kind (Labor Day). I didn’t anticipate this weekend to be much different than any other. I figured…another weekend chilling. Not so…I actually had a good one.

Last night,I hung out for a bit with my godson’s parents. His mom Aly, is a sister/friend to me and my sister. She asked us to be godparents when Syre was born last year. We hadn’t seen them since Christmas, so this was a cool prelude to the 30 days I’m supposed to spend in DC helping Aly with Syre.

Aly and her fiance Chris are a couple of characters. First off, dude is wearing a cast on his hand that makes him look like he’s working a puppet! LOL He just had surgery on Friday. I am still trying to figure out how he drove a 4 1/2hr drive with his hand heavily bandaged. I guess its the same talent that got us to the supermarket safely in a haze of ganja smoke. LOL He can be a cool dude sometimes, but he has clearly influenced my girl to a point that keeps her from functioning outside their microcosm when he’s around. What probably irritated me tonight wasn’t that him and Aly were “lighting up”…but that they do it knowing their son (who is a preemie) has respitory problems. I dealt with it, but I really don’t like to be around that…having me smelling like an extra from a Cheech & Chong movie.

Other than that we had a ball. Up late at night while Aly made cupcakes (dude had like 8 plus 2 pieces of BBQ chicken). We laughed and made fun of Aly’s mom who I call the “Clean Nazi” She is fastidious to a fault. She has OCD personified. If Aly is cooking. she will come to the kitchen and hover. “Use that special cleanser for the glasstop…clean the oven well after use…make sure the cans are lined up by label in alphabetical order…” LMAO (ok, I was exaggerating that last one) But, I had to mock her. It was too funny.

Besides kicking it with Aly and Chris, on Saturday my 1st cousin who is moving back to NY after being in GA for over 3yrs…came through with my aunt. We (including my sister) went to dinner and ended up snapping pics outside the restaurant. We came home and attempted to watch a movie but ended up just enjoying each other’s company. I look forward to helping my cuzbro get situated after his move back.

I seriously didn’t think this weekend would happen. With Aly being so fickle about arriving, and my cousin being upset over some personal issues…I seriously didn’t expect this weekend to happen. So glad it did though. I wanna do it again.

A Stellar Day

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I would’ve blogged it as soon as I got home, but I had to catch up with a few friends…so, by the time I was through I was too tuckered out to really blog. The day started off with a hilarious edition of the Mr. Chap Morning Show. Totally last minute for me, I got a KICK out of this show. Non-stop laughter. A few technical difficulties (including one where ya girl got a lil loud on a personal phone call during break) LOL…but, nonetheless a sweet show.

From there, I ended up talking to my mom. Now, if anyone has been paying great attention they know I’ve spoken of my mom who is an ordained minister. She has been allowing me to blog a couple of her messages/sermons, which have gone over really well with several online friends of mine. The Mama has even told me of how she was positively affected by my mother’s sermons…which led me and mom to a discussion that spanned almost 2hrs. (when I should’ve been readying for my day out, lol) I told my mother of Mama’s message to her, saying that she’s encouraging people who she has no clue about. My mother was appreciative. Really happy to know her words weren’t in vain. Then mom and I began discussing a biblical movie on TBN which was about Moses and his being called to free God’s people. I told my mother of what I learned and how I took a lot of the meanings of the story…applying it to life now. As she was listening, my mom (who I haven’t always had the best relationship with) says that I am an inspiration and would like for me to speak at her church, reading one of my inspirational blogs! **GASP** Be still my heart. To have my mother say such a thing about me was earth-shattering. We’ve had our tug-of-war about my singing and NOT singing…so to have her speak highly of me in my presence AND offer such a privilege as to speak at her church did my heart good. I agreed, IN SPITE of the reality that I have a phobia for public speaking. I didn’t even hesitate y’all. LOL That was sooo unlike me. I normally would’ve hemmed and hawed about it and made excuses, but not this time. I was honored and cant wait to do it.

Then, my girl, Jin came to visit me. Jin and I hadn’t seen each other since December 2007 when we saw a Christmas movie she wanted to see. So, she came up and we saw Sex and the City…which we both loved. I hadn’t seen the last 2 seasons of the series, but it didn’t take much to get back into the swing of things. Afterwards, we headed to Wal-Mart/Wally World where we did a little shopping. We laughed and talked and shopped and browsed. It’s always good to have the kind of friends that no matter how long its been since you last saw one another, things are still the same. A true confidante.I had a stellar day.

I started the day laughing…got a boost of confidence from the one person I love the most in this world…and ended it with a great feeling. I have good days, so I’m no stranger to them…this just happened to be one of the better ones.


**I’d like to give my condolences to the Mama, who’s brother-in-law passed on. My prayers go out to you and the family Mama…I love you**