It’s a FAMILY Thang!

My family reunion for 2009 is being hosted by the NY committee (us). I haven’t been stoked about planning this thing for a long time…til now. It’s funny because, the 1st meeting was on Saturday and I didn’t even attend (due to being under the weather), so I didn’t even get to sit in on the pow wow. Yet, I am raring to go.¬†

Let me give you a little info. I don’t know how most do their family reunions…but we do ours in hotels. A lot of Black families still have old-fashioned cookouts where the family gets together on someone’s land for a weekend and BBQ, party, plan activities, etc. We don’t know anyone who owns that kind of land *sigh* so we commune in hotels. We are spread far and wide but primarily take turns between the Maryland Clan, the NJ clan, the Mass Clan, The NC/SC clan, and the GA clan. This past summer (which I missed) the reunion was held in Massachusetts. There, the NY clan decided they’d host. Even though us young folks were lobbying a few years ago for a cruise…we’re opting to just go by land. The reunion usually takes place over a course of 3-4 days during a weekend. Friday is the meet and greet and BBQ. Saturday is a free-for-all until the evening where we attend a banquet where we have all kinds of activities. We’ve had stand up comedy, fashion shows, praise-dances, plays and the reading of our genealogical tree. We’ve even had church. ¬†Sunday is the farewell breakfast and then we say our goodbyes.

THIS reunion, the young people were given the steer of the ship. Friday is supposed to be “Hawaiian Night”. We’re slated to find some Hawaiian shirts and khaki bottoms. Some Polynesian-Soul fare, and all of that themed stuff. Leis on entry, etc. I say we have Chicken-Pineapple kabobs, BBQ pork sandwiches ala Keikikiwi and some coconut cake. The gift bags are being HI-JACKED by my cousin and my aunt-in-law, but I think I’m gonna kick the door in on that! LOL I KNOW me and sis can find some mini lotions from Bath & Body in Pineapple, Coconut and Banana scents. Some mini suntan lotions, lip balms in tropical flavors, and some sort of key chain that looks like sunglasses or something. My creative juices are flowing and I am coming up with a BUNCH of ideas. *wondering can I get a hold of mini ukeleles*.

I also am working on a website for the family’s tree. The color on the shirts this year are gonna be a blue-green. I am hoping we can fundraise enough cash to get the screening done in color, so the tree can be full bloom. I am also gonna work on acquiring the family’s heritage info from my cousin. She told me years ago that it would be ME to continue her legacy of finding out more and more about our clan…and I am seeing now that she did indeed pass her crown to me. *thanks Carol* I truly DO want to know more about my people and how we’ve cross-bred with other nationalities. Irish and Scottish slave masters. Cherokee and Blackfoot lineage. I’d even like to tap into my mother’s paternal side, find out a little bit about the man they say was half Puerto Rican (or hispanic)…and half Asian.

I’m ready to do this mane!