Word 11: Ring

Ring-a-round the rosy, pocket full of posies…ashes, ashes…we…all…fall…down!

That’s the very first thing that popped into my mind. Saturn’s rings was the next. I’m sure somewhere between those two thoughts the vision of an engagement ring appeared. I decided to suppress that, though. There’s no need for that thought to romp freely without supervision. My belief in kings and rings is slowly fading out to a distant memory of childhood’s past…an adolescent folly. I know I may sound cold…something like the icy rings around Saturn (my sign’s ruling planet).

Rings are just an accessory…

For me,
For Saturn,
For posies…

For now.

***I hope you guys are enjoying my impromptu doodles. lol***

The Eleventh Day…

a pic of my boo…I stepped to the side so he could shine…

…a daydream you have often

Okay, be prepared to side eye me…

I have a full on, grown up, daydream that wears heels and thongs and walks with an attitude. My daydream could be a short story…

It starts with Laz Alonso. In my daydream, he’s my man. He brings me to all of his events…this time, I’m dragging HIM along, See, Oprah’s interviewing me on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” and she wants to know all about me and my books.

We sit on her couch, hold hands and he tells Oprah how I support him and make him feel like no woman ever has…and Oprah tells us the same thing she told Beyonce and J-Hud! “Don’t tell everyone your business…” and we promise to remain private. Oprah wants to know how I lost weight after the wedding and I just tell her, “All that good lovin’ Laz be putting down…worked it RIGHT on off”…even though…he wants me to gain some weight. He liked me better before. So we tell Oprah we won’t let nobody come between us and we’ll stay out of the spotlight.

…but, it doesn’t matter because everywhere Laz goes he waves into the camera and says hi to his “mami”…that is, when I’m not beside him, wowing the crowd. Folks saying, “That’s Kween…the author…her books are BANANAS!!”

The paps and press are yelling to get photo ops for both of us! “LAZ! LAZ!” “KWEEN, OVER HERE…KWEEN!!” and I pause. They click and BOOM, we’re off to an event.

When we’re not show-stopping, we’re home or on a vacation. We love to travel. Every other trip is one of our own. Last trip, Laz chose…this trip, I choose. We end up in Bora Bora and have a bungalow on the water. We do water activities and hike during the day…blow each others…minds at night. lol

We have a few homes. We live in L.A. mostly for his shows and movies. We have one in upper Westchester which is near my family and we have one in Miami…we’re thinking of buying a chateau in France. I love France.

This winter, we’re visiting my girl Joy and her husband, Jesse. They invited us over to celebrate the birth of their new baby girl. She’s gorgeous…looks just like me. hahaaa! We’re waiting for Maria and her man to bring they ass…always late, them two. If only they’d stop pulling over and getting it in they could make it some damn where on time.

My main home in L.A. is gorgeous…it overlooks Malibu Beach.  We have an infinity pool, a huge vegetable garden, fruit trees, tennis and basketball courts and a huge gourmet kitchen. Our bedroom is amazing and has two huge closets…his and hers. The bathroom is like another bedroom, but with a bathtub and shower.

Everything is beautiful here and I couldn’t be happier…except for the few times of year one of my exes hits me up wanting to know “How I’m durn…”

Snapshot #11: New

Photo of: New

Just bought this applesauce. LOVE this applesauce. Great variation from the norm. A cup of this in the mid-morning fights the hungries and the desire to eat something I’m not supposed to.

I also bought strawberry…goodness!!

My FAVORITE vehicle for applesauce is oatmeal. A cooooool dollop on a hot bowl is quite close to what I imagine to be the manna from heaven. lol

11~ Silly Of Me

I’m sorry, this shit was hilarious!!

Whom (no names, if you prefer) did you love, who didn’t love you back?


I could kick myself in the ass for asking some of these questions…really.

Now that I’m reading the question, it’s so different. I understand that because someone doesn’t love you back the way YOU want them too, doesn’t mean that they didn’t love you to their own capacity. People do better when they know better and if someone has always had dysfunctional love with no core sense of true love (whether it be family or friends) they might not ever really get it. Perhaps they walk away with the lesson and do better with the next. Who knows?

My first love didn’t love me the way I hoped. He was ashamed, it seemed to be seen with the chubby girl from across the hall. I didn’t have a Coke bottle shape, the longest hair (back then my hair wasn’t as long as it is now), the designer clothing, etc. I was a simple girl, living across the hall in the PJ’s with my grandmother…and though I had things, I didn’t have the things that kids prized above everything else. I was a “nerd” (they use geek now…back then, I was a goody-two shoe NERD). I was smarter than your average bear and often had a perspective of an adult. Not someone you wanna take to a teen/adolescent party. I’m going to church every Sunday, singing in the choir and have a mom who will kick a door in to find me…so yea. I wasn’t the one you wanted to tiddlywink with if you weren’t serious. I get that now, back then…it stung like a hornet’s kiss.

Recently, he put me in my place. He told me that we had one of the best relationships he’s been in because we had the friend AND lover aspect and still had a great deal of love for one another. It shocked me, but gave me a closure I didn’t even think I still needed.

The other person…well, fuck him. His loss.

Dia Once~ Something People Seem To Compliment Me On The Most

I suppose that would be, “You’re so smart, Kali…”


I’m a smart chick. So what. I DO love learning and spreading the knowledge, but it’s the typical geek compliment to me. “You’re so smart…” “…well-spoken”…meow meow meow. It’s Aaaalllll God’s doing. He made me a smarty pants. I absorb, retain and do my best to apply what I learn. I’ve had my head in books since I was 3 and 4 and could read, write (in cursive as well), identify a rainbow of colors, count far beyond the scope of expectancy…all before entering kindergarten. “Look it Up” should be my middle name, since that’s what my mother has been saying to me since she knew I could read.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the compliment…but, damn…can someone tell a chick she FINE for once? LOL 

I guess that’s the NEXT truth, huh?