*read me*

I have heard people say so often, “I don’t tell my business”. Trust me, I get the “principle” of the thing. I think that nowadays, being on the Internet where we tend to blast/status/tweet every thought that forms a ball in our subconscious…has become the norm. We don’t respect our intimate business and lives. We’ve become voyeuristic…loving the lives of others through scopes and cams and vids and pics and…well, you get it…we talk too damn much. I get that EVERYTHING isn’t for public consumption. Your relationship with your man/chick? Not my business! Your financial portfolio? Nope, don’t care. The baby daddy/mama drama, sexual preference/quantity of partners, addictions/vices…don’t have anything to do with me…

…yet, a question looms. What is our purpose on this earth spiritually? Are we meant to lead such individual lives that we feel compelled at all times to be self-contained? Are we not to be a threaded community of spirits, influencing each other…perpetuating growth and cohesiveness? Are we not our brothers’ keepers?

So, that brings me to the conclusion that “our business” is really GOD’S business. Your triumphs and fails are testimony to His will…I mean if you believe in God in the first place. I even believe that if you DON’T believe in God that you still could believe in positivity and affecting others through sharing parts of yourself for the ability to relate. Isn’t the point of being in relationships, whether spousal, familial or friend…to be vulnerable, build trust and be loyally supportive? To gain wisdom and understanding conducive to the evolution of our humankind?

It’s okay to be an open book…well as long as it’s a positive read. Just because people are open books doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. Some folks SHOULD keep some things to themselves. If your content is trashy, flashy and the furthest from classy…shut the book. LOL I’m sure that those are bestsellers…the ones that people flock to read and beg for more…but, that just makes you entertainment, nothing more. Your truest self is lost on an audience only consumed with your highs and lows aka drama. YET, if your content is positive and strikes to the core…even if only a few read it, those are a few more people on this earth affected in a good way. Inspiration at it’s finest.

Just thought I’d stop in and say hi 🙂