The 5 yr Philips Plan

*saying a Baby Jesus prayer*

(not MY TV in the pic)

Ok…I have been battling with my TV for a week. The picture has been going out. It starts blinking greens, reds and yellows and then cuts out with the sound. Its a 20″ Philips television, that I purchased for a little under $200 from Wal-Mart in December 2003. Upon moving to my current residence I found myself without a TV. I was in the process of a break up and had relinquished most of my possessions in the interim. So, when I got here…I told the ex…look fool, you pawned my beautiful 27″ TV and I need a TV. So, he gave me the money and I picked it up ASAP.

*fast forward 2008*

*insert dumbass look* —>Kiwi<— did NOT send in the warranty…or did I? Oh nevermind…because dude @ Philips Customer Service said that it wouldn't matter. It's been 5yrs so the warranty would've expired by now. On top of that the television is "dated". What the frazzled TV screen? My mother and sister have TWENTY and TEN year old televisions respectively. How the HEYELL does my Philips TV which is TURNING 5 in December has a shorter lifespan? He says (thinking I must be named Silly McDummy) that, "Well, ma'am…technology changes every 6 months or so…" So, I say, "Well, doesn't that mean it IMPROVES?" Or am I just being Crazy McBrainfart? If it changes constantly than shouldn't the wear be longer? Or is it that "plan" that someone told me about where the point is to keep people purchasing their products so they shorten the life expectancy?

Either way…I’m Angry McPissed because I basically have to figure out a way to replace the television if I EVER wanna watch TV in 2009. SHEESH Had I known Philips was hustling a 5yr plan to make me buy a new TV, I would’ve just gone to the pawn shop and bought back my old joint.