Happy Birthday, Kali

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 36. I’ve been told most recently so, that I don’t look over 30. *yay me*. I don’t dread aging like a lot of people do. People think aging puts some sort of limitation on you…like you’re expiring. I feel like I’m just getting more in tuned with who I am…what I am. If I can live as long as my great grandmother Katie did, and most of her 17 siblings…I think I’ll be doing well…90-something sounds cool. I’ll be able to tell any grandkids (if I’m blessed to have a child) or any children in my family of how I lived to see a black president take office. I’ll also be able to tell them how I was born at a time when it was safe to walk the streets alone, before Halloween candy had to be inspected, before sex became a possible death wish, and when parents could actually BE parents. I’ve seen a lot in 36 years…not as much as others, but enough to keep me abreast of life’s tender issues.

My mother missed the mark this year…she was sick and slept a little longer, but she usually woke me up no matter where I was to wish me Happy Birthday at 8:36am. I woke up a little after 10am and the first thing I did was call my maternal grandmother. She’d sent me a card (the only one I received) and laced it with a $20. Right about now, that ish felt like $200! LOL My mother wanted to make me breakfast, but being that she is SICK, we decided that “special virus” pancakes wasn’t the business. My sister, being that she doesn’t cook often…was not a prime candidate so I made my own. Pancakes w/cooked apples, turkey sausage and coffee. We ate together, watched movies together, ordered pizza in (due to the weather we weren’t going ANY where…snow). Watched more movies and prepared for a guest…my godson and his mom. I will be going to DC on Monday with them to babysit for a month or so. There I will hook up with a few people I’ve been friends with for over a year or more and seal the deal on some cool friendships. Anyone who says the Internet is a bad place…hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting people and making connections. Sticking with “what you know” can sometimes cut your blessings. I’ve met some fabulous folks in 2008…and intend on broadening more horizons this year.

I had a birthday party on the 9th. Blogtalkradio style. CLICK HERE to read all about it and hear the playback of the show. We counted down New Year’s style to my birthday and had fun acting up. I received nothing but love all day Friday and on my birthday the next day. I didn’t do anything special like go out, dance it up in a club or anything. I kicked it home on a snowy day in a warm place with warm wishes and thoughts. My biggest gift was God’s gift of life. The moment I rolled out of bed…I had celebrated my birthday for the 36th time. Happy Birthday, Kali!