The Fifteenth Day…

We had the largest auditorium in the city, even bigger than the High School’s

…the day you graduated (choose any that you remember most)

I choose my graduation from elementary school.

I was a great student in elementary. My 7th grade year would begin a descent into academic mediocrity due to the onset of Narcolepsy. We wouldn’t find out for an entire ten years later WHY it was I couldn’t stay awake in class or focus.

Anyway, I graduated from 6th grade with honors. Until about the last semester, I had the highest test scores and grades which would’ve made me Valedictorian of my class. Some kid came in and took my glory, leaving me with the honor of Salutatorian. fucka. lol

I had to write a speech. (I have NO memory of the topic)

I remember sitting in bed next to my grandmother and practicing that speech on her. She calmed my nerves because I was (and am still) horrified at the idea of public speaking. Some time before that…my mom had taken me shopping for my dress.  I hated dresses. I was a consummate tomboy and could only appreciate pants and shorts. I can’t remember if it was Macy’s, Sears or JC Penny’s…but, I remember my mom buying me this light-colored dress that had a very light rainbow pattern. Spaghetti straps. Flared at the waist. FAR to revealing for me. I wanted something with sleeves. Not that nightgown she insisted I wear. AND she made me wear heels. UGH.

Someone gave me that corsage…don’t know who. Probably mom. My hair was done nicely and for the first time in a long time, my mom and dad were in the same space without an argument.

I hated leaving my school. I loved Washington Elementary. I loved our principal, Mrs. Nellie Thornton (RIP) and I loved knowing everyone and the safety of our class. That would all change in 7th grade. A.B. Davis Middle School is where I’d go to. I’d heard horror stories of fights and how large the school was. They said that you had to change classes every period…never staying in the same class all day. WHAT? Are they CRAZY? How am I supposed to LEARN moving all around all damn day?? LOL I begged my grandmother to send me to Sacred Heart…a catholic school that sat vertically across the street from the back of my old elementary school. I was SO afraid of being picked on and beat up.

CHILE…by the time I got there…I’d spent the entire summer agonizing over it and building up my defenses. So much so, that “I” became the mean one. Grilling folks and taking no shit. lol

Yea, anyway…6th grade graduation had a lot of meaning on a few levels and I sometimes wish I could go back to that point with what I know now. Too bad there are no do overs. eh…whatever.

The Seventh Day…

…the day you found your first best friend

Well, I had a lot of close friends from my childhood. One was Equenthia…she was someone who lived across the hall from my grandmother in the PJ’s. She and her brother have been lifetime friends that have extended into family…but, I don’t think she was my first BEST friend. Why? Well, we didn’t always get along…and we didn’t have the same interests that little girls tend to bond over. She was 2 years older than me and my love for certain things like Barbies and cars was lost on her. She was definitely more big sis than best friend.
I had Leah…for a time…but, Leah was later on once I was in the 8th to 9th grade.
My FIRST real memory of a best friend was Samantha Haggins.
We were in 5th grade. She came into school as a new kid. Not from Mt. Vernon. I believe she was from Amityville, Long Island. Who can forget that. I think I asked her if the town was haunted or scary. lol
I took to Samantha immediately, as she did to me. All of the other kids seemed to act funny. They had their besties already, I guess. I am almost certain that Mrs. Brown sat her next to me on purpose. 
I remember that she had the LONGEST pigtails I’d ever seen. They had to be like almost a foot and a half long. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were longer. She wore them for the most part in twos or threes. She was light and had the biggest eyes. She was very quiet. I was very loud. We were yin and yang. Perfect balance. LOL
I used to spend the night at her house often. She had Barbies and Kens, who lived in their town house and drove a Corvette. She had her own room and lived on the second floor of a yellow house almost three blocks down the street from me on 9th Avenue. Her mom had long hair as well and she had a cute little baby brother.  I don’t think Samantha and I ever had an argument or left each other’s sides. We sat together, giggled and lived in our own little world. Only once can I remember (not that there weren’t other instances, but I don’t recall) where we shared time with another girl. Tameka Williams came to Samantha’s house one day and we all played in the sprinkler. I suppose it was summer or nearing summer.
I guess it was nearing summer…because, one day in class Mrs. Brown announced, “Samantha has moved and won’t be returning to Washington Elementary…”
I bawled.
I was inconsolable. It was the worst day of my elementary life. I don’t think I was okay for a long time. No other friend compared and the other girls were each other’s favorites. I felt alone and can remember telling my grandmother that I didn’t want to go to school.
Eventually, the other girls would play with me and I felt okay. Tameka, Ayanna, Natasha and Rachel (RIP) were my school friends. At home, it was me and “Quent”…and eventually, Leah.
**I found Samantha on Facebook before publishing this. I got curious and searched her out. I THINK it’s her…but, we’ll see. I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted**

UPDATE: IT WAS HER! She remembered me and had been thinking of me, too. Facebook IS good for something, huh? LOL

The Second Day…

yea, I pretty much started it…

…a day in elementary school
Well, what had happened was…
There was this boy I knew throughout school. He used to look at me sometimes and I’d get uncomfortable. Didn’t help that two other boys (I’ll call em JM & MJ by their initials) were instigating. We were in 5th grade, in an “Intermediate Humanities” class for very smart kids. Case and point that us smart kids were still stupid. lol
It started with…
“Kali’s your girlfriend, Mike!” 
I got heated. First of all..I liked the other guy…MJ. So, I was pissed that JM said it and that MJ went along with it. The hell? Don’t be passing me off on nobody else. 
“Nah uh…I don’t like him!!” I said vehemently.
Meanwhile, Mike just sat there shrugging them off. He didn’t say ONE mean word about me.
Mike was a sweet boy. He bothered no one. His best friend was his saxophone. He carted that thing everywhere he went. 
Me, with my mean self (Shut up y’all) wasn’t satisfied with just saying that I didn’t like him like that. Oh noooooo…I had to drive the point home.
“What’chu looking at stupid??” I shouted from across the arrangement of desks. Mrs. Brown had the desks arranged in a “U” shape…all of us facing one another and the open space at the end of the class with the chalkboard…Mrs. Brown’s podium. He told me to stop and I didn’t. He told me he was going to beat my ass…I laughed. 
I totally forgot about it. I went through my whole day not worried. Laughing with my friends, eating lunch, playing at recess and finally, packing my bag to go home.
Well, HONEY!! Mike’s ass was waiting for me. He whooped my ass. I couldn’t see outta one eye and I’m almost certain, the only punches I landed were on air.
I deserved it. lol
Later, down the road…he finds me on Facebook. (Mind you, I’d seen him YEARS before on a bus while on my way home from work. He was as sweet then as he was in elementary. Even told me he had a crush on me…but, I was in love w/a fool…as usual).
When he found me, he hit me up and wanted to talk to me, so we went to FB chat. We talked a little and I brought this story up. Do you know he did NOT remember beating my ass? LOL He was like I’m so sorry. I really am. I just said that I deserved it, laughed it off and we continued chatting. 
Mike Phillips aka Mike Philly…the saxophonist and Hidden Beach artist…beat me up. LOL
Truth is…that ass whooping ain’t stop shit. I was still NOT having anyone’s shit and fought boys all the time. I had to step my game up though…shit. LOL