K Street stands for Kottoe-mite-ay KNOWS!

If all of you haven’t been paying attention *shaking the shit out of the ADD’ers* I’ve been in DC since the weekend of my birthday…well, that following Monday. Well, I’ve been here a few times before. My sister Aly lives here and has been here for several years. She attended and graduated Howard and just never came home. My sister Monifa and I have been to visit her 3 other times here…and EACH time…we’ve seen the SAME shit!

Aly lives in the “heart” of DC. She’s in the Northwest area which is pretty close to all of the important areas of this district. If I walk downstairs and to the corner of New Jersey and K and look down the street, you can see the capitol building big as day. BUT, if you come back and go to the OTHER street crossing K (3rd Street)…you will see nothing but hookers…


MAN, one of the times we left here at 2-3am in the morning to drive home only to run into one pulling up shim pants and buckling. I mean, dressed like a straight chick (not even a “hooker”) but just sharply dressed in jeans, a cute belt, jacket, shirt and heels. WORKING it…and getting off work! LOL

Aly, Syre and I were headed back from the local Safeway…only to pass by a TALL snapdown with 5 o’clock shadow but with tight clothes on, switching and wearing boobs. He was with a HARD dude in broad daylight. I just looked at Aly and she laughed. I said, “DAMN…there’s a lot of shmenz around here”…she laughed and said that there were a LOT of those around. That around her building were nothing BUT transgender hookers…but that the real ladies were further up K Street (somewhere near the skrip clubs).

I remember when Aly first moved here and we visited…she told us of how “nice” the area was…and for the most part, considering DC’s crime rate…it is. But if one of the nicest areas around is the heart of Shim Blvd…I think I’ll take Peekskill…where the hookers only come out at night and still have their womenz parts in tact. *lmao*