Dia Dieziocho~ My Views On Gay Marriage

I’m not big on having these discussions. Religion and Sexuality are sensitive issues. You say the wrong thing and someone’s panties/boxers are in a bunch and I for one have no time for apologies. The truth is…we all have our own ideas and convictions. I can call someone small-minded or intolerant, but the truth is…people’s beliefs are their own. What right does one, or do I have to pigeon-hole someone as being small-minded just because they don’t agree? It is the VERY reason why these discussions are met with fervent passions and emotional responses.

SO…what are MY views?

I’m no staunch Christian. I don’t go to church every Sunday. I don’t lead in a choir (I USED to when I was younger). I don’t know the bible back and forth…having the ability to pull the perfect scripture out of the ether to dispute or prove arguments. I just believe what I believe.

I believe in the sanctity of marriage. In MY belief…that begins with a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation. Now, if you don’t agree…so be it. This blog question is being asked of me and answered by me…on MY blog. I believe in the male/female dynamic. Even Scientifically speaking…men and women are made for each other. His chest accommodate my breasts. The space between my thighs, meant for love-making and baby-birthing…was meant for him. We fit. My compassionate mothering nature…met with his protective, fathering spirit. 

NOW…as far as my “tolerance” for the gay/lesbian community? I love PEOPLE. I don’t care what you do…WHO you do. You respect me…I respect you. Happiness is what you make of it. If my girl finds love in a woman…I’ll be ecstatic for her…I’ll make the wedding cake! If a male friend said he was in love with another man…I would zip his bridal gown (I mean, if he did drag) and attend his nuptials in my Sunday’s best. My own views are mine and no more than I would want someone imposing their shit onto me…would I impose mine onto someone else. I’d rather EMBRACE someone…than to push them away and hypocritically call myself a Christian.

MY personal views on GAY marriage…is the same for abortions, career choice, political party, and any other life choice people make. However you choose to live. Whatever you believe in…Whatever makes you feel whole…purposed…is on you. My walk with God isn’t anyone else’s. We answer for our decisions as individuals. If you can sleep at night and can walk proudly in your choices…who am “I” to ostracize you or project self-righteousness onto you? Who am I to say what you don’t deserve and shouldn’t do? I’m too busy trying to be the best me I can be.

If you “do”…than, do it. No business of mine…