17~ Baby Love

Do you think young people can fall in love and it be true?

Yep. LOL (is this a running theme? I am always saying YES to love…)

Okay, in my defense…I know SEVERAL couples who are married with children and toughing it out in committed relationships close to 21 years later…who were in love in High School.

I always hoped that I’d fall in love so deeply with someone and they do the romantic things that I saw my friends do for their loves back then. Valentine’s Day deliveries to their class…prom dates…Homecoming King and Queen together. I saw that so much and it has worked for a lot of folks.

I don’t think being young has SHIT to do with knowing and understanding love. Just like you have old ass muhfuggas who refuse to grow the hell up and embrace the potential of love. You can be 50+ still hustling the game…not knowing jack about what it takes to be “in love”. I believe there are “Peter Pan” souls born into some who never allow the maturer things to set in as they age. I also believe that their are older souls born into babies that experience life and love vividly, deeply, truly and grasp the importance of it’s place.

I want to shout out some of my favorite folk from High School…*raising e-glass* Here’s to Young Love…

Tochia & Larry

Tameka & Darryl

Keith & Rarsha

Kim & Crandall

Troy & Mary

May God continue to bless your forever young love 🙂