Ms. New Booty

As usual, a lot of my “random rants” started off because of a conversation that has taken place with a friend. This one is no different. I was on IM with my girl and she asked a question, “Why do men play games”…but, that is a common question to which there are many common answers…but we got deep on it and I had to share. I did this whole analogy of comparing some men to boys who get bored and then want to come back when someone else takes interest in their “playmate”…blah blah blah. So…we got to talking and a lot of things set me off. She asked, “Why do they need to be stroked and sweat-ed so much?” to which I replied, “Because their mama never hugged them and kissed them, lol…for real…a lot of these fools need a hug”. So, is that it fellaz? The ego stroking is required because moms wasn’t around to breast feed? Otherwise, explain why some of you need incessant adulation in the form of ego-stroking and sexual conquest?

She said…”they want more attention then we do…they try to hide it. So and so is doing these power plays that’s really pissing me off, making things more complicated than they need to be…just tell a bitch ummm…we had a good time but I need to move on. How fucking hard is that?” I told her it ISN’T hard.

So, I said That’s not the issue. That’s when I brought up the lil boy analogy. I also said, that these dudes like to be able to come back. If he says straight out that he’s had fun, but he’s moving on…then he’d look like an ass when he missed you and had to suck it up to get back in. Rather than look weak…he’s gonna bullshit you…avoid you…play busy as hell, and then when you say that you didn’t think he wanted to deal with you, he can GENUINELY say, “I didn’t say that”…and he DIDN’T. He just avoided you and mind-fucked you until you were willingly waiting for him to return…and you didn’t even realize that you’d allowed yourself to be a rest stop for his bullfuckery.

I never get how a man could have a woman who will give him SPACE, not nag, be easy on the eyes, have brains, be sexy AND freaky, cook, be a LADY, love sports, be supportive…and him treat her like an annoyance. YET, let a BITCH saunter in and mistreat his ass, cheat on him, use him for his money, play him for a fool and emasculate him…and she’s the one he’d marry without blinking. But then I guess theres something to be said for the women who will ignore the geeky, cornball dude with the white collar job and a penchant for romance…yet fall for the dude that treats her like shoe gum. Is it that mentality that the bad girl/guy will screw your brains out while calling you names and making your loins succumb to otherworldly levels of ecstasy? Is that it? If so…Then my girl Alexyss Tylor was onto something when she said that good sex is like someone ejaculating on your brain. Your mind is GONE!

Finally, she says that “her shit must not be all that” which brought me to my final theory. See, women think they can just ride him, suck him and blow him into him being whipped…but, don’t ever believe that is the ONLY thing that “whips” a man. If he’s whipped on the sex, you better believe there is something else she’s providing that keeps him there. A good mind-fuck goes a long way. So, don’t go thinking because you flexed your Kegels and used him like his name was Silver, that it’s gonna be THE shit that keeps him there. Also remember, there are TWO kinds of pussycat men like. NEW pussycat and the one they’re in love with. I don’t care WHAT they say…a man loves getting new stuff. She said that she must be old news…and I said, yea…but you’ll be new pussycat again. *lol* When he’s done playing with the other kitties…he’ll remember that thing you did or that thing you didn’t think he appreciated and you’ll be new pussycat all over again…I mean, that’s if something stood out to begin with. At that point ladies…with all your might…blocking out the phantom sensations of the nut…IGG HIM! If you want to be remembered, respected, returned to…for the woman you are…we gotta know that playing catcher’s mitt with ole Hairy Bonds is not gonna get it. They can only play as long as we let them. They can only lie as long as we believe. They can only avoid what is being thrown. It feels kinda bad when they look back and realize that the bevies of women they’ve mind-fucked has dispersed and gotten wind of their games. How lonely is THAT? No one to play with…awwwww

*insert finger L across the forehead*

how it feels

i don’t know…
i don’t know how it feels
to have a man love me sweet and cool
write MY name…
envision a wedding
a life
write me
or dream me
i don’t know how it feels
to have a man declare me his before i’m his
tell me of the vacancy
that occupies his mind
when i’m not around
how he cant live without me
or just doesn’t want to
i don’t know how it feels
to have him on his knees in sincere want
asking for my hand
for me to rep his clan
i don’t know how it feels
to have a man keep promises
guaranteeing his word
to bond with my needs
i guess, i’m silly
to want a man to get mannish
protect his woman
as if i behold the answer to his being
to want him to let all sniffing ’round my door
to know the scent they smell
is of him and i
eau d’ love’s life
the essence of bliss
chemically reacting
mentally attracting
spiritually enacting
emotional transactions…
that only we can feel
i wanna know
but, the way things stand
i guess i may never know…
how it feels

…dedicated to some special sisters of mine

I Need to Kayo the T.O. Show

Last night I watched a little bit of “The T.O. Show” on VH1 and was shaking my head a little…well, a lot. If you don’t know, the T.O. is for Terrell Owens and he’s got his two friends as his PR’s…or did they become friends after they took him on as a client? Oh, who gives a damn…anyway…these chicks are funny.

Now, the reason I’m writing on these folks is because I had a couple of questions based on the show’s last episode. Picture it: Moe is getting re-married and Kita throws her a bachelorette party. T.O. gives Kita his credit card for Kita to pay for the festivities. Firstly, knowing that Kita would bring Moe to the Palms…T.O. shows up with Moe’s husband and proceeds to entertain him across the pool in her eyesight while other women dance on him. Can someone say, “Incite a Black Woman 101”? *EPIC FAIL* Then the ladies proceed to go the hotel room where they have a pole dancing instructor to come in and teach the ladies how to pole dance. *sidebar* That chick was RIDICULOUS! She was swinging on the pole…hanging from her toes, looking something like a flag with this one trick where she’s virtually floating in mid-air. *back to the blog* SO, after those feats of gymnastic impossibility…in comes the obligatory police officer with the warning of noise violations. Moe already knows the drill because she hired him herself! Now, while Moe is having fun with Officer Friendly Pants…Kita is blocking. She’s getting in between Moe and the stripper, saying how it’s tacky. The girls are holding her down so Moe can get her lawful grind on…when BLAM! T.O. shows up with the whole bachelor party. Moe’s husband is now seeing his wife sitting in a chair while a half naked man is giving her a whiff of his sac. Yet, this “visit” is because moments before…T.O. was tipped off by the hotel concierge that the bill was up and towards the tune of $15,000. *pause* Now, people…remember that T.O. handed his credit card to Kita. Did he give her a spending limit? (not on camera he didn’t) So, why is this man…who just dropped almost $200k on a chain not too long ago concerned about money he can wipe his ass with? WHY is he kicking the door in on this bachelorette party? (Is this reality drama provided by producers? “No, don’t wait Terrell…do it now…for the cameras”) I mean, he couldn’t pull Kita to the side and ask her what the financial FLUCK was going on with the tab? Why crash AND end the party? So ONE of my questions is, “Was he being a cheapskate?”. These two women work for him and are probably the reason he’s making a reality show, since most people could care less what the hell he’s doing…so, if you handed your plastic to a chick and said, “Here…I’ll pay for it”…should you have not been clear as to limits and what not? My girl says it’s different when someone else is spending your money…but, then you shouldn’t hand over your credit card to a woman planning a party. *EPIC FAIL*

NOW…here’s the kicker question. How do you feel about this scenario?

You already read that Kita was hating on Moe’s stripper. Didn’t think it was classy. (My girl Renee, says that it could’ve been for career concerns since they’re business women and on TV) Now, after T.O. kicks the door in on the bash and invites the ladies to combine parties…they are all eating at a table. Kita decides then, in front of everyone to say that Moe’s stripper was tacky. Moe asks if Kita is saying SHE is tacky? Of course, Ms Smart Ass says,”Well you said it not me.” They begin to argue and Kita does indeed call her tacky among other things…and Moe gets upset as well citing her friend as a hater who is jealous of her wedding. Well, it all leads to Moe finally asking to speak to Kita alone and telling her of how she didn’t appreciate being considered tacky…and especially not in front of folks. She took it as a personal affront to herself and the friendship and after saying how she felt, with Kita refusing to admit wrongdoing…Moe ordered her out of her wedding. *EPIC FAIL* T to the O to the rescure…yea, I said rescure. He wants to know what’s going on and she says she’s gone and leaves Las Vegas. Did yall get that?

I personally think that Kita is in secretly in love with T.O., I think she is slightly jealous of Moe’s nuptials…and I do believe that in spite of how a bachelor/bachelorette party is “supposed” to go…the nastypants dancer could’ve come off a little classless for their combined business on TV. I’ve been seriously reconsidering my guilty pleasure…reality tv. At least not the ones where my people look a monkey doodle fool for America…as if we need ANY help there. *quietly turning from Real Chance of Love 2*

Here’s the episode…see for yourselves.

Tiny & Toya: Judging the Book

Yea, I judged them. I swear, the first time I attempted to watch this show on BET, the kuntree (not country…not southern) but KUNTREE drawl was getting to me, so…that I couldn’t watch more than 10 minutes. *slapping my own hand* SHAME on me! No for real. As a woman whose family comes from the south and whose best friend has THE best southern accent around (hey Dionne! lol) I should’ve been a little less “snobbish” when watching this show. I don’t usually judge…I normally DO indeed give people a chance to be themselves and pride myself on being a people person…but, perhaps I failed this time.

Sitting here with moms on a HOT Saturday afternoon, she turned to Tiny & Toya…and of course…I said, “Oh boy…THIS show?” My mother proceeded to watch as I kept my head stuck in the laptop…but eventually, my interest was piqued. This show is actually POSITIVE! *gasp* No seriously…these ladies are using their situations to learn life’s lessons and in doing this reality show…they’re most likely going to shed some light on issues that a lot of young black women don’t confront…or just don’t know how to.

Toya, being the ex-wife of Lil Wayne is NOT her only feat. This young lady is learning so much about the concept of family, love and forgiveness. Her mom is a drug addict, who often times gets lost in her life in New Orleans. Toya wants so badly for her mom to get off the drugs, but she’s learning she can’t forcefeed her mother the concept of change. She’s also dealing with the backlash of being the ex-wife of a renowned rapper, whose name is as commonplace as the word rap. Going out and trying to procure something for herself and her daughter, is her goal and she’s doing it fearlessly in spite of her own fears. I’ve seen this young lady fight her fear of heights in a Outward Bound experience with Tiny. I’ve seen her learn to swim even though she’s got a phobia of water. She’s taking on the business world as she looks for a book deal. She’s trying to clean up her image to become more professional and mainstream as opposed to sticking out like an opposable digit. She’s also learning about family and it’s importance, especially because she sees up front and personal through Tiny, what it is she’s been missing. Her father abandoned her and her siblings, especially after their mother took to drugs…to marry another, leaving his “other” family behind. Yet, she’s doing everything in her power to reunite her family…including her dad. She’s sweetly innocent in some ways…which is endearing. I think she won me when she said that Wayne was her first boyfriend, the first one she married, her first lover and the father of her child. That is almost a rarity nowadays…and even thought it’s an unfortunate statistic…it was beautiful to hear her express such anomalies in today’s world.

Then there’s our girl, Tiny. Former member of Xscape and mother of three children. She’s had to say good bye to T.I. for his year and a day stint in prison…which is the longest they’ve ever spent apart. She’s trying to hold it together for her family, and does so with the help of friends like Toya and Keicha (who replaced Kandi in Xscape). She’s got these cool parents. Her mom and dad…the 2nd interracial couple in Georgia to marry legally…are her backbone and stronghold. Her dad, a singer in a group from the 60’s…has Alzheimer’s and goes in and out of knowing…yet, when he performs…he remembers every word of his songs. Tiny is also in the middle of fighting her own fears and moments of procrastination. She’s putting together a young girl group which includes her daughter, Zonnique and Toya’s daughter as well as a few others. What I’ve seen is that she’s so sweet. Her disposition is genuinely docile, yet strong and unwavering. She’s clearly made of strong stuff. I’ve heard so many people call her ugly…and admittedly I, too thought…dang…she’s not all that cute. However, the more I hear her story and see her demeanor as a sweet, genuine and family-oriented woman…she becomes more and more beautiful. Is that not what TRUE beauty is ANYWAY?

You’ll find that together, the ladies do shared monologues between scenes giving their shared and newly learned philosophies…which is touching to me. There’s nothing like, learning life’s lessons…coming in to your own….being self-realizing and introspective…with your best friend. Together these ladies are holding down their families…maintaining love for the men in their lives and breaking down walls of obstacles along the way. Like Toya’s mentor/friend told her, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover…but at the same time, if you don’t like the cover…you wont open the book.” I’m glad I opened the book…I really DO like Tiny & Toya’s stories.

Good luck on your journeys, ladies!

Paparazzi (pop-em-in-the-eye-so-they-cant-see)

WHY every time I go to the store and stand in line…there’s a National Inquirer or a Sun with pictures of celebrities in bathing suits exposing their not-so-fab bodies? Why is America so beauty obsessed? Do I really care if Jerry Hall has 4 rolls? Or that Anjelica Houston, who is in her 60’s looks old? I mean, shit…she almost damn 70. What kind of “body” do you expect her to have? I was talking to my sista on the phone and she was saying that Star Jones was very hurt about the whispers and gasps concerning her post-gastric bypass body. If someone caught me…da Kween…on the way out to the curb to dump the recyclables, with my hair not done, early in the morning, wearing what I threw on, from the worst angle possible…I’D BE PISSED, TOO! I just hate that this country has made it almost impossible for a celebrity to do anything privately as well as made the people in this WORLD do unnatural things to maintain an idea of beauty.

It’s so bad, that you have teen girls who haven’t even shed their baby fat…haggling with their parents around graduation time. “Mom…DAD…I’ve figured it out. How about…instead of the new car (which would help me get back and forth to college and/or a job for the next several years until I can afford to upgrade)…I’ll take a boob job! It’ll last WAY longer and it will help me GET a man who will drive FOR me! Whatta ya think?” Yea, stupid right? Yet girls are getting ass, tit and facial implants…lip injections…rhinoplasty [sp.], etc. Guys are getting CALF, facial, and only Lord knows what else…and of course people are getting stuff sucked out! Before their adult bodies even get a chance to mature…they’re already hating it and doing things to it all because mom and dad probably think THEY’RE ugly. Or perhaps look like Thing 1 and Thing 2…so the kids need to fall in and look like things, too. I mean damn…that is just the UPPER middle class. Even poor folks do it. It’s ridiculous that people are saving thousands of dollars in a weak economy all to look better, which is SUPPOSED to make them FEEL better. Does it? Because we’ve got some repeat offenders in the limelight…who are NOT satisfied with the first nip/tuck. They go back for more and more…and what does the doctor whose Hippocratic oath fell off the wall with the money being tossed at him/her in slo mo, do? They continue to cut into these people, who CLEARLY have self esteem issues. God rest his soul, Michael mutilated himself. I had a CRUSH on Off the Wall Mike. I had a lukewarm crush on Thriller Mike. After that…There was nothing to familiarize him to me except his signature dancing and voice. Lil Kim…on her quest to resemble Faith Evans…or someone light-skinned…has totally FLUCKED her face up. She was a pretty girl before it all. I thought Kim was too cute, with her petite self. Everything fitting HER frame. Then it happened…first came the eye contacts. Then the skin began to gradually lighten. The boobs enlarged, so much so…Diana had to play with one. Then she bought a booty. Lightening even more…then the facial implants. Was her chin always that pointy? ANYWAY…that child messed herself up. That video of her being assembled as a plastic doll was on point. At least she knows…and so does the pop-em-in-the-eye-so-they-cant-see. They’ve chronicled it for our viewing (and horrified) pleasure.

It’s not just about the idea of beauty either. These folks are making their living dipping in people’s garbage and whatnot. Some rich person is in their own backyard with their fat let out, because they are HOME and don’t have to suck it in…but Mr. Flash Pause is in the bushes with his Canon, snapping them bending over and their stomach hanging. Or you’re seeing the “first time” pics of the baby they hide under blankets in public…because they don’t want AMERICA to have the first set of baby pics before Grandma and Grandpa can get them. I wish I would see some fool in the bushes with a mechanical eye…taking pics of me scratching my ass or adjusting the girls. You remember how on the cartoons you’d see the bushes shaking and all you could hear are punches and kicks? Yea…breaking my hoof off in they goose ass. No wonder they get beat up all the time. MIND YO BIZNESS! Couples can’t even go anywhere without being snapped. First vacation since those movies came out and the kids were born and the pop-em-in-the-eye-so-they-cant-see is riding shotgun through it all. (Even though I’m convinced SOME celebrities bargain their private life for money and more fame) That being said, they’re making it bad for the ones who DON’T want to sell their lives. Those sharks get a taste of blood and they circle forever. Remember Princess Diana…and remember how bad it can get.

MAYBE folks are changing their faces so no one will recognize them in the media…

Remember that lady who looks like a cat? Or Joan Rivers who can no longer naturally smile? Cher and the alleged rib removal? Mickey Rourke’s overhaul? Just horrible. All these face lifts, boob jobs, lip implants, etc. prove…is that we’re warped. It’s one of the many reasons why men are obsessed with a perfect body…instead of a beautiful mind and spirit. It’s why women will dump a good man, for a FINE one who’ll do them dirty. It’s why, there are hundreds of weight loss and gym advertisements daily. It’s why…even though the country is beauty obsessed…we’re still the fattest in the world. It’s because…no matter how much you WANT to look like the Halle Berry’s and LL Cool J’s…we’re all built differently. Weight, heights, hereditary predispositions…are all factors in why even if you had a personal trainer to work you over every day and a dietitian planning and cooking all your meals…you STILL might get on the air and complain that you’re fat. It’s because the problem isn’t whether you eat right, or work out. It’s whether you love yourself AS IS and relish in your individuality. Giving yourself the permission to love them rolls. The flat chests and asses. The thin lips. The inherited gut, the crooked nose and those bowed legs…all of which you got from grandma or grandpa or auntie or cousin…and LOVE it. Love YOU.

…AND PUT THAT DAMN NATIONAL INQUIRER BACK!! Wasting good money…buy a Soyjoy. LOL

MC Grimm and Nem

Fairy tales…the stuff kid’s dreams and consequently…some nightmares..are made of. Growing up I had a set of Childcraft books, which beheld hundreds of nursery rhymes and stories. I remember well singing Frere Jacques and a story called Molly the Little Homemaker about a little girl who loved to play mom and clean. So much like ME, that my Uncle Kenny calls me Molly to this day…but HOLE up. Yea, I said “HOLE” up…what are we teaching our kids? Is this stuff healthy? I don’t know how I feel about a child of mine singing things (repetitively) that are so “off” in concept.

So anyway, last night I was on the phone and began singing Rock-a-bye baby (to myself)…when something came over me. So I asked my baby, “What the hell kinda madness is that? Is that not horrible?”. He agreed and we sat there coming up with other nursery rhymes that were horrible…or stupid. First, though…I had to look up where the rock-a-bye song came from…because that’s some craziness. Put your baby in a tree? On some weak ass “bough” aka limb…and leave him/her there to fall? Poor baby. Is that were SIDS began? The hell kinda song? Come to find out…it was a Native American thing that Indian mothers did. Placing their kids in an ornate wooden cradle…on limbs, and allowing the wind to rock the baby gently to sleep. The visiting Europeans, coined the song by observation. Interesting, huh?

I even found out that “Humpty” was indeed NOT an omelet…but a cannon mounted on a church’s wall in England, that suffered injury after a battle where the church’s wall was struck, leaving the cannon in pieces. Guess they couldn’t put it back together again…made a song about it. Wanna hear it? Here it go…LOL

Then I was wondering about who was smoking hash and came up with “Hey Diddle Diddle…the cat and the fiddle…the cow jumped over the moon” and some other crackhead mess about some cutlery making off into the night. WHO came up with that and why? SO…again I go…researching this stuff…all to find out this some code crap for some hanky panky about Queen Elizabeth. Just crazy. Read this stuff…*smh*

But, what about some of the “grimmer” tales…not the nursery rhymes, sung in nonsensical whim…but the stories that were read to us based on horrific happenings. Like Little Red Riding Hood, the victim of a drive-by wolfing. (Peep how they call it “Little Red Cap”. Or Rumpelstiltskin, where a lil dude basically does a “Fat Bastard” and wants the Queen’s baby instead of her munny. lol. Let’s not forget Hansel and Gretel…where a cannibalistic witch, who likes to eat babies, holds a boy hostage, force-feeding him, poking him over and over to test his tenderness…all so she could throw his thick ass in the oven. WTF? Yea, GRIMM, huh? And what is this running theme of old lonely chicks and men wanting to take someone’s first born in exchange for whatever? Yea…these stories are crazy as hell…but, I guess the truth is that the point is to take you to another place. Where the story itself is unbelievable, yet beholds a sort of magical hope that things will turn out okay in the end. Gotta tell you though…them Grimm boys must’ve had a hell of a time getting dates. Just too damn creepy for their own good.

Who you be?

I have been kicking around this question for a minute. Do you SEE the people in front of you? I know so many people who probably don’t know JACK about who I truly am. You know how I know? For instance…if I say something “mean” I get the funny looks or gasps in response. Those who know me, know that as much as I am a sweet individual and a bleeding heart…I have the potential to be a meany. LOL. Those who GET me also know that as much as I am an optimist, that I too, get down and need a little fluff from time to time.

I have a tendency to tell people…”I see you”…and I’m not sure they ever REALLY know what I mean. There are the 3 levels of which I mean…because the 4th is superficial. The fourth or “invisible layer” to me is the physical. It is invisible to ME, because it means very little when assessing who a person is at the core. The core is the 1st layer, because it is that person without clothes, pretense or fear of unmasking. It is who they are when no one is around but them. The 2nd layer is the emotions…it’s the vulnerable connection to the core. If you can see this part of someone…you could figure out the key to their soul. The 3rd layer is the mentality. THIS is the part that puts up the guards for protection…emotional sentry-on-duty. It’s the part that purposely hides the emotions and core by building up mental facades. Pretenses and system trips, set for the intruder with screwy intentions. TRUST me, I get it. I’ve let a lot of folks in past the moat and drawbridge…who should’ve been banished on sight from the baileys. LOL Self-preservation is essential to maintaining the core, while the rest compromises for relationships.

Yet, sometimes people’s guards are so impenetrable that the 4th layer is all people see…MAYBE a glimpse of the 3rd. Who IS a person who is all mental and physical? Great conversationalist. Possibly fun to be around? Yet…what bonds you? What is the point of endearment that allows you to melt past the outer layers and see who you’re dealing with? I know that people go through traumas that build up walls of defense, but at some point what deeper thing is there to latch onto other than the debris of past hurt?

I think, that when you’re able to truly see someone…to their core…and love them acceptingly, that is when you’ve made a true connection. When no matter what their other 3 layers may try to hide…you see the core and love it for everything it is and isn’t. If you can’t see that part of someone or aren’t willing to love that part, then you’re not making connections…and that is a lonely place to be.

My Family Reunion 2009

This past weekend (7-30 to 8-2-09) was my family reunion. The Monroes got together in Fishkill, NY to commemorate the 18 children of Hector and Maggie Monroe. My great grandmother was their daughter, Katie, who had 9 of her own children and lived in Red Springs, NC. This year, the NY Committee hosted and decided to have it in a place that had a lot of resources. There was basic shopping, outlet shopping, a water park, movie theaters, bowling and plenty of places to eat outside of the hotel. Friday night was the “BBQ”, but since it rained…it was held inside. Saturday night was the banquet dinner, which included memorials for the 18 and other family members who have passed in the recent year or so. Sunday morning was our farewell breakfast…and of course the last day.

The onset of this reunion was tense to say the least. A lot of things threatened to go wrong. I guess that is the downfalls of any family…issues are certain to arise. One of the earlier snafu’s was the backing out of my uncle and his family over a 15yr long rivalry with my other uncle’s wife. *sigh* Sibling rivalry is REAL in the hood. LOL THEN…Friday, we almost didn’t get the reunion tees because the printer thought we wanted them to be ready Friday FOR Saturday, so he was lax in finishing them all…my aunt-in-law, uncle and grandmother were hours late to the BBQ because they had to wait for the shirts and drive the hour and change back up to the mountains. Actually, that story starts further back, because when we ordered them, the printer of the shirts said that my design wasn’t going to work on the tees. The tree was a picture of the African tree of life and I just added names and tinted it. As it was it would’ve been a 4 screen process, which would have been way out of our pricing range. I had to go to the print shop, sit down at that guy’s computer and work it so that he could lift the tree off the picture. Anyway, that took place and eventually we got it popping.

All in all, we had a great weekend. The feeling of being around your clan can be refreshing and tiring at the same time. I probably slept all of 8hrs TOTAL for the entirety of this weekend, which made for a very sleep kween. lol. That constant on-the-go of being in vacation mode is cool…so, it was worth every lost wink of sleep. I saw babies and toddlers and tweens and teens and my own crew and my mom’s crew and my grandma’s crew…which is scary. Scary to know because that means one day soon (but not TOO soon) my grandmother’s generation will be gone as well. That saddens me. Yet, it is the way the tide ebbs and flows. The children eventually ascend as more children beget descendants.

Here is a slide show of some of my favorite pictures from this past weekend. I love my family. Thank God for the Monroes 🙂