I promise you, I’ve been messing with this page for EVER it seems. I just gave up! LOL. I am ONLY writing this particular blog right now, as a testing launch.

See, I tried to install Disqus’ commenting system into my page…but, it wasn’t kicking in. That was LAST layout. Then I decided to change the layout (bad move) which became a 2 day process of looking, testing, looking some more and don’t forget the initial task of copying and pasting each HTML code to my widgets BEFORE hand.

I enlisted Mr. Chap to help me because he’s great with this stuff and has made it look impossibly easy…but even he couldn’t breach the “beef” that Disqus has with my Blogger page. I decided then, to just unload the Disqus and use the basic Blogger commenting system. No harm no foul, right? Yea, ok…it just got worse. I did find a layout I could finally rest with…but, it had this annoying 4 blocks of “sponsor image buttons” on the right side. Well, how about from now on blog layout makers of the world…when formatting and ingeniously coming up with such beautiful layouts…GIVE INSTRUCTIONS! Everyone isn’t a computer geek with CSS experience. Mind you, when I had a page on another site I was pretty good at making my own layouts…learned how to go in and do the damn thing from some basic ones…but this is ridiculous. Perhaps, my frustration clouded my normally brilliant capacity to learn quickly. Who knows…all, I DO know is that when trying to remove said sponsor boxes, my already oozing membrane allowed me to right-click on them and “block” the images coming in. EUREKA…NO MORE OF THOSE BOXES! Yea…no more BOXES…but the word “sponsors” is still there…and guess what else? I’ve managed to block a few pics that were already in place for a couple of blogs. NICE, Kiwi…NICE!!

Ultimately…I still have a problem with the commenting on my latest blog. That is why I decided to just go free stlye and blog this crap, so that perhaps I could remedy the issue with a new blog. Who knows…it may work or may not. Either way, I’m done for now. If someone *coughing* MR CHAP *coughing* wants to come and do it ALL for me (HTML saves and all) he’s more than welcome…but, I’m not doing THIT until I get over this mess.

I should’ve left it alone…*sigh*