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Growing up, I remember how my father used to promise me things…and then disappoint. I always felt like he was REALLY gonna come through. Then at the last possible moment, he’d almost indignantly shrug his shoulders and say something like, “Kali…I had to do other things!” or “Kali, please don’t be mad baby…next time”. I would get so damned mad. I mean, as a kid what is the worst thing that can happen to you except getting your hopes built up high for the colossal let down? Gonna get that extra $20 this allowance…NOT. Gonna get to go shopping for those sneakers everyone else has…NOPE. Gonna take you to the Statue of Liberty…yea, ok. Over and over again, I got promised the world and got let down damn near every time. I remember being 15 or 16yrs old and once AGAIN, my father’s promises disintegrated into thin air with the night’s breeze. I don’t remember exactly what he’d promised…all I know is he didn’t come through. We lived in the projects…a building away from each other. He and my grandmother in one and my sister and I, in the other. We started out at his house and because it was night time, he chose to walk us home…me fussing the entire way as to why it was so unfair that he lied to me…

*sidebar* I have no problem disclosing that my dad at that time was addicted to drugs/alcohol. He has since been clean for the past 13yrs AND keeps his promises! 😉

…so, my father is getting irritated and begins to brush me off. I too, frustrated as hell…get irritated. I walk ahead, mumbling under my breath while my dad is walking with my sister who was about 9 or 10. We get into “our” building and as we wait for the elevator he tries to calm me with apologies and more promises to make up for the other broken ones lying at my feet. I tune him out. The elevator arrives and he kisses my sister goodbye and attempts to lean in to me and I back away and put my hand up. He says, “Alright, Kali…bye.” My sister and I step into the ill-odored space, press 6 and watch him close the door and walk away. Now, if you don’t know…in most PJ’s there was the door that slid…and the one that opened first. Right before the sliding door closed, I kicked the one that opened…but, instead of it swinging open and back…it fell off the hinges. This STEEL DOOR got kicked off the hinges. Now, my father was barely in the safe zone. That door fell RIGHT at his heels…missing him by a mere inch or less. He said, “What the fuck? Are you crazy?” Not so much because he almost got cartoon hammered into the lobby floor, but because he most likely couldn’t fathom his teen daughter kicking a door of that weight off it’s hinges. My sister started to get scared…me, I’m even MORE pissed. This means…I’ve got to walk 6 flights of stairs to the apartment. The entire way, he’s yelling and cussing and scolding and blah blah blah. I get in the house and he tells my aunt what happened, and she puts her 2 cents in. By that time, I am so NOT fearing anyone’s discipline. Fuck it, I’m tired and done with half-assed behavior from adults who want full-assed behavior *lol* from me. Ultimately, I don’t get any real punishment…accept walking up the stairs another day. (btw…funny that on my way to school the next morning, I hear the custodians, who are now picking up the door; asking who in the world would tear the door off, while I proverbially whistle and scurry by) LMAO.

I, to this day…cannot stand a liar…a breaker of promises or whats more…an EMPTY promise maker. Someone whose intentions fall short in THOUGHT. Someone who makes promises to keep a situation at bay or to seem like they’ve got it all under control, when they know that they don’t possess the wherewithal to complete the thought let alone the promise. As adults, you have the ability to do one of two things when making a statement. Tell the truth…whatever that shall be…or LIE and know that with each lie, promise, fallacy…your character diminishes. In the final moments…it is YOU that looks bad and has no credit. BAD credit…to which steals your ability to get big ticket items…like TRUST and RESPECT!

Just keep it real. With that…I bring you a song by Mr. Chap f/Slim Breeze “Blah Blah Blah”…

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Promises, Promises

I need answers. Someone tell me what is wrong with the men of the world? Ok, maybe not the world…but at least MY microcosm!

A lot of women are SO sick and tired of men and their promises and proposals. Wait, lemme explain. See, I know someone who has a few male friends. She’s been kicking it with them for about a year or more. A few she’s been cool with for about 2 years. They’ve always been respectful, even in the midst of flirting. Now a few of these dudes have always expressed interest in sex with her…but, she’s no hoe…so, she don’t just sleep with dudes by request. There’s gotta be some kind of bond…or at least a chemistry that can’t be ignored. Anyway…tell me why when she’s got her feelings wrapped up in someone do they all NOW want to express some interest? Is that some kind of male ego thing? Where people pursue the seemingly unobtainable? I mean a couple of these dudes have been fussing at her for putting them on the back burner for the one she loves. She’s like, nah…when you COULD’VE pursued her you chose friendship for one reason or the other. She accepted that friendship and now you want her? UGGGH!

…OR is that you want to CONQUER her? *scratching chin* See…theres always that dude who is gonna try you. He’s gonna tell you how if HE had you, he’d love you WAY better than the other dude. “You’re such an inspiration and if you were MINE, I’d cherish you and take care of you…” blah blah blah…and the drivel goes on and on.

I think its wack when some guy decides to play emotional games with someone to gain some sort of leeway with them. Making empty promises about how they’d be the better guy for you. I find it to be a weak quality. How about respect that man that has her heart. We can respect your mack if you tell the truth. Be honest and say, “Look…I wanna screw you” That way, the chick you’re talking to doesn’t begin falling for a facade, dream, oasis…all to realize they were just a challenge. You’d be surprised who is willing to have sex with you regardless of intention or circumstance. Try the truth and not some convoluted story and promise of eternal love and bliss. It’s demeaning, disrespectful and damaging to someone with fragile sensibilities.

Number ONE, guys? Get over yourselves. You’re not making some ladies’ day by flattering them to the point of sickness. Besides, you’ll only quit once you’ve captured her…and another dude will be singing your song. Two, grow the hell up…man up and find a woman on the right grounds, instead of playing hump-a-girl…ANY girl. I guess its that whole priority over option deal, huh? If you bypass a chick you really dig…its probably because she’s an option of many. You fear the whole settling thing…or you just wanna have your fun. So, when she moves on…accept that and kill the cock-blocking. Okay?