Why Do We Do That?

Why do we self delude?

You know…tell ourselves certain things knowing that we’re just trying to cope or fight against the truth?
“He loves me, but he’s just got issues”…well, don’t we ALL? Is it really an excuse for someone to mistreat you? What does it say about folks…male and female…that they’ll stick it out with a loser? “I’m just being a supportive mate” or “I love them for who they are…”…word? Even if that person is selfish and doesn’t give a damn about YOU? I want to know why WE do that? And the “we” is just referring to those of us who can admit that we’ve done it. The fact that “we’ve” made excuses for someone’s blatant disinterest and disregard.
Why do we torture ourselves?
You know…beat ourselves up for all the mistakes we’ve made, for the people we’ve trusted and the relationships we’ve lost. Again…we, is in reference to those who have experienced this. I had to realize one day…that if I could say that I gave my all…if I could say that I’d been honest about my wants and needs…that I’d worked on myself in the process…then I’d done well. Therefore I could relax and stop back punting my own ass. I’m not responsible for anyone but me…period.
Why do we create rules for ourselves in order to avoid pain? (Joy, this ones for you you, sis) LOL
You know…we say we’ll NEVER do this…or we’ll NEVER think of doing that thing we did when we were blind-sided the first time which is usually something we don’t even remotely remember doing in the first place. We say we’ll ONLY do this one thing (like date and have fun) and NEVER be accessible for emotional attachment (while secretly yearning for the one to do the total opposite of our never ending never rules). OY VEY…why does it have to be so complicated?
Why do we do that? Why do we allow mediocrity to overrun us and seep in creating doubt in our spirits? Why do we look at being alone as some death sentence? For the record…being single is not REALLY being alone…it’s not having a steady person to be with. There is STILL fun, happiness and life in not having a mate. Yet, if we’re single because we’re trying to avoid pain…that is when we’ve begun to do that thing that will eventually lead to the question…Why do I do this?

“We” probably already know the answer.