Word 5: One


one by one…
each one was done
not one
saw me as the one
at least two
were the one for me
until we were no longer
and i was left alone
with no one
one was ashamed
worried about his name
one was insane
his pain
my blame
one lied long
lying to save face
in the face of wrong
the same one
that wrote me songs
but wouldn’t claim
where he belonged
one after the other
my oneness became pronounced
not one love working out
one by one…
each one
i thought was the one
found their one
with someone else
as i accepted myself
as one
meant for no one
i’ve come to see
that i may be one of many
whose lot is to stand alone
one woman
with no man
but with one love
for friends and clan
i often say,
“one day…”
but, deeply within
i feel my oneness
closing in
and that may just be okay

…one love

ode to the one

*I wrote this about a year or so ago…I felt like sharing. Enjoy*

i want…
someone who is my shelter and i his…
someone who will keep me on his mind always
i don’t have to remind him…he thinks of me 1st, him 2nd
when he sees his future…
it is me that is a constant vision replayed
to be cherished beyond all life’s physical and material bounties…
cuz having me is like striking it rich
to him, i’m like…
a hand making gingerly caresses on his face
cuz his heart hurts
or cuz mine beams with love
a kiss on the neck, when he leasts expects it
a hand on his back in the middle of the night
a reminder that i’m his backbone
warm softness in the winter
a smile to make him glow inside
a laugh that makes his being shiver with delight
cuz hearing me laugh is like Christmas morning
and when i sing to him…
its like a beacon of light…showing him home
for us…
to sit in a room without words and yet soul speak
shoot glances of eye smiles and thought kisses
be kindred and tied
share heartbeats and sighs
push others out of a room
cuz our love is deafening
hearing them but not listening
our yearnings loudly unspoken
loyalty easy as pie
each other’s flavors are all we crave
stuffed to the gills with good lovin’
we will…
assist in dreams manifested
bless our spirits
enrich one another
celebrate all that we are