Passion Into Profit

Ok, I put out a tweet a while ago, asking for people who had small businesses they wanted to promote…whether it be their own, or a fave they patronized. I have seen a few people in my immediate circle of on and offline peeps kicking off their side hustles, so I wanted to give them some play.

I’ll start with the family. My aunt-in-law is selling Lia Sophia jewelry. I’ve seen their stuff up close and personal and it’s NICE. Great quality jewelry with cool designs for the modern and traditional woman. Go by the site and take a look-see and be sure to tell her that her niece sent you. (Maybe I’ll get a hook-up) LMAO (j/k)!!

The next is a line of jewelry by a cool chick that I plan meeting really soon. She’s from the DMV area and she’s the mom of my godson’s future wife. HA! I digress…Ms Gina is making it do the damn thing. Glamma Gurl Xpressions (or GGX Jewels) is her other baby. Her Fung’kee Fing’Hers caught my attention first and then slowly she’s been branching off into other collections like, She’s So Shore…jewels inspired by summer tones. DO take a look, it is the most uniquely beautiful jewelry I’ve seen in a while…AND she’s nice on your wallet. Make sure to read the testimonials. She’s all the rave!!

One of Ms. Gina’s friends (and mine), Tracey also raves on another jeweler whose creations are starkly original. Her site 88 Links is worth a visit. I don’t know much about her, but from the looks of it, she’s quite the talent. I began following her on Twitter and retweet her posts to get the word out about her business. Don’t be shy…stop by.

The last business (for this blog) is “The Soap Seduction” which ended up in my lap through my girl Yesha, author of [fung’ke][blak][chik]. She said that the soaps, “Looked so good they make you want to eat them…”. When I took a gander…I agreed. I am highly considering buying some very soon (when the funds are right)…even though I’m afraid they’ll end up being fixtures in the house…I hate to use pretty stuff. LOL

Please do stop by and at least give these ladies’ businesses a try. I respect and support people’s passions. Creativity and drive are not always commonly met in a time when the economy forces people to work dead end jobs to make ends meet. To see that there is still a creative spark left and that people are turning their passion into profit is a beautiful thing…and I’m all for beautiful things. God’s speed to EVERYONE venturing out into a business of their own.

Don’t forget to hit the icons on the top right of the blog to see my faves. I may be rotating them soon…just to give everyone’s endeavors a shot at the spotlight.