The Thirty First Day…

…Bonus Day: Pick a day you haven’t described and share

Well, first off…THANK YOU CHALLENGE TAKERS!!! I appreciate all of those who have participated (and are finishing up) for taking on this little blog exercise. Once or twice a year I try to take one of these on to bring about a myriad of goals. I strive to have consistency in writing, to blog things that mean something to each and every one of us on a personal level and for you who have a blog (or 5 like me) …it’s a way to keep your audience’s attention. I go so long between blog posts that it feels like a ghost town, but these challenges keeps the writer in me and the blogger some love…on their toes.

On to this last day’s challenge…

I had a lot of days that I didn’t get to share. In retrospect, I found a lot of days that could’ve been a part of this challenge…but, hey…hindsight is 20/20. Anyway. I’m gonna play a little bit of “The Day I met…” and factor in MANY days, Hey! It’s my DAY, I’ll dump a whole buncha days in iffin I wanna!!! O_O

I’ll do it chronologically for my mind’s sake. lol:


la tres mariposas

Joy & Celeste: HA! I met Joy and Celeste on DECEMBER 6th of 2008! We’d been howdy-doodying online for a bit and decided to have a meeting of the butterflies. SO, Mama Butterfly, Butterfly Effect and the Celestial Butterfly met at Joy’s apartment in the Bronx and made a weekend of it. I ain’t gone tell y’all ALL of the debauchery and fuckshit that went down, just know…divorcing these two is NOT an option…we all know too much about each other. ctfu

OH, that sucka JOY? FIRST thing she said to me upon meeting me at the train station, “DAMN  Kiwi…you LIGHT-skinneded!!” yea…that is why I punch her every time I see her. lol

a diva and an almond

DIVA: I met Diva on an October weekend in 2009. (I think it was ’09). Anyway. Joy and I went to the airport, picked her up, hopped a taxi and headed to the SAME hotel I had my birthday weekend in 3+ years later! We had fun. We went to MAC and got make up, went out to eat, got drunk, talked shit, and had SOME one O_O send us a nassy pic to which we passed around like drunken college boys. lmaooo. GOOD times I tell ya…GOOD times.

three smexy summabiscuits

Maria: On the weekend of 911 in 2011, Joy and I met Maria in Times Square with her then-boo and we commenced to cut up. I got a little tipsy, but that’s par for the course. lol We ate, laughed, took pics around the table and had the best couple of hours we could fit in until Ria had to go. 😦 …it was on THAT weekend that I found out Maria ain’t THAT much taller than me. Yea, she thought she’d be towering over me. NOT. psssh…old delusions of grandeur type shit. lol

deebo and kali simpson lol

DeAnna: Me and Dee met in Boston, Mass on the weekend of June 29th 2012…because she was stalking Phil Perry’s schedule. lol She wanted to go somewhere she’d never been with someone she’d never met and I fit the bill. hehe. She invited me and paid for me to get to her. (Isn’t she a doll?) I got there first and waited impatiently for her. I kept looking out the door like, “Where the hell she at?”.  She’d had a delay and got there just in time to not be TOO late for Phil’s performance. We swayed and took pics of him in the dark *ctfu* and once it was over? I LOST her. She’d tracked that man down and I looked up to see that she’d snapped a pic with him. I turned my back for ONE minute…goodness. lol.

We also went on a boat ride, which was lovely…and found a reason to keep going to the concierge for the sinful chocolate chip cookies out of the magic ubbin behind the desk. Doubletree is the DEBIL for that. (I can taste ’em now…)

squeezing for a pic…wife, dat sucka and me. lol

Tina: I met my Wife [insider] on my birthday weekend this year.  The ORIGINAL plan was for Tina to come before the Christmas holiday, but we couldn’t get it together quick enough in that time frame. I suggested she come and spend my 40th with me [and Joy] instead. It was my 40th after all and I’d love for her to be one of the folks I shared it with. So the party snowballed from there. I swear, Joy, Tina and me are frickin CLOWNS. We stayed laughing the entire time. Tina got to meet some old friends of mine as well as my sis, cousin and godsis. We promised we’d have another chance SOON to do more cutting up.

I’m looking forward to not only spending more time with these ladies, but meeting MORE friends in the near future. I can’t wait to see who I meet next!! *singing* “Rolling with the homieeeees”

***did you all pick up on the running theme? once I met Joy…we rolled together meeting everyone else (except in Dee’s case). Ha! 


We’re almost finished this challenge. A lot of us are on our last day…a few still struggling down the middle (mostly due to unforeseen issues) and the rest are on the heels of myself and a few others.

I just want to say THANK YOU!!! Thank you all who have participated and those who have taken the time to read and take a piece of us with you. I don’t know one person involved in this challenge that didn’t get in and roll their sleeves up. Some of you shocked me with your honesty…some of you showed me a more tender side to you. All in all…I had a wonderful time with this cathartic exercise in Love & Truth.

I got beat up a little…some inboxes, trips to my Facebook wall…even a few shout outs mid-blog. Folks was hunting me down at times wanting to know, “What in the hell is up with these questions, Kali?” …Not so much because they weren’t “good” questions but because they were the kind that made people dig up the past and come face to face with a few things they may have thought they were over. Hell, even I was feeling some kinda way about the questions. I didn’t figure into account while posing them that I’d be answering as well. I could’ve kicked my OWN ass a few times. LOL

I hope that you all received the heart of this challenge. It was made to give us a glimpse into our past and present while giving us a cleaner slate for the future.

Again…THANK you dear loves…

Leelee, you went hard. I saw things in your blog that broke my heart for you. Your utter honesty about YOU and how you see yourself was refreshing and fearless at the same time. I genuinely had to ask myself at one point was I…the creator of this damn challenge, being nearly as candid as you were. KUDOS and hats off to you, sis.

Maria, I remember you wanted to do this challenge when I mentioned it…you were pretty excited. Well, now…you pretty much tell me everyday how you can’t wait for this shit to be over. LMAO Nonetheless…I applaud your commitment. You didn’t give up and I’m so very proud of you.

Budda, You brought it girl…but, then I knew you would. Raw, to the point, and willing to look within. I enjoyed your blogs and I’m sure that if/when we pull another challenge out the air…you’ll join and bring it all over again. ((HUGS))

Tina, I know this challenge got a little rough for you, too. I pray that being able to say certain things made things a little easier…even if only in retrospect. I appreciate you so much…I love when people push themselves emotionally to get to a point past fear. Sometimes THAT is the only reward…that you did it when you didn’t think you could. 😀

Gina, you jumped in at the last minute and took off out the gate like a prize greyhound. LOL You were blogging your little heart out. Love it…still have to catch up…give mama a minute. LMAO

Monica…you too, jumped in like a woman trying to swim her way to shore. Your offerings were nothing less than full on memoir quality. This challenge was made for people like you…those seeking to reconcile their memories and pain with who they are today. I’d say you’ve got a pretty good hold on who you are. Stay creative and thank you for showing love to everyone involved.

Mahogany…my Bookie. 😀 Of course I expected NOTHING less from you than the raw, unabridged, unadulterated truth. You’re always bare to your readers so I’m always proud to have you on the blog roll. LOVE you, Ladybug

Joy, I know you’re catching up to yours AND my challenge. A lot has jumped off since we started the erotica challenge almost 2 months ago. I’m still proud that even if only in drips…you continue trying to finish. Whether you do or not…I’m sure you’re on your way to a wonderful new place of peace and love. (((HUGS)))

Kena, I know you barely got through yours, but I still appreciate the effort. Hopefully next time you will make it to the 30th day 😀 lol

Dee, I made you last…because you were the inspiration behind this challenge. When ending the erotic one, you mentioned needing a reason to write because having to write everyday helped you a lot. As soon as you said that this challenge popped into my mind. Thanks for the inspiration, the support and the honesty. You were NO slouch in the “tell-all” department. You gave all you had and shared things that I know where hard for you, especially since they were on the surface at the time. Thank you sis…LOVE you oodles!

These ladies are writing BESIDES their part in my challenge. Their links are on the side under “Dem Challenge Takers” so please hit them up and see what they’re giving us. They all are different, yet entertaining, educational and crazy as all get out. LOL Show them some love please…

**Almost home**


Deja Vu: MORE Truth!

Beyonce: “…Jay…”
Jay-Z: “Are you ready?”
Beyonce: “…let’s get’em…”

[Jay-Z Rap]
I used to run base like Juan Pierre
Now I run the bass hi hat and the snare
I used to bag girls like Birkin Bags
Now I bag B ([Beyonce:] Boy you hurtin’ that)
Brooklyn Bay where they birthed me at
Now I be everywhere, the nerve of rap
The audacity to have me whipping curtains back
Me and B, WE about to sting
Stand back

YES! That whole intro (and the name of the blog and song) is PERFECTO! 

VERY soon, a blog challenge inspired by the previous 30 day TRUTH challenge that a few of us participated in…will come about for the erotically inspired!

My girl BE is working on a 30 day challenge of truth for the oh so sexy in us. You will be getting a full post of the 30 topics to be blogged on and if you have a regular blog…you may be inspired to either spice up your regular one…or create a special one like BE’s and mine: Almond Joy’s Sweetness and Passion’s Fruit isn’t for the weak…you WILL go into suga’ shock messing with us. LOL

SO “Let This BE a Warning” that you can either hop on and participate, sit back and masturbate (lol) and/or bring someone to help you “appreciate” the “Erotic’s 30 Day Truth or Dare Challenge”…soon to come, to some sexiness near you! 😉

No Soy Perfecto

“It is a proficient life that springs upward and not rest in the shell of a seed…” ~Kween

Okay, so I’m no Socrates…or Homer Simpson, but you get it. I’m a work in progress, just like everyone else on this green and blue thing. I’m doing the best I can most days. Yet, you would think that at 37, I’d get a hang of certain things. Surely, I’m evolving and learning (and re-learning) “keys” of life. So, indeed…mistakes will be made, habits unmasked, lies…self-told as well…will find their way into the light. They will become the disease and tumors that we spiritually scalpel away at with intent to free the body of our lives from the pains. I am under the x-ray…currently viewing myself…but the adage goes, “It is a fool who has himself as a client/patient”. I think. LOL

We can only do but SO much doctoring to ourselves. We can only view within as deep as our scope can go. At some point, the outside view of loved ones (and sometimes people with no investment at all) are necessary to properly measure, for lack of better term…our fucked-up-ness. O_o

Today at work, two ladies I respect and like a LOT got into it over a miscommunication concerning a shift. One called me to see if I could cover long enough for her to return and the other to take her lunch. When I went to ask the receptionist if she needed me to sit for her…she asked why. I lied. I said just because I’ve done it before. I haven’t been there at the job as long as they’ve known one another. I didn’t want to say too much. I was trying to be neutral…it didn’t work. She sensed I hadn’t told the truth and called me on it. I admitted that I had but for good reasons. (This is where you realize ONCE again, that even a white lie has big repercussions). She was offended and let me know so…a LOT. Unfortunately…I wasn’t in the mood to be brow-beaten and subsequently chided. I backed down gracefully. The headache gnawing at the rear of my brain refused me any normal come backs. I apologized. Yet, it wasn’t enough. She went into how her day began screwed up and my lie was icing on a fallen, lop-sided cake. I wanted to know if I was paying for someone else’s crap. She said no…I silently differed.

Here I am…learning for the umpteenth time in my 37 years…that lying…for WHATEVER reason, has it’s consequence.

I also sat and talked with my b-fly, Joy…and learned some things about myself. I knew them, but I needed reminding…just so I can work on them more than I have. *clearing throat* I…Kali aka Kween…have a problem hearing things about myself!  🙂

I’m learning, I’m trying, I’m open to the input of my loved ones…I pride myself on that. Just in case you didn’t hear me on the phone, Joy…I VALUE your opinion and your insight. You have a LOT to offer…don’t ever think otherwise. Intelligence doesn’t beat out heart….EVER!!

Over and out…I must go evolve. 😉


Too Cold To Write

I’m currently freezing my ta-ta’s off. I just felt my lady buttons harden to an almost painful point. WTF? When did it get this cold…why is my sadistic ass drinking ice cold Iced Tea? I figured I’d blog when the tips of my fingers warmed up…but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen any time soon.

Sooo…yea. *making circles on the ground with my toe*

OH, I’ve got it. SEX! Let’s talk about sex!

No…this is the wrong blog for that. Passion’s Fruit is the nassy blog. 

*scratching chin*

Hmmm…this is hard and it’s only the 4th day. The cold is causing my brain to freeze and it’s not helping that I’m feeling the overwhelming desire to lie down and curl up under my throw and read the book Joy lent me. “The Other Side of Paradise” by Staceyann Chin is the memoir of her life in Jamaica growing up with her grandmother and brother and shifting from different homes…all while longing for the mother that abandoned her.

I find myself reading in Patois…in my head of course. Hearing some of the Jamaican voices of folks I’ve grown up around or lived around. My hometown of Mt. Vernon, NY…experienced a surge of Jamaican immigrants in the mid 80’s and eventually had a Jamaican mayor for 3 terms. 

I remember eating the curried goat and rice and peas from my landlord’s kitchen and thinking, “Hmmm, goat is not that bad.” I can NOT forget the beef patties and cocoa bread we used to get from a bakery off “The Avenue” (a two block shopping area on 4th avenue) run by a family of Jamaican immigrants that knew us like their own. Their bread pudding was YUMMY! My sister dated a Jamaican boy named Oliver for a few years and to this day, she loves ox tails, rice and peas and plantain….except for now that her current love is Puerto Rican, the style of cooking is a little different. (Even though they’re BOTH Caribbean countries). 

I told Joy the other day, that I remember the landlord of a friend inviting us in and sharing her cocoa bread and tea. She fixed our tea with raw sugar and milk and warmed the bread a little. It was so good. I was so used to eating it with a beef patty that I’d never considered eating it like that. 

I am enjoying the book…Stacey’s story, the Patois accent in my head, the memories they’re bringing and the inspiration it’s lent to my culinary repertoire. Just last night, I made fried chicken tenders with curry flavor added. It was scrumptious. I’m considering going to a Jamaican store and grabbing up some genuine cocoa bread and raw sugar so I can go to Jamaica with Stacey when I read.

Dang, I didn’t think I had a thing to blog on. 🙂

Go to and get you the book by Staceyann Chin…there’s even a “look inside” option.

Special thanks to Almond Joy/Butterfly Effect for sharing her book with me 🙂

s/n: I think the phrase “scratching my chin” triggered the book’s author, etc. LOL