The Booty Don’t Lie

Can “big booty privilege” make women mean?

Heyyy, how y’all doing? Good? Miss me? Cool…I had to throw some niceties in because my mind is on rapid and I gotta blog this before it gets lost in the vast randomness that is my mind. lol

So, if you’ve ever really paid attention, you all know I have on many occasion gotten inspiration for this blog by simply listening to friends, chatting with them in the inbox and such…so today is no different.

It started with a very ugly tweet thread I saw on tumblr. I won’t say who it was, not because I fear the backlash, but because I don’t believe in calling out behavior like that publicly if I’m not going to go HARD and be a FRIEND about it by taking it privately first. I feel very strongly about things like this, but I know my audience. I’m familiar with how folks can be and it would only get uglier and honestly, I don’t have the energy for a back and forth with folks who come with armies of ass kissers.


What I can’t stand is the mean girl syndrome. The bullying. *breathes deeply* Where do I damn start?

Okay, FIRST…let me address this thing that people have with “atting” celebrities their ugly opinions. Blogging, commenting, etc…publicly…addressing these people you DON’T know but THINK you do. I know that because we buy and support their music, movies, art, businesses, etc…we feel some sense of entitlement to their persona…and that’s partially true. Their PERSONA is ours to love or hate, laud or reject. Their PERSON, is theirs. Not ours. JUST because someone lives in the public eyes due to stardom doesn’t mean we arbitrarily have the right to go in on them when we feel like it. They’re humans…extraordinary ones with extraordinary jobs and lives…but, humans nonetheless. It’s NOT our right to barbecue them for the way they choose to live or share or react to the world. YOU try having your entire life laid out for public consumption like an open buffet with no lids. Imagine all the fingers and germs that could get into your life if they could. Folks go in on celebs for being a whore (4-5 monogamous relationships back to back does NOT a whore make)…but, let us see YOUR little black book. If the cameras and paps were everywhere you were…who would the public think you were?

Secondly…the Internet has a penchant for saying everything that’s on its mind. You see a big woman in something you think makes her look nasty? You tell her. You see a man with a small penis? You tell him. You see a woman with an unflattering hairstyle or a baby with a “ghetto” name or a man with one tooth in his head…and what do you do? You tell him. WHY is that? Didn’t your parents teach you to not say ANY thing if it weren’t nice? Why does the Internet have you all so programmed to be cruel at the drop of a dime? Do better Internet…really.

Thirdly, this shit with judging folks on a regular basis, having fun at other people’s expense with retweets, hashtags, memes and GIFS is a little out of control. Is it okay to laugh at something funny? Sure…I love to laugh and do so often. I actually prefer to giggle at cat and dog fuckery, but that’s just me…

I digress.

Knowing someone’s life online and then constantly reminding them of a time they’re most likely trying to forget is beyond disrespectful. How would any of you like it if, if the one thing you were trying to let go of…was constantly regurgitated back to you? I did that to someone once…without even knowing it…and when I heard that it hurt her, I apologized. No one needs constant reminders of what they’ve done wrong. Most of us are far harder on ourselves than anyone else could ever be.

…stop being hypocrites y’all. I have seen in this past month, folks get on Twitter, Facebook, tumblr and blogs and tout their support of Trayvon, but then turn around and dismember Rachel Jeantel publicly ad nauseum. You’ll say, “No Justice, No Peace” but then use that same tongue to break someone down whom you dislike or find amusing. NO one should be your amusement to the point that it dehumanizes them and makes you feel no remorse for it. That’s so ugly.

Lastly, I find a lot of the women on the Internet…specifically Black women (yea I said that shit) who, because they are a certain skin tone or body build (see waist to hip ratio aka hourglass aka pear shaped, etc) believe they CAN be mean to others. Oh, and NO…I do not have a booty and I ain’t jealous. I have noassatall, but trust and believe with the sweetness that is my name *Kiwi*…booty don’t mean nothing to me. Besides…I walk like I got one 😉

Is it because they’ve spent a lifetime being complimented and adored by men and women, alike…that they feel like they can step over other people without so much as a whimpered “excuse me”? I see these chicks on Twitter with these huge followings. People telling them everyday how cool they are, how gorgeous they are, how fine their body is…has seemingly caused them to be megalomaniacs. Too much of a good thing CAN be detrimental…and clearly is. Chicks thinking because they’re the typically coveted body image…they can mistreat, disrespect and wave a “no fucks” hand at everyone they see fit to. Not cool ladies. We sisters could be SO strong if we’d unite and be a driving force of positivity, but if you don’t stop the cattiness, the meanness, the cliquish attitudes and cockiness…we’ll be stuck RIGHT here. In this moment…and how is that beneficial for posterity?

It’s not.

I’mma leave you with “Queen” by Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu…because even though the booty don’t lie…it sure can exaggerate the truth.

“Be a queen, see a queen, respect a queen.” ~ Kween Kiwi/Keys

Randoms, Hi’s and Life

Gratuitous picture of ME 🙂

I’m so shady to you all. If there’s no challenge…I don’t even show up for school. HA! So…HI EVERYBODY!! 😀

Not really…just had a lot on my plate. I can’t even begin to list the reasons why my days seem like a cluster of mashed “things”.

From physical ailments, business, family, etc…I’ve had little time for (nor desire to be) blogging. I’ve been a sporadic socializ’r on Facebook and Twitter…opting for tumblr instead. There, I can scroll, scroll, scroll and get inspiration, humor, music, photos, etc…and don’t have to utter a word to anyone. I’ve been quite good with the anonymity that comes with being a small blog with not a lot of “fans” to talk to.

btw…I hate the word “fans”. I use it to speak of other levels of notoriety. I’m a “fan” of Jill Scott. I’m however NOT a fan of a Twitter blogger. I am a follower, by the technicality that it’s CALLED “following”. Speaking of which, I’ve been questioning this fandom thing and how annoying it can be to try and socialize (because we’re on social media websites) and have people who have a “fan base” ignore select people. There’s no one I’d ignore unless the comments were spam, harassing or just not in line with what’s acceptable for ways to speak to people. These folks get a little piece of the Internet and think that they’re above everyone else. How I change my mindset…is to stop participating. You can’t make someone else bigger than you…and especially bigger than GOD. Quit it.

I can’t deal with a lot of the fuckery I see. It’s senseless. As an artist and a sensitive heart I have to deprogram myself from time to time. I do this by logging out and finding constructive things to do…like make jewelry. This is my first time making jewelry. I have friends on Facebook who do it for a living and I’ve patronized a few, but I’m on a budget right now and prefer to get what I want or need by DIY means.

I love this one. Meant to be a bracelet, it is now an anklet (too big)

I like the colors here.

I actually can’t wait to go to Michael’s or AC Moore’s so I can scoop up some more tools. I have NO plans on selling it. I don’t have the patience to do it over and over by demand. It’s just a hobby for me at this point…something to meditate to.

 I’ve had a few stresses (nothing serious) but a girl needed an outlet.

Side Note: My girl Joy hooked me up with a new listen. Lianne La Havas. Hadn’t heard her before and now I’m addicted to her. lol We’ll be going to a concert in Central Park in July! *YAY US*

Here’s one of my favorite songs by her! Talk to you later!!! ~smooches~ ❤

The Seventh Day…

…the day you found your first best friend

Well, I had a lot of close friends from my childhood. One was Equenthia…she was someone who lived across the hall from my grandmother in the PJ’s. She and her brother have been lifetime friends that have extended into family…but, I don’t think she was my first BEST friend. Why? Well, we didn’t always get along…and we didn’t have the same interests that little girls tend to bond over. She was 2 years older than me and my love for certain things like Barbies and cars was lost on her. She was definitely more big sis than best friend.
I had Leah…for a time…but, Leah was later on once I was in the 8th to 9th grade.
My FIRST real memory of a best friend was Samantha Haggins.
We were in 5th grade. She came into school as a new kid. Not from Mt. Vernon. I believe she was from Amityville, Long Island. Who can forget that. I think I asked her if the town was haunted or scary. lol
I took to Samantha immediately, as she did to me. All of the other kids seemed to act funny. They had their besties already, I guess. I am almost certain that Mrs. Brown sat her next to me on purpose. 
I remember that she had the LONGEST pigtails I’d ever seen. They had to be like almost a foot and a half long. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were longer. She wore them for the most part in twos or threes. She was light and had the biggest eyes. She was very quiet. I was very loud. We were yin and yang. Perfect balance. LOL
I used to spend the night at her house often. She had Barbies and Kens, who lived in their town house and drove a Corvette. She had her own room and lived on the second floor of a yellow house almost three blocks down the street from me on 9th Avenue. Her mom had long hair as well and she had a cute little baby brother.  I don’t think Samantha and I ever had an argument or left each other’s sides. We sat together, giggled and lived in our own little world. Only once can I remember (not that there weren’t other instances, but I don’t recall) where we shared time with another girl. Tameka Williams came to Samantha’s house one day and we all played in the sprinkler. I suppose it was summer or nearing summer.
I guess it was nearing summer…because, one day in class Mrs. Brown announced, “Samantha has moved and won’t be returning to Washington Elementary…”
I bawled.
I was inconsolable. It was the worst day of my elementary life. I don’t think I was okay for a long time. No other friend compared and the other girls were each other’s favorites. I felt alone and can remember telling my grandmother that I didn’t want to go to school.
Eventually, the other girls would play with me and I felt okay. Tameka, Ayanna, Natasha and Rachel (RIP) were my school friends. At home, it was me and “Quent”…and eventually, Leah.
**I found Samantha on Facebook before publishing this. I got curious and searched her out. I THINK it’s her…but, we’ll see. I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted**

UPDATE: IT WAS HER! She remembered me and had been thinking of me, too. Facebook IS good for something, huh? LOL

Hurricane Sandy, Numbers and Prayers

a pic made for one of the special ladies who wrote me gorgeous words on Monday

**Firstly, I’d like to say…God bless those who were severely hit by Sandy this week. I pray a prayer of recovery, comfort, healing and renewal. I thank God for those who came out of it alive and able to connect with their family and friends. Amen**

Where I live it’s a very mountainous and hilly area. There are few places here that suffer severe flooding, but with trees everywhere…we’re in constant danger of very large, old trees falling haphazardly. So far, all I know…were not hit. A couple of my friends in OTHER areas did suffer from trees hitting their homes, but thankfully they were not hurt.

We had a couple of brown-outs and had some flickering, lots of wind, and of course the temperature dropped. Other than that…Thank God, We’re here.

During the storm…in between the Internet going off and on I got online and was kept occupied by a #’s game on Facebook. It’s a game a lot of people love and loathe at the same time. Some complain about the flooding of anonymous messages in their feeds (I don’t see how that is any different than any other status, any other day…but, people ain’t happy unless they’re spewing misery onto others). Most enjoyed the fun of showing love and honesty about their friends anonymously.

Truthfully, I didn’t get many numbers in my box (I guess no one gives a damn what I think, lmao) and I didn’t place my number in anyone’s inbox who hadn’t already put one in mine. I didn’t want to get swamped with having to tell folks what I thought of them. I’m on some IDGAF mess and someone could’ve wandered into a shit storm asking me for my opinion. lol

However…I got some REALLY cool opinions. I mean, when you’re friend to most…you don’t always hear or see or feel how people view you. To have someone tell you beautiful things is a breath of fresh air. It’s not some weak need to be validated like some cynical folks would say. It’s about the fact that with anyone…you need to remind people what they mean to you because the “knowing” can get lost in the day to day minutiae. Having said that…here are the ones I got. I’ll keep them anonymous for the sake of the game, but if you happen to know us then you may already know. LOL


25555- I LOVES ME SO YOU! You are so encouraging! Whenever I’m down if you even sense it you drop the simplest line that truly makes a difference in my mood. I cannot wait to meet you in person and spend some sister time. You’re the epitome of a sisterfriend and I so wish you were closer. God gave you a warm caring heart and you share it with those who love you. Your prayers made a difference more than you know…. SMOOCHES BABY


#2139 Brought together by a liar and a cheater (I just sang that right there) You are my ninja!! I TOLD you we were gonna meet in 2012!! My zodiac sista, My sista from anotha mista, my spirit sista. 

I love that you have given me my space this year because I don’t know what I’m doing or where I’m going half the time, but if something is REALLY wrong, I don’t even have to make a call because you’ve already seen and felt it. Unlike other folks, I’m not scared of you because it is the Spirit working through you.

I love you dearly and look forward to hanging out with you again in the future (hopefully the airlines won’t jack my travels up next time! I love you dearly and talk to you soon!


2139 Ughhhhhhh! THIS chick!
How you gonna be ALL up in my head? You know good and well that it’s ALREADY crowded in there with all my other voices. The only thing that I can think to say to let you know how much you have come to mean to me is…..I trust you! And you know how much me saying that REALLY means. You have been the beautiful surprise that I never knew I needed. We twin so much that sometimes it’s hard to remember who originally thought or said what. Thank you for being one of the few who have allowed me to dispense with the cape & who accepts & loves me….faults, weaknesses and all. You’re a beautiful loving soul who deserves someone just as amazing as you! Love you.


#2139.. Man where should I start… You are so special to me.. We had a little disagreement at first. Just cause the lines of communication wasn’t there. Then once we cleared the air.. You have BEEN ONE HELL OF A FRIEND.. As I struggle and have my days.. It is you who knows what to say.. Sometimes you don’t say nothing but listen.. I need that at times too.. We might not be close in miles.. But you sure as hell close to my heart.. You are a very loving person. Any person that have you in their life has a piece of GOLD.. Amazing, Beautiful, Loving, Honest, Caring, Artistic, Intelligent etc, etc, etc… Heck I can go on all day about you.. I ♥ you to pieces….


#25555, I think you’re an awesomely talented individual who can come up with some serious pearls of wisdom. Not only that, but you’re very pretty as well!


from the very first time i read something of yours i knew i had to keep reading.. i love your wit..i love how you love your friends.. you are you with no questions asked. you are kind,real, and i appreciate the silent support that you give me. i cannot WAIT to hug you! …oh, and i DO count you as a sister!



My constant… 

My constant friend.
My constant support. 
My constant ear.
My constant sister.
My constant everything. 

You are the bestest! You listen to my bitching, my complaining, my love stories, my horror stories and you tell me what I NEED to hear, not what I want to hear. Not too many people do that and I need you to know that I appreciate and love you more than words can say. 


…and there you have it.

Love on a stormy night. Friends in anonymous rejoicing…giving each other positive affirmation of their cherished life force. Nothing is better than that. Loving people, being loved and being considered. These people reminded me that I’m doing something right.

On that night, we told each other we loved one another, we prayed for each other’s safety and we were stronger than even Sandy.

Peace and Love to you all.


For today’s challenge word, I had something thought out…something about desires of the heart, desires of life goals, blah blah yadda meow…

Then I remembered that my friend Iba, has a missing niece here in New York. She has been posting incessant reminders to her Facebook and tumblr audience to keep an eye open for her young teen niece, Nikki.


My niece is still missing.
My Sister spoke to the young man that Nikki was last with in Manhattan.
He says she was happy, didn’t say anything about being mad or running away.
He’s 17 and attends her after school program.
He is cooperating with the investigation at this point.
He gave us a lot of info but nothing on where she could be…she literally walked away and disappeared.
He claims to be just as shocked by this as we are.

Please continue helping us find my niece, it is going on three weeks next week.

 If you are in the NY Tri-State area please help.
She has been gone since September 8th. If you have any information please contact (718) 708-6236.
She was to begin her first day last Friday at The School for Law Enforcement and Public Safety in Manhattan on Audubon and 191st. The school has the flyer and hasn’t seen her either. News 12 has been running the story every half hour…working on other channels as well. ALL the help we can get helps.
Please keep reblogging. We need her back safe.

This is the exact posting…

What bothers me is that there is always little to NO real urgency in finding missing children of minority races. There has been little to NO coverage in my area for this young lady’s disappearance or plea for her recovery. I don’t want to kick around militant accusations of unfair treatment of missing persons cases where “we” are involved…but, you get it.

Every day that goes by is time lost. No exposure lessens the chances that she’ll be spotted and her whereabouts reported. I pray that the situation is as simple as Nikki “decides” to come home on her own and that this is an instance of rebellion.

PLEASE post this information where you can and if nothing else, share this post. Fervent prayers are welcome as well.

I DESIRE for this young woman to be returned to her family safely.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

New York State’s Missing and Exploited Children Clearinghouse

GGX Jewels! Inspire Your Inner Diva!

For five years PLUS, Gina Brotherton of GGX Jewels has been channeling her Inner Diva AND her muse. She’s been churning out some of the HOTTEST pieces of artistic jewelry and there is a VERY loyal following…but it’s not enough! I need for you fashionistas with a need for beads and thangs…to become more acquainted with her…

Today, I’m showcasing her talents in the hopes that women itching to spend on themselves or a friend…will run RIGHT over and be inspired. Her talent is phenomenal. Friends of ours tout how amazing it is to SEE her craft these babies by hand…I hope to see that one day, but until then…these following pieces are all of the absolute proof AND truth you need.

Genius at Work: Photo taken by Tracey Matthews

Here’s a little info on some of the materials Gina uses to create her pieces of art

Bangin’ Beauties – anodized aluminum wire, non-tarnish and lightweight (I can testify, I own a pair…pic below)

Wire-wrapped rings/earrings – non-tarnish SS over copper core with a baked on clear coat (hypo-allergenic); non-tarnish 10k gold-filled over copper core with a baked on clear coat (hypo-allergenic); Pure copper; .999 Fine silver/.925 Sterling Silver & 10k/14k gold by customer order only

Beads – various glass, ceramic, acrylic, resin and lamp-work pieces

She uses natural stones and semi-precious gemstones (turquoise, jasper, red coral, agate, etc.) …and she utilizes Austrian and Swarvoski crystals as well.

Her work is GORGEOUS. Below are a few of her pieces with the names and prices. She’s VERY reasonable and flexible on custom orders. YES…part of her allure is that she’s LISTENING to you. If you give her an idea…*inspire your inner diva*…she can create a one-of-a-kind piece that you’ll be proud to show off for years to come!

Me, Thee Kween flossing my B-fly Bangin’ Beauties!
These were a gift from her…and I LOVE them. I often have a hard time with having sensitive holes. A lot of earrings (a combo of metal and weight) irritate my ear lobes to swell. Not these. They’re so light…I often feel for them to make sure they’re there…lol. (can’t lose my GGX!!)

Wire-wrapped Swarovski crystal earrings in Sterling Silver
Price Point: $30

“Bangin’ Beauties” Multi-color/Multi-dimensional Hammered Aluminum Designs. Rings also available!
Price Point: $30-$35 (matching set)
Chunky & Funky: bold 3pc set. Chunky bracelet, blingy dangle earrings & a matching statement ring. KAPOW!
Price point: $40
“Bangin’ Beauties” Hoop’lah – Hammered Aluminum [hoop] Earrings
Price Point: $15
Button Rings!
Price point: $14-$24
“Bangin’ Beauties” Hammered Aluminum [abstract] Earrings
Price Point: $15

Now that you can SEE what’s offered (and there’s SO much more at the site)…you can understand how there is clearly something for EVERYONE. Take some time…visit the site. Peruse the galleries and then let your diva shine with some GGX. I’m telling you…from the product to the way it’s shipped…it’s a diva experience. Take it from a Kween 🙂

There’s a Customer Appreciation Sale going on right NOW!! >> CLICK HERE <<
Contact GGX Jewels:
Online Store:

10 Signs You’re Cyber-Logged

There are very few people who AREN’T online. My grandma isn’t…but, my other grandmother was…so there’s a 50% chance your grandparents are online. lol

There are a few of my peeps who I WISH had a Facebook page…but, don’t. I don’t know why they didn’t get the memo, but perhaps they’re onto something. I wish sometimes that I didn’t crave the crack so much and had avoided the Facebook vortex.

Facebook/Internet addicts are true crackheads. I’m talking shakes, ashy lips and notions of stealing for their next hit. I ain’t saying I’m addicted…let’s just say that I exhibit some of the 10 symptoms of this “cyber-logged” list.

What is Cyber-Logged? Well it’s like water logged. Inundated to the point of complete saturation, leaving the frame of “something” weak and worn. This isn’t your TYPICAL list of crack symptoms. We all know what it means to be addicted to SOME part of the e-world. Most of us sleep with our cells in our hands. That vibration when the phone rings is like an e-gasm to most  folks. I just thought I’d share some of my current observations and list ’em.

10 Signs You’re Cyber-Logged aka Signs You Need to Have a Seat!

10. Refresh is your friend. Yea, buddy…you refresh every 4.3 seconds on Facebook, tumblr, etc…because you’re hungry for the next update. I see folks show up as SOON as I post. I be like…where in the MATRIX hell did they come from?

9. Your statuses/updates are successions of the same event. Let me give you an example:

“Oh snap, my fave movie is on!!” 19 minutes ago

“I love this part…it always makes me cry” 17 minutes ago

“Nooooo man…don’t leave her!” just now

…yea…how are we watching TV intently if we’re “statusing”? Why do we feel the need to pull our friends into the fray as well? Why ESPECIALLY do we do this…when watching WITH people? Are the people in the room NOT sufficient enough to discuss the movie/program with? *SMH*

8. You’ve got 50-11 pages for no reason. *raises hand* GUILTY! It’s not MY damn fault they make it so easy to create a new page. Or a blog. Or an email. Shit…at least I’m not creating whole LIVES like SOME folks…lmao

7. You e-stalk…Now, look. Let’s not get sensitive sir/ma’am! You do it or you’ve done it. ESPECIALLY if your siggy is online. “Oh what the fuck is all THAT about?”. Next thing you know you’re combing the person’s list, mutual friends, and eventually…you lay in wait to see what color Shug gone paint the wall next. *don’t deny it mofo…I seentcha*

6. Your browser has 10 tabs open with Facebook, tumblr, Youtube, Twitter, your blog,  your email, and a combo of news, shopping, and porn. *again…don’t lie dude* LOLOL

5. Your chat is open 24/7. Whether it’s your BBM, your LiveProfile, your YahooIM, etc…there’s a way for your friends to contact you at all times…and you RESPOND…sometimes…in your SLEEP!! Go to bed damnit. LOL

4. When your FB notifications pops up, you see it no matter what you’re doing in another tab. 0)___0)  *whistling*
4a. You answer those things with lightening speed…the hell you doing? Hitting refresh?

3. You’ve got some sort of insomnia related to your need to know what’s happening on your page. For me…I’ve got issues that directly relate to my muse’s inability to duly inspire at a NORMAL time of day. She wakes me up and as a sub-symptom of my wakefulness…I end up perusing the damnedest things while “breaking” from writing. I’ve discovered many an annoying, hurtful or informative thing while up at night writing. Sometimes…it’s A-OK to lie the fuck down…

2. You take pics of EVERYTHING and post it. Your new outfit. Hair. A pic of you taking a pic of you in the mirror so you can show your new phone. EVERYTHING you do gets chronicled in the “Mobile Uploads” album. I just ask that you save us from the pics of your cat vomiting, your kid pooping or your man/woman sleeping. Dang…can I have some mystery in the e-relationship?

MY #1 sign that YO/MY ass just MAY be cyber-logged? That when I post this blog in a few minutes (approx. 1:50-ish am)…You will see it, read it, pretend you have NONE of the above signs…but, comment anyway.

GO TO BED DAMNIT!!!! #notestoself

Looking Asses

I am taken aback…

That folks in their 30’s and 40’s are still playing mind games. That women who are grown and have children or just are GROWN…still pursue men on and offline like a cat in heat. That men who define themselves by the length of their dick, still act like children with no aim. I on the other hand…just wanna be at peace, live, laugh, love and learn. That’s it. Keep the rest.

Let me tell you…2011 is NOT the year to fuck with me. I’m not lying down for ANY bullshit. I WILL step and I WILL blast you! So many times before, I let etiquette and decorum dictate my steps. I’m over it. I’m STILL a lady…STILL a kween, but even a kween has to exact some action when fools start trying to infiltrate her peace of mind.

I had a convo with a dear sister friend and I was once again reminded how the lies of a MAN had tainted my online reputation. A site we used to be on had me looking like some desperate bitch who needed to be loved and wanted to be just like some other woman! WOW. I’m glad that I know who I am and I’m BLESSED that I have real friends who know better. I don’t sweat the small stuff usually, but this bit me on the ass in a hard way. I don’t feel that, believing in someone is desperate…it’s called LOVE you assholes!! Trusting your friends to keep your confidence isn’t VIOLATING or BETRAYING someone else…or being catty or being a bitch. If I’m talking to someone I call a FRIEND and they runteldat…that’s not MY fault…it’s Mouth Almighty’s fault. Contrary to the rumors and lies of little people with little else to do than discuss me…I don’t thrive off drama. Drama makes the underside of my breasts itch…keep that shit. One thing is for sure…if you wanna know if I said some shit…ASK…I PROMISE I’ll tell you if I did or didn’t, but if you’ve made up your mind already that I’m some petty bitch…then stay over ——>THERE!!

Anyway, I find that some of the same people who were in my circle then made it over to Facebook with me and honestly…I know there is this dark cloud that follows me. The only way for the myth to be dispelled is for folks to be enough of an independent thinker to say, “Hmm, I wanna get to KNOW her…”. Otherwise, it’s like a red letter sloppily stitched onto my chest. Truth is, EVERY guy online who I’ve ever been “involved” with…pursued me. They had to CONVINCE me that they really were interested and wore me down after months of convo. I’ve never…EVER seen one dude and been like, “Let me roll up on that.” Nope. I mind my business…and then because these men on the Internet have a gang of stans…I end up the bane of some bitch’s existence because she thinks I’m a threat. One thing I’ve NEVER done is befriend someone so I can see how close they are to my love interest. If you’re still doing that in 2011…


I ain’t ask dude to holla…
I ain’t ask dude to rope YOU in…
I ain’t ask dude to lie to you…
I ain’t ask for none of it!

Take your LOOKING ASS…and SAT down! Leave me alone. You REALLY won’t like me if I gotta tell your ass that shit again!

Snapshot #5: Guilty Pleasure

Photo of: Guilty Pleasure

My guilty pleasure is Facebook. I’m an addict…I know it. I need help. I’m actually falling back. It can be a pain in the ass and once something that’s supposed to be entertainment, becomes a “chore”…it’s time to step away.

It’s kinda hard though. I  write constantly on blogs and offline working on stories, so Facebook is just a click away when I get bored and need something else to do.

As you can see…my banner is a grouping of butterflies ::CHEESE::…and I’m known by my first and middle name and not my last. That ain’t nobody’s bidness. LOL

So yea, my guilty pleasure…

**scribbling on screen** Send…help!

My Cup is 1/2 Full…Please Don’t Knock Mine Over!

Why fo’ can’t I sit here and sip out MY damn cup…without suckas tryna knock it out my hand?

Okay, I will NOT go into the specifics (tired of talking on THAT subject)…all I’m going to say is that negativity spreads like wild fires…setting aflame everything in it’s path. Even the beautiful things that just so happen to be in it’s way. Sometimes people don’t THINK they’re being negative…but, here’s a few tips to search your soul for that answer:

~Is what I have to say helping?
~Did anyone ask my opinion? (this should be #1)
~If I don’t say anything is it going to kill me?

Every thought doesn’t have to be articulated. I say this 1,000 times a day. We all fall victim frequently to the Internet’s lure of instant gratification…think it now…say it NOW!  Yet, there is something that sits between thought and action. It’s called the BACKSPACE button. JUST when you start tip-tapping on those keys and your words spill out through your fingertips…take ONE second and ask yourself how necessary it is. If you still feel the need to press forward…so be it. (At this point, certain things said in MY opinion are now tools for attention to either get an “Amen Corna” or to stand out).  After this…whatever.

I don’t get in the way of people’s individual expression. I see shit every day that makes me want to figure out a way to petition companies to check for Chimp genes before letting folks buy a computer. Yea, I said it…I’m convinced that some of these “personalities” are REALLY named Bo-Bo, Cocoa da Chimp, Bubblez’ cousin Sudzie…and that they wear overalls and bow ties every day. *want a banana?* LOL.  Seriously, I mostly sip from this cup o’mine and savor the flavor of patience, understanding, compassion and freedom…mine and other’s. I just don’t care what you’re sipping on. If I love you…I’ll offer you some of what I’m drinking. If you say, “no thank you”…I’ll continue to sip and consider saving you some just in case you change your mind.

I also have a gripe with the snooty, haughty, snobbish folks coming in with their “I’m too good for this”. LAWD, it’s enough to make me lose my religion (wait, Iowneeben go to church) …well, make me wanna cuss. The quickest way for ME to snub YOU is for YOU to snub everything. My ex used to hate on my love of FB games. “Why do you play that stuff? Shouldn’t you be reading a paper?” MAN…if you don’t….MAN…don’t make me pop you!!! 

I’ve HAD it. I walk lightly through life mostly. Yea, I have my moments when life kicks my ass and I kick it right back. It pulls my hair…I kick it’s shins. “WHAT, Life…DO somefin, FOO!” LOL…but, for the most part…I’m chill. I’m in my own groove, kicked back, chilling off the vibes that flow from friends, fam, and mostly GOD. If I’m some place that is too this or that for me…I find another place to be.  Isn’t it just that simple? WHY must folks dampen others’ spirits for things. Why does other people’s unhappiness, insecurities, big-headed egos, etc. have to step on other people’s pinky toes? SOME times…just UNPLUG! ::GASP::  *oh, no she didn’t say dat* YES DAMN YOU…UNPLUG!! Instead of spitting on someone else’s fire with your lofty attitude and basement bullshit…log off. Take a breath. Go meditate. Read the Dictionary. Go watch a movie. Research your name. Play with your/someone’s kid. Call up an elder in your family and say hi. Draw something by hand. Go take a walk and take pics (my fave). Either way…learn to STFU. I sweeear, I still got coupons for that. Giving them out by request. Some…well, you just might win one in the Kween’s lotto. O_O

Call the ambulance, come and pick up your people / Put they body on the stretcher, carry they ass out ” ~ Busta Rhymes