Hair Update

Someone should’ve warned me that being natural was a pain in the ass. It’s been over 8 years since my hair has been natural. I can’t believe that I thought this was a good idea. *fluffing puff on top of my head* …but, yea…I’m trying not to quit mid-process.

The funny thing is, that I was chemical free for a year without even meaning to be…but, the moment I definitively decided that I was going to be natural…the road got rough…literally. LOL

I decided to try only washing and air-drying for a while…to take the heat off of my hair. I wanted to see the natural texture…I’m trying to “train” it. O_O My first attempt out the gate of no heat on the mane was a couple of months ago. My girl Joy dropped off some of Ms. Jessie’s highly-touted and exorbitant “Curly Pudding”. Looks like grape pudding…smells like grape pudding.  Perhaps, because I didn’t condition my hair (automatic fail in Hair Care 101) there was no real manageability to the hair and the curly pudding failed to curl. Actually, all it did was cause my hair to be stiff and dry.  All I could do was brush it back into a ponytail or twist it on either side of my head. *Boooooo*

SO…this time around, I became proactive and preventive. I bought 2 packs of an olive oil deep conditioning treatment. I washed my hair with Motions Deep Conditioning Shampoo…and then used my conditioner for an hour under a cap (no heat). Once rinsed…I added a product my mother purchased, Organics Olive Oil, which is really a “twist and loc” cream, but it was lightweight and helped to soften my damp hair. I also used a oil-based spray called Jamaican Mango & Lime “shine-a-loc”. That helped to bring spring to my individual curls.

This is the result:

I know I have a long way to go…that, I also have to cut of a significant amount of hair to jump start my natural journey. I’m getting the hang of it though…I’ll keep you posted as promised.

Wish me locks…lol


I’m going natural…again.

I was natural for 7yrs of my 20’s and after my hair became so much and too much to handle…I crossed back over to the “creamy crack”. 

So, here I am about to turn 38 in 9 days and I am going back to the wavy/kinky/mangled mane that is mine…naturally.

There’s no pressure from anyone, anything or any particular trend or fashion…just the reality that I am tired of burning my scalp…especially when I only do it once or twice a year anyway. No need to half-ass it…might as well go balls to the wall. 

I’ve been investigating products to use…and I’ve come up with something less expensive than what’s on the market…my KITCHEN (no pun intended).

Instead of this frou frou, chi chi bullcrap being sold online and in stores…I’m gonna go ahead and use Pantene or Motions, like I am used to…and then condition bi-monthly with olive oil and/or mayo. In between washes is where I may spend a little cash. I saw a holding wax by Beautiful Curls and decided that between them and another one called Curls…I’d pay the $10-$12 every month or two for the daily maintenance. I just don’t think it has to be that hard. Find ways to improvise. Check labels and see what the ingredients are and duplicate that at home for pennies less. MY kinda shit. lol I also plan to (from time to time) visit my Dominican chica, Jovita and let her lay my hair down 😉

I’ll try and chronicle my crawl back to natural tresses…no picture as of yet…but, I’m sure once I’m entrenched in my transformation, I’ll be more than happy to share my hair’s ack right and cain’t get right with you all.

Peace and Pomade~Kween