It Aintcho Mack, Daddy…

I know it’s hard to conceive….but, when a woman stays in a relationship, or gives you her sex…it may NOT be your mack, daddy.

Us ladies are a lot smarter then some of us are given credit for. Sometimes, we just LOVE you. Women are the kind of creatures that are built for hope, compassion, tolerance and nurturing. When we fall in love…whether with our babies, our friendships, or our men…we pull for you like you’re Secretariat. When the world says, no way…this racehorse is a loser…we step it up big time and make sure you men know that we believe you can come from behind and be a winner. We hand feed you ego strokes and make sure your coat is brushed to a fine shine and then we pat you on the tail and say, “Go get em!”. *lmao*

Really…do you guys believe that the dick stroke or the mack laid down in “Baby, you’re the only one”…”Baby, I want  you to be my wife…”…”Baby, no one gets me but you…”…do you think that is ALL that keeps us endeared to you? Sometimes, it’s what you DON’T show. It’s what you try to hide…like your vulnerabilities that peek out from behind your stoic exterior from time to time. By all means do give us credit for having our own mind and heart.

There are times…where sex is concerned that we give it to you because WE want it. ::GASP!!:: I know right? No way, right? YES, man. We are sexual just like you are. That old myth/statistic that says men think of sex blah blah blah many times a day more than women SUCKS!! I blink and see penis…and this is a celibate woman talking! I also have friends who get it on a regular and they RAVISH their partners.

I’ve seen so many dudes allow their “conquer” to go to their heads…the big and the smaller one. Don’t. As many women that have walked off and rated a man’s sex as wack while faking moans of pleasure…there are many women…MANY who will ask a man, “What was that?”

I’ve been in a situation at least twice in my life where a man started out with the whole “let’s keep it about sex” and then when I treated them in the manner they requested, they felt some desire to conquer me swirl up from the depths of hell. The “I love you’s” come out. The weird behavior and game playing began…and I ended up asking, “Wait, were you NOT the one who wanted no strings attached sex?” I always get that look of, “You bitch!” or the reply of, “Wow, I thought we had something special…” 


It’s been said that women fall in love faster. I beg to differ. I believe we fall in love together…what I think gets misconstrued is our affection and willingness to say we miss you, or we thought of you…as love. Sometimes, we just want to get up on the comfort of a man. The feel of a man’s body against ours. The heat from a man’s hands in places that…wait, this is the Kaleidoscope…not Passion’s Fruit. LMAO {{shameless plug}}

Either way, just because we GIVE it to you…doesn’t always mean you talked us out of it. We have way more say in your “mack” than you know.