I think I did too many challenges back to back…

I left this last challenge (The Photo Challenge) in the dust like an abandoned child. I ALSO had a hard time remembering to TAKE the damn pictures everyday…and when I DID remember, I found nothing to snap pics of. It’s kinda hard to do that when you’re not walking to and fro. I used to and I’ve gotta get back to that, but between one of the worst winters AND summers we’ve seen in a while…it wasn’t fit for a dog or squirrel to walk out there. I did have my days that I just said “EFF it…” and walked but for the most part…it wasn’t happening.

I apologize for the BIG pause though. I had been on a roll for a few months…posting daily in one way or another and now it’s been this long ass hiatus (unannounced, no less) and I feel like I’ve let down my readers. God bless those who managed to stick to their challenges. You can check the side bar for “Dem Challenge Takers” for the ladies who’d been participating in several challenges. I’ve gotta make my rounds and be supportive…


I ain’t gave a damn in a while. I’ve been “living”. Enjoying family and friends…because guess what? ::inserting cliche::

Life is too short!

I’ve got family and friends who are suffering from a disease or disorder of some kind and have been sending up prayers nightly for those whose stories of affliction sit heavily on my chest. I’ve had sleepless nights for nothing more than a worry or concern of what they’re doing…HOW they’re doing. So, no…this challenge hopped, skipped and jumped WAY over my head.

I’ll tell ya what. If by some off beat chance…I take a pic that fits the bill, I will slowly but surely finish this challenge. BEAR with me, my people.

In the meantime…I’m prepping for this weekend. Gonna finally get to meet yet ANOTHER SiStar of mine…Ms. Maria. I’m very excited and therefore you MAY get a blog w/pics for this occasion.

Deep Peace and Kweenly Love unto you!

Koffee Break for Kween

Hello boys and girls *taking off good shoes*…I just came to see how you were all doing * placing on skips*. I wanted to share some things with you. *places on sweater* Welcome to Da Kween’s neighborhood! *Queue rock music*

Ok, lol…enough. I just came to check in on the few whom have been loyally reading the Kaleidoscope. I love and appreciate you dearly. Right now. I’ve been trying to get some things accomplished for myself and I’ve noticed that I’ve been spending way too much time trying to decide on the newest blog…rather than the end to my book I am writing. I love this blog, and I shall not abandon it…but, I need to get my head right with what’s important.

When I need a break from the scribing…I will hit up Y’ALL and see what’s flowing from your typing hands…so make it good. I’m counting on you all now…you NEVER know what inspires me. Smooches… Da Kween