Scared Love Gets No Love

When I say…that there is an influx of punk ass shit on the horizon, I mean it.

I sometimes feel alien to this world. Alien to  a society where the roles of men and women are flipped. Where women are the aggressors, on the hunt, slugging guys over the head with bats made of steel and fused with Love Potion #9. Where men are househubs, taking care of the kids, sipping on spritzers and nibbling on frozen treats with fancy names…holding Avon parties and shit. The woman…the breadwinner. The man…the bacon fryer. Or even it being as simple as, she’s the one calling the relationship shots…and he’s following her lead because he’s daunted by the possibility that she’ll decide NOT to follow. ~sigh~

Some men are spoiled prima donnas, who want to be provided for, coddled, and courted like a true débutante…and women are these thug ass females who drool at the mouth for a man. I won’t ask Where They Do That At…because I could point out some places without blinking or thinking. All, I’m concerned for is where the real men and women are. It is discouraging to feel like some men aren’t motivated to speak their piece to a woman of interest. I feel kind of sick to my stomach that there are a group of men in this world who don’t understand their role. I’m a woman of tradition and convention, with contemporary style. I am very aware of what’s up in 2010, yet I’m from a school of thought, that as a queen and lady of class…I am to be sought after and not to be in search of. What that means to me, is that a man is supposed to step up, stake his claim and then pursue until I’ve allowed myself to be caught. NOT chasing…PURSUING. I’m within reach to a man whose word is his bond and his intentions are duly followed by action. It is a fool that talks and talks…and talks *yawning*…and promises…who will find the path to me lengthening in front of him. I find nowadays women have taken the lead in epic numbers. They are the ones confessing interest. They are the ones asking for dates, paying for things, saying “I love you” and in some cases…proposing.

Is it just ME that finds the order of things to be a bit out of whack? Who are these men-children who are so afraid of rejection that they need for us to make the first moves to feel safe? Don’t they know that risk is involved when pursuing anything of importance. Hope and the possible failure of those hopes being dashed skip hand-in-hand down the road of life. It is inevitable that at SOME point in your life, your hopes will have been poked like floating bubbles. Does it mean you don’t try again? Does it mean that you become the opposite of your God-given nature in order to secure your fears? Why should someone else be laid bare for the sake of your insecurities, while you decide (or don’t) whether you still want to move forward?

Look, I’m not asking for guys to wear armor, nor offer livestock to their love interest’s family. I’m not saying that a woman should act docile and afraid to look a man in the eye. I’m just saying that I’d like to see some ADULT exchanges of energy. Two people, interested…unafraid of the risks, willing to be honest and open about what can be between them understanding that their success is relative to their own willingness to TRY. Is this too much to ask for?

‘Cause…just like scared money don’t make no money…scared love gets no love. Or do they even WANT it?

*adjusting my mental sac* LOL

Unrelated Randomness that is indirectly relative…this song has been in my head for days. I love this song. Perhaps…we shouldn’t be so willing to give up on love.

Miscellaneous Rhetoric: Vol. 1

I see SO much stupid shit on a daily basis and I never document it. (What’s wrong with me? This is what bloggers DO!!) So I decided to hit you all with some of the various thoughts that meander through my mind. lol

~People…if you’re gonna rant and rave. Talk DOWN to folks. Or simply ‘act’ intelligent…USE THE DAMN SPELL CHECK! Damn near EVERY browser has it. Please don’t be the one (or the 1 millionth) fool to say you’re in school and misspell grammar school words…over and over! I’ll take your diss a lot more seriously if I’m not red-penning your whole comment! As someone said to me once (jokingly) “Before you set it off…get a Speak N Spell”. lmao

~I get so sick of the glammed up “barbies and kens” of the world thinking because they’re thin and apply flawless make up that they get to bash the “imperfect” crowd. (I ain’t “hating” either…have you seen me? lmao j/k) Maybe you’re NOT “ugly” chick, but your personality sucks jungle ass. I’m giving out free STFU coupons EVERY DAY…just ask me. You don’t get to bash people and then say someone’s hating when they come back for your ass. #YouAskedForIt #YouGotIt #Toyota *lmao* (c) April in Paris w/Billy Crystal & Debra Winger

~Kinda sorta maybe speaking of some big folk…being a big woman, I gotta tell ya. Big girls? You’re not making it very hard for the “barbies and kens” to clown you/us…when you come out of the house looking HORRIBLE! Spandex is NOT our friend…unless you’re covering up the extra areas that are unbecoming. You don’t have to dress in a burlap sack, but find out how to dress for your shape. See what is flattering and go from there. The new style is nice. Stretch leggings or skinny jeans (guffawing loudly) underneath a nice dress or long shirt is cool…as long as you don’t look like you’re being packaged for Hillshire. #GOMEAT

~*sidebar* I’m such a commercial whore. I love laughing at these dumb ass commercials. Like the Cheez-it one where he says, “NACHO CHEESE”  *lmao*…and the Swiffer one, where they have “Hair Club for Brooms” with the po’ broom wearing a mop toupee…I have issues. Don’t judge me.

~I get a little more than tired of people…no correction, BLACK people telling all of us other Black people of how we shouldn’t use the “N-Word”. There’s a video currently making the rounds on Facebook where a little Black boy, intelligently delivers an oral dissertation on the origins of the word and how we should eradicate this word from our vocabulary. I am VERY proud of his research and his point of view. Yet, I’m all about the flip side of things. If the word “nigger” originates from Niger and is a derivation of our people’s heritage…why SHOULDN’T we own the word, and give it positive power? To loose (yes, I meant loose, lol) the word completely is like forgetting where we come from…what our ancestors were. My theory is that the word, this world’s politics, the arcane and secret societies that exist in this world will be what it is always..until the razing of it’s foundation. This society was built on thievery, slavery, mis-education, and hatred of other cultures. When that is gone…the world will change. Until then, use your info to navigate AROUND the obstacles of ignorance. Unless you have the tools to bulldoze through it, that is…

~Unique is a great thing. It seems that being weird is the new normal. Everyone wants to be defined for what makes them different than the rest. I feel you, to a degree. But, It IS okay to share an opinion with the masses…as long as it IS your opinion. No band-wagoning to avoid debate. Just know, that for all the uniqueness you may behold…you STILL figure into a group of people who think just like you. In this world of infinite knowledge, thought and spirit…no one knows EVERYTHING…so you do share thoughts with others. Thoughts, ideas, etc…are things. They manifest and live within us and bounce among us. Quit with the whole…”I’m different” shit. We get it…damn.

~I wonder how the smart people at my job are the ones being “supervised” and the supervisors are damn dimwits. WTF?

~I’m wondering if I should get on the ball and learn Spanish fluently, so that when Spanish folks talk to me in their language (as they do often) I can blow my OWN mind and know what the hell they’re saying.

~Why’d they name it “blog”? What does that mean? Is it short for “beta log”? Should it have been “elog”…kinda how video blogs are called vlogs? #shortbus moment

~Why does my grandma go back and forth between the plot/script and making it real when discussing the soaps? Grandma, please stop saying, “I don’t know why they write this plot like this…” and then turn around and say, “Well, he’s always been a drunk…that’s why”. O_O He’s not a drunk in REAL life, grandma. ~sigh~ I think senility is setting in. (love you Grandma!!) lol

~Why do I see so many women wearing sleeveless shirts with a FULL afro underneath in their armpits? THEN, they’ve got the nerve to have white deodorant caked up. They have INVISIBLE deodorants so you can go without the “thick grits in the pits” look. *smh*

~Life is too short to be bitter and mean. Don’t snarl at EVERY damn thing. Maybe basking in someone else’s happiness can help you get past your own sadness. If not…still…STFU. lmao (but so serious)

~I am SO mad at the “Booty Pop” infomercial. Why are they dancing around like idiots? It’s the bomb to have a fake ass? Those things are more deceiving than bras…some “butt man” is gonna be severely disappointed when you get undressed and your ass pops off on the floor ala “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka”.

Okay…I’m done for now. My boy Rippa inspired this randomness. I saw him post something random (which he rarely does…he’s straight no-chaser)…so thank him on his blog “The Intersection of Madness & Reality“. 

…now let me go read his blog. haha LATER!