The Sixth Day…

My Boobie

…the day you first held a job

I was 14. I got a work permit from City Hall (where my grandmother worked) and got my first job at Toddler’s Park Day Care Center.

My Aunt Iris worked there and my little cousin Arthur (affectionately Boobie) attended as a 2yr old. It was the summer of 1987. I believe I got $110 (before tax) bi-weekly for late June-Early August….about  6-7 weeks. I thought I was ballin’. lol …it was perfect for me to be making some kind of money because I’d be able to buy my own clothes for the upcoming Sophomore year in High School. I had to go to summer school the summer before and this year I could make my little pocket change and hang out after four hours of teen labor. I didn’t get to keep a lot of that money though. My mother made me hand over my check to her (something about I didn’t need to be walking around with too much money) and she’d give me a little money out of it…said, it was for school clothes. By the time we got to shop, it didn’t add up to what I thought it would. I KNOW it should’ve been more than she said, but it wasn’t. I ain’t saying she profited, but I’m just saying. LOL

My job consisted of watching after and playing with the kids outside at recess and assisting in activities, lunch and nap on the inside. I actually enjoyed it. All of the ladies there loved me. They knew my aunt and were very nice to me. I remember the cook used to make good lunch and I recall going to Sesame Place that summer with the school.

The downside, was that it was a bad summer for Narcolepsy. I’d fall asleep outside while watching the kids. Openly, I’d nod or be found standing by the slides with my eyes closed. I could hear the babies saying, “She’s sleeping…” I think at times my aunt was embarrassed. Especially because my sleepiness didn’t have a name yet. We didn’t know what I had until I was 21. I’d fall asleep in the middle of conversation, at the table with the kids while crafting. I even fell asleep while walking Boobie home. Poor child told me to wake up in his little baby voice…right as we were about to cross the street. I was apprehensive from that point forward to be responsible for him while alone.

I’d work there the next summer and once during the school year. Ahh the good ole days.

Toddlers and Tiaras? WTF?

So…I see a commercial about an upcoming reality series called “Toddlers and Tiaras” on TLC. Documentation of parents and their children who participate in pageants. Now, beside the damn obvious…what is WRONG with this picture? Haven’t these people seen or heard of Jon Benet Ramsey? Do you think that child is dead on accident? *rolling eyes* In this day and age of the molester…I would NOT put make up on my child and strut her across a stage looking like a miniature woman! I believe wholeheartedly that Jon Benet’s death is a direct result of her being involved in those pageants…even if all it did was perpetuate an “attraction” if you will…to her young self, that eventually ended in her death.

WHAT is to be gained by putting your child on display as young as 2yrs old? Dolled up and coached to pose, dance and speak like an adult. I’m in NO way comparing children to pets, but shit…yea, I am. LMAO. I hate when people dress their dogs up and groom them to look like camels and buffalo. (Check these pics) Curvy Queen showed me that and I fell out laughing…before I got MAD! Helpless animals being played with and used as entertainment piss me off. I doubt if a dog’s thoughts could be read, you’d see “Dress me up like a bitch with pearls, a pleated skirt, polo shirt and pink sneakers on all paws” uh…no. So, I see this is a very similar situation. Dressing up kids who have no control or say over what they do…like grown ass folks, encouraged to play into an ALREADY skewed societal view of women.

Anyway…I’m done ranting. What yall think about this?