Poker Face O_O

I need counseling. LOL

I get a kick out of the damnedest things, but one of my FAVE pastimes is “bluffing”. See, what had happened is…most of my friends consider me smart. Okay, I’ll take that. I’m aight with some info…but, I’m not one of those smarty pants people who relish in being smarter than everyone else. That ain’t cute. Haven’t they seen the shows where the nerd gets cold-cocked in their specs? I own play dat. LOL

I’m all about sharing the info and doing it in a way that’s not patronizing or condescending. I have friends who check me when I’m being annoying…but mostly I’ve learned to let folks do them. My CLOSEST friends will get the red pen…because I love them that much. *giggling* …but, everyone else? Hey…if you want to be the dunce of the class…so be it. No one wants to be wrong. Anyway, I digress…the thing is…I like to help people figure out things. SO, when the old-fashioned way of showing them doesn’t work…I use ye old bluff technique. Sometimes it’s for fun to see if I can get away with making shit up. lol

For instance…I presented a question to a manager where I work. She’s cool. We laugh and talk, so I slid a little bluff in on her. “Why do you think orthodontist and orthopedic begin with ‘ortho’?” She said, “Yea, that’s an interesting question…” Well in swoops “Bluff Girl” and I say, “Maybe ortho is means “bone”. I mean, teeth are a kind of bone…especially since they are connected to the jaw bone…” She was like, “No…teeth aren’t bones they’re enamel”. I couldn’t let her win, so I said, “Think about the root of a tooth and the marrow in a bone…” FINALLY, she quit going back and forth and looked it up on the PC in front of her. No, teeth aren’t bone…but, it was fun discovering whether it was or not. lol

**ortho is the Greek prefix for “straight or erect”. So of course “orthopedic” means to straighten feet (or to help one stand erect properly). An orthodontist is someone who helps to straighten your teeth.

I used to do it to my sister all of the time…straight face and all…and eventually, she too would just look it up. “Look it up…” that’s what my mother always said to me. She instilled a valuable tool of learning when she taught me that. Researching things for self, whether the source seems credible or not…is the way to be a free thinker. It gives you the ability to grow academically on a daily basis, because you’re always checking your facts. It improves your conversations and confidence to be social in any setting.

Oh…I do bluff sometimes, but even if they fall for it…I tell them the truth afterward. That usually causes them to question everything I say…but, I like that. No one should believe whatever’s given to them…especially in the day of the  “information highway”. Unlearn. Re-Learn. Teach.


**Definition found on

So I’M Crazy, Huh?

Yea, Okay…

I’ve learned a LOT in relationships. Not just how to be in one or leave one…but, I learned HUMAN observation. My “expertise” so to speak ranges from a man who was 22yrs my senior…to one 4yrs my junior. You want to know what? NEITHER was different than the other. Ole dude was no more mature than the young chicken tender. They BOTH were big babies when they got sick. They BOTH used the same tactics when we argued. They BOTH thought I was pretty but they hated to say it. (The FUCK?) They both were cool and calm as if the were unaffected by me…but, the moment I said I was done, they would all of a sudden remember how much they loved me…well, the old dude did.

Anyway…I’ve noticed a few key factors that took place in our relationship. Especially, when we disagreed or I found fault in something done…these factors would spring up like a psycho w/a knife. 


GEEZ LA-MUHFUCKIN-WEEZ. If I ask you a damn question…or I bring something to your attention, PLEASE do not come back with, “What do you mean?” or “What’s wrong with you? Why you acting crazy?” MAAAAAN, do NOT make me go get a plunger and plunge your mouth until that bullshit comes up and out. :::woosah::: (I’m working on the hostility I promise… but, this shit makes the underside of my boobies itch). What I hate about the “art of deflection” is that I know it’s done to 1) Confuse 2) Shut you down 3) Pluck my last damn nerve. If a man can make you feel like it’s YOU…then you’ll question the grounds on which you brought the issue to them. Once you do that, your argument loses it’s pace and you come to a screeching halt. A true “WhereTF am I going with this?” moment. NOTHING takes the wind out of your sails quicker than being made to feel a number of things ranging from, insecure (their favorite word), paranoid, clingy, childish, etc. The act of being labeled something that invalidates your feelings ALONE is enough to make the average woman run crying to her friends asking, “Am I crazy?”. No girl…he’s a punk.

A woman like me? I’m gonna get to the juice of the matter. Like when my other ex had a chick on his page and she called herself his “wifey”. When I asked, he claimed not to know her… after all this was his Myspace page…and who does Myspace anymore? So, I said (knowing that this was the test of if he REALLY knew her or not) “Delete her…I want her gone. Delete the comments and her.” Well, he went into how he wasn’t going to have all this drama on his page and how it made no sense to even keep the page since he was never there…and I said, “I don’t get it. All of that deleting crap…not necessary. Delete HER!!” …because “I” knew that if she meant nothing…it would MEAN nothing for him to get rid of her. I wouldn’t have even had to ask. The fact that she was causing a rift would’ve been cause enough to get her ass deleted into cyber oblivion. He deleted the comments…but not her…and surely not the page. We eventually broke up…and to this day I’m sure that chick is there. Deflection is mostly used as a form of defense when guilty. An innocent man needs no defense other than the truth. PERIOD.

Being in a relationship is surely a give and take exchange. It will not ALWAYS be equal, but there will be a sense of reciprocation that keeps you from feeling like you’re in a relationship alone. You shouldn’t feel like expressing your feelings is the end of your relationship. It certainly shouldn’t feel like in order to keep peace, you must keep your gripes to yourself for fear they’ll leave or coin you as some insecure whiner. Fuckouttahereyo….


This right HERE…is something that’ll make me look at you, get up and walk out. REALLY? I mean it’s cute if your man says playing, “I sure could use a massage…by my nurse” :wink wink: {{insert woman getting the picture and coming in with a very short “something” on to get things popping}} Anything else…is again…some punk ass shit.

For instance, my ex (the older one) used to say that “Everything is fine” when asked what was wrong…but then turn around and have an attitude or need coddling in some way. Men HATE when women do this…but, plenty of men do it to us. I wonder if they realize they’re doing it? Say what you mean, mean what you say. If you’re bothered…say so. If you’re annoyed, say so. What makes communication fail the fastest is pretending things are okay when they’re not. Using silence and short talk as a punisher to make your mate feel badly…which in turn (because women are naturally compassionate and nurturing) makes us want to tend to your ego. If that’s the point of it all…wow. You can cut out the bullshit and say, “I need you, right now…I’m going through something.” 

“You get more bees with honey than with vinegar…” ~old adage

I had a charge once…a 4yr old boy who was smart as a whip. He used to say things that would have me cracking up! One day I was eating an apple and he said, “That apple suuuure looks good…I bet it tastes good, too.” (Mind you…he’d eaten breakfast not too long before and this was MY breakfast). I mumbled, “Mmm hmm” and continued eating my Golden Delicious. Several minutes went by and he finally asked, “Aunt Kali, may I have an apple?” I replied, “Yes, baby…you sure can.”  On another day as we were watching Spongebob Squarepants…he says (while still facing the TV) “I KNOW my mom sent a snack for me…I wonder if it’s in there…” I said NOTHING. I giggled silently as I listened to this 4yr old child learn his way around passive aggressiveness at such a young age. He said it once more before turning to me and asking, “Aunt Kali, may I have my snack now?” Without missing a beat, I said, “You sure can, baby…and for future references…don’t beat around the bush. If you’re hungry tell Aunt Kali and I’ll get you something.” He never did it again.

Closed mouths don’t get fed. You can’t begin to get your needs fulfilled if you BS around the cause with moans, loud sighs, long faces and shrugs. SAY what it is…it’s the quickest route to discussing it and getting past it.

We’re SUPPOSED to be in relationships to enhance each other…be GOOD to one another. We’re supposed to listen to our mates and consider their feelings. It shouldn’t be a one-sided saga of, “I’m right and you’re crazy”. If a person doesn’t want to do these things…they might want to reconsider partnership all together.

…but, I’M the crazy one, huh?


It Aintcho Mack, Daddy…

I know it’s hard to conceive….but, when a woman stays in a relationship, or gives you her sex…it may NOT be your mack, daddy.

Us ladies are a lot smarter then some of us are given credit for. Sometimes, we just LOVE you. Women are the kind of creatures that are built for hope, compassion, tolerance and nurturing. When we fall in love…whether with our babies, our friendships, or our men…we pull for you like you’re Secretariat. When the world says, no way…this racehorse is a loser…we step it up big time and make sure you men know that we believe you can come from behind and be a winner. We hand feed you ego strokes and make sure your coat is brushed to a fine shine and then we pat you on the tail and say, “Go get em!”. *lmao*

Really…do you guys believe that the dick stroke or the mack laid down in “Baby, you’re the only one”…”Baby, I want  you to be my wife…”…”Baby, no one gets me but you…”…do you think that is ALL that keeps us endeared to you? Sometimes, it’s what you DON’T show. It’s what you try to hide…like your vulnerabilities that peek out from behind your stoic exterior from time to time. By all means do give us credit for having our own mind and heart.

There are times…where sex is concerned that we give it to you because WE want it. ::GASP!!:: I know right? No way, right? YES, man. We are sexual just like you are. That old myth/statistic that says men think of sex blah blah blah many times a day more than women SUCKS!! I blink and see penis…and this is a celibate woman talking! I also have friends who get it on a regular and they RAVISH their partners.

I’ve seen so many dudes allow their “conquer” to go to their heads…the big and the smaller one. Don’t. As many women that have walked off and rated a man’s sex as wack while faking moans of pleasure…there are many women…MANY who will ask a man, “What was that?”

I’ve been in a situation at least twice in my life where a man started out with the whole “let’s keep it about sex” and then when I treated them in the manner they requested, they felt some desire to conquer me swirl up from the depths of hell. The “I love you’s” come out. The weird behavior and game playing began…and I ended up asking, “Wait, were you NOT the one who wanted no strings attached sex?” I always get that look of, “You bitch!” or the reply of, “Wow, I thought we had something special…” 


It’s been said that women fall in love faster. I beg to differ. I believe we fall in love together…what I think gets misconstrued is our affection and willingness to say we miss you, or we thought of you…as love. Sometimes, we just want to get up on the comfort of a man. The feel of a man’s body against ours. The heat from a man’s hands in places that…wait, this is the Kaleidoscope…not Passion’s Fruit. LMAO {{shameless plug}}

Either way, just because we GIVE it to you…doesn’t always mean you talked us out of it. We have way more say in your “mack” than you know.

Nigga What?

Nigger…as defined by Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary:

usually offensive; see usage paragraph below : a black person
usually offensive; see usage paragraph below : a member of any dark-skinned race
: a member of a socially disadvantaged class of persons

Interesting…now, go to and skim over all of the info on the page given for the word “Nigger“.

Wow, right?

Now…in spite of what I showed you, I am NOT here to advocate the eradication of  the “N” word. I am ACTUALLY here to defends it’s use amongst the Black community. I understand that it is a word that has been associated with the oppression and discrimination of our people. I get that it’s used to slur us and demean our humanity…I do get it. I even understand the concept of negating it’s negativity by not using it…a sort of “picketing”…a protest. An oral petition, so to speak. I. Get. It. I attended a rare Black Studies class in HS and it turned my thinking around. I went from thinking in a Euro-Centric mindset, to thinking with an Afro-Centric POV, as my teacher put it. To see things from the positive aspect of a Black person living here in America as opposed to eating academically and socially what I was fed and being blind to what was blatantly in front of me. Yes, the word “nigger” was told to be negative and therefore should be used…never.

Yet, I feel that the word is significant enough to warrant a little researching. I believe that if the knowledge was spread amongst the community about the TRUE origin of this supposedly disgraceful word…that we could systematically empower our people to see themselves as the royalty we are.

BULLETIN: It does NOT matter how many of us erase it, it will still be used and referred to. This world is too corrupt for anything to change that. To ignore it is to become deluded into believing that this world will ever erase the lines of racial division long enough to truly respect each other. I had the dream, too…but reality is dictated daily.

My girl, Diva posted several statuses the other day and her purpose was to educate those willing to learn what she was teaching. I respect her immensely for taking the word out of her vocabulary and for reaching out to others to do the same. I overstand her objective, but it inspired me (being my naturally adversarial self) to question WHY we SHOULD remove this word from our vocabularies. It IS in the dictionary…but then so are a lot of words. I’ve been taught that words, nor things (and in some cases…people) aren’t bad or good. It’s the way we use them. It’s what we do with things…it’s how we behave as or treat people. Everything in moderation is a balanced civilization. White is no more a “good” or “perfect” word anymore than black is a bad or hateful word. You can say “white snow” and it infer pureness and then say, “white lie” and infer dishonesty. It is indeed how you use your words. We use “bitch”, “ass”, “cracker”, etc…and it can be a good or bad thing. We KNOW bitch is a female dog, ass is another word for donkey and cracker is a thin baked wafer used to snack on. We also know that bitch is used to degrade women, ass is used to describe someone of ill character and a cracker can be a slur for a White person. Are we removing these words from our vocabulary? Are they being voided completely?

I found a site called Race and History. There the original meaning of the word nigger is broken down to microscopic pieces. Click the link…I encourage you to take time out to read this page and give me some feedback about what you think. I read it and took lots of notes, but check what stood out to me:

The word nigger…is an English word derived from the Kemetic word n-g-r…which translates into “God”. It is very clear how the word looks like it sounds. The British heard the Kemetic (Egyptian) people calling one another this and adapted the word phonetically to describe darker people. I’m sure down the line, as battles for land and a people took place…the word became used in a negative way.

So, let me ask you this. If you educated yourself on what the word derives from…and even it’s derivative “nigga”…would you not agree that you are addressing people as “God”. 


This is where I come and reconfigure my OWN analysis of this usage. I don’t refer to another human as “God”…but, I would and could respect the term being used to acknowledge the God IN us…since we’re made in his image and such. This isn’t about the reverence of our brothers and sisters and a placement of veneration. It is about turning a negative connotation into a positive affirmation. Empowering (do you see the word “emperor” in that word?). It’s about instilling the king and queen back into our culture with understanding and education. Validating our past and it’s impact on the now without losing the sense of respect we look to gain amongst one another. People will always disagree on this…hell, Oprah and Jay-Z went head to head about it on her show once. Two different generations…looking for the solution to a people’s pain from a single word.


So, if we’re really addressing the God in one another…and even the most ignorant of ANY race is acknowledging this as well, even without intending to do so…why again should we erase the word? Would it not be a form of denying our heritage and power?

Tell me…what do you think?

It’s Nothing But The Blog In Me

I tell you…I can’t focus for SHIT! Just like the above picture of the Goddess Kali (my name) I’m never doing just one thing. If I am…I’m sleeping. LOL

The artist in me is so fickle. One day I’m blogging food, the next, poetry, then a myriad of topics…then I’m over on Passion’s Fruit writing up some sex. (my current fave) Who can I blame? Can I blame social media? I mean, it’s THEIR fault that I have a Facebook for family and friends, one for just the friends, two for games and another for *ahem*…stuff. LOL

Hmm, maybe I can blame Narcolepsy. Yea. Narcolepsy DOES make my short term memory unreliable and hurts my focus. (well, it does…shut it). I find my eyes glazing over when people’s conversation gets monotonous. :::zzzzzzzzz:::

Okay, maybe it’s just that I’m always thinking and that I’ve learned to be a multi-tasking phenomenon in order to facilitate my disorder’s function. If I’m doing more than one thing at a time…I can stay awake longer. So, I blog here, there, tweet, status, play games, play music and watch TV all at the same time. Of course…you can’t take in so much without being influenced and sparking OTHER creative processes…so, my mind is always clicking and moving.

I would make a resolution to just go ahead and get focused…but, I can’t focus long enough to figure out where to start.

Maybe, I shouldn’t mess with magic…you know? I can’t imagine doing just one thing at a time, or waiting for inspiration to appear. I just wish I had a better method for managing 4 blogs, 2 tumblrs and 5 Facebook accounts. Oy Vey!!

Anyway…I gotta go do stuff. lol

Feliz Compleanos ~ 2011

For whatever reason…this year’s birthday meant so much more to me than my birthday usually does. I couldn’t put my finger on why it was I was “little girl antsy” about my upcoming day. From Thanksgiving on, I saw my birthday roll in on rapid waves of anticipation. Christmas came and went, with New Year’s Day coming right behind it. As usual…on New Year’s Day…I start counting.

My New Year’s Eve and Day was unceremonious and very lonely. I was missing my grandmother…something horrible. I was coming into a resolve (that I’m still working on) about how 2010 manhandled my emotions. Maybe, when I was sitting in my room on New Year’s Eve…drinking Chardonnay and feeling some kinda way…I was mourning 2010. Forever and ALWAYS, me and 2010 will have beef. It’s just one of those years that came in and started immediately pushing me around. Testing my patience…my convictions…but, the truth is…

I knew it…

In early 2010, I “predicted” with a comment on someone’s FB page…just what my year would be. There was a question about how do you say no to people, yadda yadda and my response was this (recalled loosely): “I am learning that you can’t do everything for others while doing nothing for yourself. I feel a change in my spirit. I see a journey on the horizon and I can tell it’s going to be a lonely trip. Those who love me will either, come along…be here when I return…or fall by the wayside…”

Many fell by the wayside. The fucked up part is that most left of their own free will. I didn’t send people packing. The moment I began changing and polishing my spirit…the crowd divided and faded into the night.

So, yea…when this year came around, I needed something to feel good about. I needed a reason to celebrate my 38th year. I’m all about mastering the road I began traveling…and having this birthday began a whole new year for me…not the 1st.

My weekend was stellar. My girl, Joy came through on Saturday. We went to see “Black Swan” starring Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis. I loved it. It’s that psycho-suspense thriller that had artistic depth. Joy says it weirded the shit out of her (snickering) LOL. We then went and shopped a little, made a pit-stop into the liquor store, picked up some Moscato and made a final stop to Mickey D’s. We grabbed the grub, a taxi and once home, commenced to eating, drinking, laughing and being e-bad. hehehe. She was my gift as well as what she’d treated me to…and the next day, I made her breakfast: Salmon croquettes, scrambled eggs w/cheese (which she loved even though she doesn’t like eggs) and home fries. She definitely help kick off the kween’s birthday week.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

When I got to work today, my co-worker had left on my desk a Happy Birthday note with a toasted blueberry muffin. It was SO good. I had to eat it with a fork and I treated it like it was birthday cake! I usually go to work with a ponytail and no makeup, but today I wore my hair down and had light eye shadow and lipstick. I received many compliments and lots of “Wow, you look good for 38” 😉

I came home, relaxed a little and then went out with mom to run a quick errand. When I came home, I had two gifts waiting for me. My friend got me a set of my fave bake ware and a huge bottle of Cinnamon Buns body wash from Philosophy! OMG…this shit smells like it came fresh out the oven. LOL. I’m going to get attacked by confused and hungry animals…and quite possibly (and hopefully) a nice man. lol

Thank you, God for the mercy. The beneficence. The grace. The love. The opportunity to live, learn, grow and begin again. Thank you, Mommy for having me on this day. Thank you to my friends and family who continue to love me and show me what love is made of.

Feliz Compleanos, to me 🙂

Wash and Wear


Today I got my hair done at a salon. This is big for me. I normally do my own hair. Whether it’s relaxing, washing, etc. I’ve been relaxer-free for 10mos and today was the first time I’ve taken a pic of my hair in it’s wet state.

I THOUGHT the lady who was going to do my hair was Dominican, but she turned out to be Ecuadorian. ::pause::

I walked in, asked for the wash and set and then unfurled my ponytail, loosed my hair and sat down. She says after a few minutes into my wash, “I thought your hair was short…”. Not understanding her completely (a small language barrier) I asked, “What do you mean? …because my hair was up when I came in?” …she says, “…well, yes…but, most of the people…you know who are color[ed] have short hair…” I giggled a little and decided to hush…hoping that my silence would hush her too…it did.


When she said what she said, I asked where she was from because I know that most Dominican people KNOW the range of textures that us Black girls have…hell, their hair can be as thick and kinky as ours. When she said she was from Ecuador…I figured that she most likely only kicks it with her own folks. Another thought that came to mind was that she’s the slow cousin they only let out to do hair. Either way…she did the damn thing. *shrugging*

I wanted my hair straight for my birthday weekend (Monday is my day)…but, I’m also confident that I can rock the hair ^^^^up there. What you see there is me 10 months since my last relaxer. Not bad. Once it’s all cut out and natural root-to-tip…I will be free. 🙂

The finished product…

Girl, BOOM!

That’s what my girl Joy says all the time. It’s like…girl, please. Whatever. NEXT! 

I think I watch Basketball Wives as a manual on what kinda chicks NOT to kick it with. Perhaps I need Baby Hay Zeus with these dang reality shows…lol Anyway…I wrote a blog about Peppermint Patty & Marcie’s friendship and referenced the chick Evelyn. That chick grates my last nerve. I’m writing this blog here to talk about the relationships we have with our girls and the boundaries we sometimes DON’T create when disclosing our lives to them.

Eric Williams aka Knots Landing (lmao) is (was?) married to Jennifer, one of the wives…well, actually…the ONLY wife. Shaunie is divorced, Evelyn never made it down the aisle, Royce is a girlfriend as is Gloria…and Suzie is dating. Well, Jennifer had been hanging onto her marriage with Eric, even though he’d been unfaithful. What “I’ve” seen of her discussions with her husband, Jennifer seems to be the only one really hanging on. Eric always seemed indifferent to me…like he couldn’t care less if she forgave him and wanted to remain married. I coulda popped his knot…then again…

Look at what’s been going on…

Jennifer’s crew has advised her on more than one occasion to cheat on Eric…to level the playing field. Last time I looked…marriage wasn’t to be played with. S/N: Ladies…no matter WHAT your man does in the relationship…if you do the same you’re gonna be looked at funny style. Women are always going to be held to a higher standard…just because we’re the womb.

I learned a lot in my last “relationship”…and some of those things had a LOT to do with how I communicate my pain to my friends. Our friends are our chosen family…which makes them more dangerous than real family. Why? Well, because when someone has a CHOICE in loving you…the investment can be borderline obsessive. What our friends feel, we feel as well. When they hurt, we hurt. We want to beat a fool down with their own broken arm, just to protect our best friends. True friends go hard for their friends…especially women…because we CAN be emotional. So, when our girls cry in our ears, wet up our shoulders and scream bloody murder…we wanna know, “Where dey at? WHO did it?”. Earrings come off, Vaseline gets passed around and shoes get kicked off. Period. Yet, there is a time when you have to respectfully bow out and allow a woman to handle her business. As much as I’d like to go to bat for my girls…I can only support what SHE is willing to do. However, I would never suggest to a friend that the answer to an already complicated and stressful situation is to sleep with someone other than their mate. ESPECIALLY with a TV audience, where it’s taped and the husband can see that shit in repeats.  How are you looking out for your friend’s best interest if your advice is foolish, careless and selfish? Yes, I believe it’s selfish to suggest some shit like that when you know it’s not how your friend gets down. Do you want her to be alone? Single like you? Are you that selfish to say such things because you couldn’t care less about advocating the reconciliation?

Misery, loves, entertains and invites company back…constantly.

Ladies, there’s nothing wrong with loving your girls and confiding in them…but if your girl can’t keep her mouth shut around your dude…quit telling her shit. If she’ll suggest things that go against what you desire with your mate…set her straight on the boundaries and make sure she respects YOUR decisions for your relationship. A true friend will NOT advise you to do what isn’t in your character to do. I always ask my friends, “What do YOU want to do?” If they don’t know what to do, I give them both sides of the coin and options for each…if that inspires them to come to their own conclusion…even better.

No man wants to feel like he’s gotta compete with your friends…and your friends will know she doesn’t have to compete with your man. I miss my friends like crazy when they’re involved…but, I try and put on my big girl pannies and pacify myself with other things. One day, I’ll have a mate and I’ll appreciate my girls giving me the space to be in love.

Any chick who is all about fighting your fights, talking FOR you, doing sneak sabotages with you and your man…all in the name of “friendship”…GIRL, BOOM!


I’m going natural…again.

I was natural for 7yrs of my 20’s and after my hair became so much and too much to handle…I crossed back over to the “creamy crack”. 

So, here I am about to turn 38 in 9 days and I am going back to the wavy/kinky/mangled mane that is mine…naturally.

There’s no pressure from anyone, anything or any particular trend or fashion…just the reality that I am tired of burning my scalp…especially when I only do it once or twice a year anyway. No need to half-ass it…might as well go balls to the wall. 

I’ve been investigating products to use…and I’ve come up with something less expensive than what’s on the market…my KITCHEN (no pun intended).

Instead of this frou frou, chi chi bullcrap being sold online and in stores…I’m gonna go ahead and use Pantene or Motions, like I am used to…and then condition bi-monthly with olive oil and/or mayo. In between washes is where I may spend a little cash. I saw a holding wax by Beautiful Curls and decided that between them and another one called Curls…I’d pay the $10-$12 every month or two for the daily maintenance. I just don’t think it has to be that hard. Find ways to improvise. Check labels and see what the ingredients are and duplicate that at home for pennies less. MY kinda shit. lol I also plan to (from time to time) visit my Dominican chica, Jovita and let her lay my hair down 😉

I’ll try and chronicle my crawl back to natural tresses…no picture as of yet…but, I’m sure once I’m entrenched in my transformation, I’ll be more than happy to share my hair’s ack right and cain’t get right with you all.

Peace and Pomade~Kween