Oscar da Kween

Actually, Oscar’s girl’s name is Grungetta. LOL. I am kinda her (without the unibrow). I’ve been SO cranky and moody lately. NO…I’m not on nor am I expecting or over a period. Women ARE allowed to have moods that have shit to do with their womanly hormones. (see how snappy I am?)

I think I’m just going through a time where my patience wick is so very short and so easily sparked. The slightest infraction can send me into O_O mode. I’ve given at least three to four people that look today at work. I WANTED to say STFU…but that is highly inappropriate. To say that I was racing against time to get home is an understatement.

I remember being the kind of adolescent and young woman who adored physical company. I still do…except for lately, I adore it sporadically and briefly. Take my Joy. I love visiting my girl. I told her today that after being there for a bit…I’m ready for my own bed and space. The moment I get home? I miss my friend and want to return. I wonder if it’s a programmed sense of understanding that the weekend ends and that Sunday is dedicated to rest and preparation for the coming week. I guess it’s easier to just prep your mind for home rather than put off what has to be done.

I just feel irritable. My tolerance is getting lower and lower for people who don’t know how to be up front. I can’t deal with adults who play emotional games. I also hate when I say someone is cool and they prove me wrong…not to ME, but to whom I said they were cool to. I gotta learn to quit vouching for fools. I am also a woman who respects boundaries. I hate when people enter into my space, whether spiritual or physical and don’t regard the lines I’ve drawn. Back off man! I guess it comes down to the fact that I need some alone time. I put myself in time outs when I get like this. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings…and I don’t want to get mine hurt either. Oh, yea…you thought when you snap and become curt with people that folks just let you? Some, yes…but most know how to fight back. ¬†Especially, if I love them…all I want to do is maintain the friendship and take my little mini-siesta. Some people take that personally and think it’s about them…others know that I’ll return to my loving self. I’m so grateful I have the kind of crew that is more like the latter.

I’m sure it’s just a “moment” and that I’ll be okay soon. It’s nothing deep. When you’re as receptive to people and their stuff as I can be…it’s only natural that I get overloaded and need to download and decompress.

Well, let me go back into my can. I’ll morph back into Kween ANY moment now.¬†

*slamming lid*