29~ Dear Forever…

Write a Love letter to your soul mate (whether you feel you’ve met them or not)

This challenge is coming to a close. A lot of my challengers are going to take a huge sigh of relief. I got spoken of a LOT in this challenge by my girls…my name became a cuss word! “That Kali!” or “That Kiwi!” LOL

I’m “cheating”…because I wrote this a while ago and then edited it for publishing on my Words on Wings site. I still want some of the same things…and though I’m sure there are some other things I could add…I’m going to save that for the future “him” to fill in.

sweetest love,

i think of you all the time. when i see lovers, i see us. when i see babies…i see ours. i think of the man who won’t ever need prompting to love me. the man who will never need to be reminded that i am his and he, mine. we will love, laugh, live, teach, learn, cry, sleep, dream, be…in tandem. no “mine” or “yours” just OUR…us…we…mr. and mrs. wonderful 😉

i know that you will understand my most sensitive needs…and never make me feel criminal for being so. i know you will remember all of the things i tell you…and present them to me in surprises. i know you will feel my heart beating…even when we’re in separate spaces. i know you will sense my despair…and throw on your lover’s cape, swoop in…and love me back to my glory. you’ll never see my weaknesses as weaknesses…just moments where a little more lovin’ is required. you’ll know, like i know…that there is never a moment when we no longer need to “prove” our love to each other…because the desire to show love will be a joy. you will know me…like no other.

for all that you are to me…i will be to you what shine is to sun. you will have a rib AND a spine in me. your dreams will be as important to me as they are to you…because i’ll know that when YOU’RE happy…so am i. you will know that, even though i CAN assemble a piece of furniture…i’ll let you get bragging rights *lol*. i will give you all of me…knowing that you’ll relish in the ownership. i’ll be letting all within sniffing range know…who daddy is. in turn…i will never have to be concerned about others…for my name is written in flames of love afire…right across your being. a picture of you and i will be a prized possession of yours. just as well…the love planted deeply inside of me will be as obvious as 9 months of pregnancy.

give me you and i’ll give you me…i want the good, bad, ugly, indifferent, the shit and the blossoms. i want to be your BEST friend. don’t hide from me. lay naked for me, trusting me with your vulnerability. we’ll be enough for each other…needing no one else to confide in or lean on. let’s be a force. a power of love unparalleled. let’s be…the couple lovers love and haters hate. let’s be the ones that bring love back…fuck sexy (even though we’ll make that over, too)

um, i snore…i can be a tad OCD. i like cuddling, but i need my space. i love the food network (let’s get 2 tv’s), i want a cat named Wasabi (don’t forget to bring home the allergy meds). i’m not “scared” of spiders…but they unnerve me. i AM scared of snakes (not yours, lol). i’m silly as FUCK…but, you’ll love it. i’m a word whore…so be prepared to play scrabble…and get pummeled. hehe. i need sheets over me…even in the hot ass summer…so no blanket hogging. i like to kiss your chin, so don’t deny me…i AM gonna eat your neck. i will enjoy just you sitting between my legs as i “sky write” across your back.

i want to go places, experience things, places…life…with you. show me what i’ve never seen…teach me what i didn’t know i needed to know. teach me you…let’s love, baby. always…

love, the pet name only you call me 🙂

Looking at Love

You ever met someone who went through or was going through a break up and looked at all the couples in love with red hot daggers? Damning and cursing all things sentimental and valentine? I want to be that person so badly…but, I can’t. No matter how many times I get hurt or feel pain, it always does my heart good to see a loving couple.
I search for them on TV shows, commercials, the stores, etc. I love when a man’s eyes light up at the sight of his honey’s smile…or when she laughs, he laughs by default and suggestion. I bubble up with the possibility of soul mates existing, when I see a woman stroke her man’s face…and he leans into her hand like it’s the most precious place to lay his head.
The consummate romantic I am…no matter how beaten by weathering heartbreaks or for having missed love’s arrow…I still look for the private looks in public. The knowing winks and silent laughs no one understands but them. I look for finished sentences, long embraces and that moment when…
he cups her chin
leans in for the peck
her toes tip
and her neck does stretch
their lips touch
with reciprocal love
of tender tongues
and slightly made hums
*did you hear it?*
I forever hold out hope that the one for me is this intensely affectionate being aware of just when I need his hugs. Not someone to crowd me with overkill…but, the one who will be able to read my expressions and body language and answer with his love. I crave the one who will cherish me so, that he’ll think of himself and I in tandem. In his eyes, there is no more “him” or “me”…just US and WE. He’d know that we could be good on our own, way better together…something ELSE when we’re silly and BAD in a good way.
I love when I hear those stories…the ones that no one thinks exist because they have become cynics in the face of pain. You know…the ones where, time, distance, circumstance and fears were conquered with proverbial swords to cut down unseen jungles of obstacles and trials. The ones that involve epic reunions that took decades to manifest. How about those jewels…the teens who have been each other’s one and only and are still together after the HS doors closed. {I know a few}. Yeaaa…*sigh* the blessings of love and it’s triumphant ways. The way your intended life’s love refused to be denied you. Or how, you went through the worst of times…even becoming estranged…all to figure out that your life JUST didn’t work without them.
If you ever have a chance, to grab hold of the one whose laughs make you laugh…whose touch warms the core of you…whose eyes reflect forever in your heart…hold on. Remember the brevity of life…how sudden it comes and goes with no apologies to unfinished business or unrequited love. Remember Billy Dee telling Diana, “Success is NOTHING…if you don’t have someone to share it with…”. Remember the couple in “The Notebook”…who were separated by class and life…reunited and married…had babies. How even when she suffered from dementia…he helped her remember them through storytelling, even when she forgot who HE was. And how they died together…
“Be sweet to love, stroke it with meaning and cradle it in truth. Wrap it in understanding and put it to bed on feathers. Dream it…and then awake to it. Tell it you love it…be sweet to love. ” ~Kween Kiwi 2009
Remember that…Don’t just look at it…go get it and live it.
Love, da Kween

An Ode to Soul Mates

I wrote this for a friend of mine, who was trying to articulate how she felt about soul mates…I offered to help…

for my friend: an ode to soul mates

ever seen a movie
where eyes meet
hands shake
and in a whirl
a lifetime is exchanged
a flashed reel of
and then a shared soul smile
…souls meeting
and mating
without words
soul mates…
your love ebbs
making his spirit flow
his eyes twinkle
with your reflection
he is the image
of your affection
not just finished sentences
chemical reactions
romantic light
and shared showers
but finished goals
spiritual interaction
inspirational light
shared silences in the midday hour
where you are light…he’s your anchor
where you lean right…she’s to the left
balance of power
give and take
not take take take
or give give give
not equal
but what each needs
to feed the love within
getting you deep
seeing what resides
in the abyss
not enamored with the idea
but in awe of the entity
that is you
loving you in spite of
because of
instead of…
with a soul’s mate
it never feels forced
its a swirl of emotions
a mental concoction
soulful melodies
not perfection
but something like it
a take it as you see it
love it or leave it
cant seem to beat it
there when you need it
too hungry to feed it
kinda love