Alabama or Bust

Well, I went on my trip to Alabama. I left NY’s Westchester Airport in White Plains around 6:30pm on June 20th, and made it to Alabama by 10:30 that night. Dionne’s Birthday Weekend was officially in progress.

Getting off the escalators after deplaning and seeing Mama and Dionne standing there was so cool. All those weeks of talking about it, planning and waiting…were no more. We were together finally.

Our weekend was too short. I felt like I could’ve stayed. Saturday we went to the cemetery to see Dionne’s sister. Before we got there…a car swerved out of control after it’s tire blew. It was a couple of cars in front of us, and had anyone hit it…we’d probably be laid up in a hospital or dead right now. Dionne was seriously shaken up, but we made it to the cemetery to do what we came for. We then went to eat at the China Buffet where Mama ended up in the corna twice, Dionne and I…once. LOL We’re too much. We then went to Birmingham’s Botanical Garden where we witnessed a wedding in progress. The bride’s gown was GORGEOUS! But, HELL if it wasn’t the quickest wedding we ever saw. LOL We took pics and then left to go back to the house.

The next day…we got up and went to a place called Scrubbs BBQ where Dionne’s dad had paid for some food to be picked up. We drove out there, where the place is basically a “house or shack” behind someone’s home, set up like a drive-thru. We took the food home and then went to a mall area called “Bridge Street” where Dionne had her ring fixed and we sat outside while Mama danced to a one man band’s strummings. Mama, Kasey and I put our feet in the fountain and then we left. I napped a little before getting up, eating and joining the family in a water gun fight. Dionne’s girls (Kasey,11 and Kennedy,5) were on Mama’s team…while Dionne’s son, Jordon, 13 was on the team with Dionne, her fiance’ Teddy, and me. We ALL got soaked head to toe. We ran around that yard spraying each other like we were crazy. The kids laughed with their Me Mah (their name for Mama) and were so happy.

Dionne opened her gift that Mama bought…a wireless keyboard and mouse. She received a Louis Vuitton purse the week before from our sister, Netty! (Which she rarely put down) Her “stepdaddy” bought her an amethyst ring…and I was just one big ole gift. LOL

Dionne taught me to drive that night. Yep, she knew that I had never learned because of my Narcolepsy, so she put me in the front seat and let me drive around her huge backyard, to the end of the driveway, backing into the yard again and parking the car finally. It was amazing. All I kept saying was, “I WANNA GO FAST!” LOL

Taking Mama to the airport the next morning was agony. We all cried like babies. Mama wouldn’t even let us stay…she shooed us off. Even after finding out that her flight was delayed for 2hrs, she wouldn’t let us turn around and sit with her. Dionne, the kids and I, were all sad, especially because we knew that it was my turn next.

I didn’t want to come home…but, I am sure that I will make a return trip to Alabama. Hopefully Mama and Dionne will be making a trip to the North come fall. Either way, I feel blessed to have them as family. I truly enjoyed myself. I have a home there.


I don’t know WHAT the hell is going on, but it seems that my online situation has gone haywire! I cant sign into…keeps saying that they’re doing maintenance and upgrades, which they’ve been doing for a day and half almost. Then for some reason my computer was running extremely slow…which I figured out that its FIREFOX…the damn browser I chose over IE is the reason why things are going in slow motion. So, I closed out of that and am now using Internet Explorer which sucks, but happens to be sucking less off the pipe than Firefox right now. LOL

I want to write SO badly. I need to finish my series “1st Love, 2nd Chance…3 Hearts” which made it all the way to part 4, only for me to lose my muse. A lot of people were pushing for me to finish…but, I’m sure they’ve lost interest now. I know I have…lol.

I’ve also got 2 people on my mind, who are kinda worrying me. They’re both dealing with loss. One from long ago…the other from this past week. Either way, they’re hurting and I haven’t been able to contact either. *sigh* I hate it that they’re hurting and I cant help. So, all I could do was step back and wait for them to reach back out…well, that will only fly for another day or I’m calling ANY damn way! (sorry guys…cant let you alone TOO long).

The weather is finally heating up…but um…damn. Could we have SEGUED into summer? Don’t go from low 60’s to high 90’s…dang. LOL (Thank God for AC)

Other than that, I’m just kicking it. Relaxing a little and trying to get my mental and financial together for my upcoming trip south.

Happy Sunday!

A Stellar Day

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I would’ve blogged it as soon as I got home, but I had to catch up with a few friends…so, by the time I was through I was too tuckered out to really blog. The day started off with a hilarious edition of the Mr. Chap Morning Show. Totally last minute for me, I got a KICK out of this show. Non-stop laughter. A few technical difficulties (including one where ya girl got a lil loud on a personal phone call during break) LOL…but, nonetheless a sweet show.

From there, I ended up talking to my mom. Now, if anyone has been paying great attention they know I’ve spoken of my mom who is an ordained minister. She has been allowing me to blog a couple of her messages/sermons, which have gone over really well with several online friends of mine. The Mama has even told me of how she was positively affected by my mother’s sermons…which led me and mom to a discussion that spanned almost 2hrs. (when I should’ve been readying for my day out, lol) I told my mother of Mama’s message to her, saying that she’s encouraging people who she has no clue about. My mother was appreciative. Really happy to know her words weren’t in vain. Then mom and I began discussing a biblical movie on TBN which was about Moses and his being called to free God’s people. I told my mother of what I learned and how I took a lot of the meanings of the story…applying it to life now. As she was listening, my mom (who I haven’t always had the best relationship with) says that I am an inspiration and would like for me to speak at her church, reading one of my inspirational blogs! **GASP** Be still my heart. To have my mother say such a thing about me was earth-shattering. We’ve had our tug-of-war about my singing and NOT singing…so to have her speak highly of me in my presence AND offer such a privilege as to speak at her church did my heart good. I agreed, IN SPITE of the reality that I have a phobia for public speaking. I didn’t even hesitate y’all. LOL That was sooo unlike me. I normally would’ve hemmed and hawed about it and made excuses, but not this time. I was honored and cant wait to do it.

Then, my girl, Jin came to visit me. Jin and I hadn’t seen each other since December 2007 when we saw a Christmas movie she wanted to see. So, she came up and we saw Sex and the City…which we both loved. I hadn’t seen the last 2 seasons of the series, but it didn’t take much to get back into the swing of things. Afterwards, we headed to Wal-Mart/Wally World where we did a little shopping. We laughed and talked and shopped and browsed. It’s always good to have the kind of friends that no matter how long its been since you last saw one another, things are still the same. A true confidante.I had a stellar day.

I started the day laughing…got a boost of confidence from the one person I love the most in this world…and ended it with a great feeling. I have good days, so I’m no stranger to them…this just happened to be one of the better ones.


**I’d like to give my condolences to the Mama, who’s brother-in-law passed on. My prayers go out to you and the family Mama…I love you**