The Anatomy of a Petty Bitch



–adjective, -ti·er, -ti·est.


of little or no importance or consequence: petty grievances.

of lesser or secondary importance, merit, etc.; minor: petty considerations.

having or showing narrow ideas, interests, etc.: petty minds.

mean or ungenerous in small or trifling things: a petty person.

showing or caused by meanness of spirit: a petty revenge.

of secondary rank, esp. in relation to others of the sameclass or kind: petty states; a petty tyrant.

Yep. Kween is on that shit today. That’s what happens when my fam gets fucked with. I go in. I normally pipe down and stay the quiet supportive sister, but I feel that maybe a PSA is in order. My sis Maria loves those things and I do, too. I need to submit this one to the Ad Council.

The Anatomy of a Petty Bitch:

Well, before I say something…know that this is entirely figurative and not literal. There is no physical look specifically that will help you point out one of these people. This can be a male or a female. It can be someone of high status or someone of meager means. Pettiness doesn’t discriminate.

The Head:

BIG…and nothing inside. Usually, this is that person you’ve heard of before and didn’t think you’d ever meet. This person’s head is big from self-pumping. They’ll come off confident, believing in themselves (which is really believing their own hype). They’ll swear they’re not insecure, jealous or malicious…but they’re the exact opposite. They have small minds…and in order to perpetuate their cocky ways, they will make up the space with lies, malice and drama. They’re everyone’s BEST friend…until you don’t do what they like. Then you have a vengeful bitch on your hands who will make your life miserable in the most petty and catty ways possible.

The Heart:

Well, I won’t say “said bitch” has no heart. I will say that they have their heart protected by all of the shit in their heads. They have been hurt, rejected, abused, used, disrespected and left to feel alone. They don’t trust their own judgment anymore…so they don’t trust anyone at all. Chances are…they love knowing EVERYTHING about everyone…promising trust and confidence unbroken…but that’s a con[fidence] game if ever. There’s a perverse pride that is relished in, from being able to suck people in and make them feel secure…knowing that they secretly despise them and are intimidated by them…even sometimes coveting their lives.

The Loins:

I won’t say they’re ALL whores…but, most people with the head and heart of the above…can be loose with the loins. People who crave outside validation and attention/affection…will fuck whomever with the hope of getting that momentary fix of “love” without the fear of rejection that could follow if they were to allow themselves attachment. It’s safe to say when you’ve got self-respect…you respect your body. If you don’t respect yourself or others…why would you value your physical temple?

The Feet:

They have NO under-standing. No true under-standing of what it takes to move on in life and live fully with peace of mind and spirit. Read The UN-blog to get what I’m talking about.

Their feet are huge. Not physically…figuratively. They’ve used their feet to plod over people’s lives and hearts. They’ve walked over people like bullies stomping through playgrounds. Demanding respect when they don’t even know what it is. Respect means essentially, “to look again”. To give someone a second look. Usually our first glance is fleeting and can sometimes be a rush to judgment. When you take the time to “look again” it means you regarded that person enough to rethink your own ideas and consider who they are past the view. Folks who don’t respect…will stomp and grind on you. No second glances…no second thoughts.