CHALLENGE!! 30 Day Word Association

Welcome to the Challenge!!! Thanks to Mahogany Dymond you guys have been gifted with ANOTHER challenge! (Thank or blame HER!!) LOL

This blog will be kind of different. Not like the others, this isn’t just a writing challenge, but a creativity challenge. You can invite who you like to join in…just remember to encourage your buddy to follow the rest of the challenge takers and like The Kween’s Kaleidoscope on Facebook so you can keep up with everyone else’s blogs!

This is also the month where NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) takes place…so we can participate in our own way. (I’m posting a day early so we all can prepare and invite who we like)


Use each word (in any part of speech) and create a fictional paragraph. It can be any style, any topic…as long as it’s original. 

We’re keeping this challenge down to one paragraph for a few reasons:

  1. – It’s brief. If we have 10 or more blogs, it can be almost impossible to read several scrolls of words every day…making it hard for us to keep up with one another’s daily offerings.
  2. – It sparks creativity. If you if you have only a paragraph of 100 words or less…it makes you come to your point quicker, allowing you to use better forms of expression.
  3. – It encourages each blogger to participate. If we all know there’s not a lot to write (yet still feeds our creative muses) then people may be more apt to blog. Not everyone can write extensively off the top of their heads…so this caters to both kinds of writers.

1- Castle
2- Water
3- Rock
4- Stand 
5- One
6- Song
7- Sword
8- Bridge
9- Voice
10- Book
11- Ring
12- Baby
13- Television
14- Room
15-  Path
16- Hole
17- Clouds
18- Huge
19- Lies
20- Friend
21- Fruit
22- Afraid
23- Bed
24- Fire
25- Beach
26- Cold
27- Radio
28- Shoes
29- Car
30- Simple
Free Day- Use the first word off the top of your head and write your paragraph


Greetings boos!

I come bearing the gift of inspiration…Lord knows “I” need it. I’ve been immersed in the graphics and designing aspect of my craft, leaving little room for my Literary Muse to perch anywhere near me. She’s seething about it, too. lol

See, what had happened was…my girl Mahogany Dymond (my Tracy) asked me to get another challenge together. Something using words. Cool, I GOTCHU Mah!! I GOTCHU!!

The “30 Days of Word Association Challenge” will commence on the first of October. (The same month as National Blog Post a Month Challenge; which I’m simply giving a more FOCUSED name to).

We’ve held several challenges around here, for those not familiar:

(Beware on that last one…you might not be ready for that kinda truth from me and my girls. lol)

Either way, we pride ourselves on trying to do something different using writing as a vehicle. This time the challenge is centered around word association. I will post the rules on the first of October so that we can get it started. THIS IS A WARNING SHOT! This is basically a call to duty! lol

This gives participants a chance to mentally prepare for the upcoming challenge and also time to invite other bloggers along for the ride. We’re a community, so we do our best to SUPPORT each other’s daily efforts. We’re each other’s checks and balances. If you think for ONE moment you can’t do it for lack of time, energy or interest…don’t even bother. YET, if you need a fire under your ass to exercise your writing chops…we’re your crew! 😉

In the meantime…check out the other challenges and see what we’re made of. “Dem Challenge Takers” are on the side of the blog entries on this page. ENJOY!!

See you in October!!! 😀

Let’s Celebrate!!!

This walk through 30 days finding 30 ways to say, “hey”…has been akin to cracking knuckles and doing stretches before the big run. I feel like I’ve been testing my pipes, through a pen…well a type…and part way through I got hype off my own flow.

I’ve posted ME…my heart, my mind, my soul. The days I experienced mental fog and wanted to say fuck a blog…but did it anyway. I’ve pondered on life and lamented not being a wife…or a mom. I’ve praised the bond of girls, questioned the ways of the world…welcomed you into my mental swirls and remained Kween as it all unfurled.

~ok, now that I’ve finished waxing poetic~ lol

Thank you, Capn Kiss-n-Boots…for challenging my pen’s swagger. She brought the Nablopomo Challenge to my door and I accepted. Throughout this challenge I’ve learned a lot about my own repressions…the things that I don’t say to be kind or “disciplined”. Speaking whatever falls frontward to my mind has really been a breath of fresh air. And to think…this REALLY is a “self-imposed” challenge. At anytime I could’ve fallen off and decided I was done with it. No one was monitoring me or mandating this commitment. So, as much as it was a vehicle for expression and consistency…it was also one of will and determination.

Thank you, Butterfly Effect…for taking this ride with me. I know you didn’t finish it, but I also know why. You had a lot of things pile upon your plate recently and I wouldn’t have expected you to blog in the middle of “it all”…nonetheless…we encouraged one another throughout the majority of this month and were each other’s reminder at times to blog.

To think of it…I needed this push. Due to this challenge, I’ve been “forced” to write even when I didn’t feel like it. Stretching my literary prowess has enabled me to be that much closer to the end of my novel. Being in the position of needing to write and not having anything to write about is frustrating, but this challenge allowed me that luxury of finding my muse asleep, shaking her awake and keeping the ideas coming even in the middle of artistic exhaustion.

Kissy Poo, asked me if I’d do it again. I say, “yes”. I loved coming up with things to talk on…and because of what I learned and gained from it…I know that as an artist/writer…it’s imperative to have the skill to write on spec.

Know that I WILL be taking a short vacation from this blog. Just give me a couple of days…lol. I need a break from it, just to rest my overactive mind. Again…thanks for the support to those who have been loyal readers. Your feedback kept me coming back. Take that as a piece of advice. If you comment on the works of those whose blogs you read…it gives them encouragement to write more. With that…be blessed all.

3 Days and Counting…

A blogger *that is me* is TIDE! I’ve just been so mentally exhausted for the past 2 weeks that it has been a wonder I have been able to blog daily to fulfill my challenge. 30 posts in 30 days…shit. I knew when I signed up for it I was in trouble, but LAWD if it’s not hard for a notoriously sporadic blogger to keep it popping every single day. I know someone who does this everyday and I just cant figure out how he does it. As soon as something of interest pops up in the news or around him…it is a blog in 0 seconds flat.
Of late, between some things I gotta get straight on the personal front, the hoopla of day to day life and some added drama from some not-so-leading characters…this month has been sprinkled with a lot of energy-consuming rigmarole that has tired me to a fault.
Anyway, I want to keep my promise and dig deep for the things that mean something to me…and because there are SO many, may explain the reason why I’m having a hard time getting food for thought. When there’s too much swimming around….it’s hard to grab hold to that one slippery point.
I guess, in a way…this challenge has helped me break through and become less calculated and controlling with what I choose to blog…and instead post thoughts as they randomly skip out of my mind. I just hope that in doing so, I’ve allowed a glimpse of me to be accessible to those who have been wanting to see a more personal look into da Kween’s life and personality.

I wonder if I’ll remain a blogging machine come December 1st. lol

Blogging til it HURTS!

“Okey dokey smokey…” that’s the start of one of the BIGGEST tags I’ve ever been involved in. One of my fave bloggers whom I recently began following :::the.kisser:::, has challenged me to blog EVERY day for a month in honor of National Blog Posting Month. As I have been trying to light a fire under my muse…this might turn out to be a hefty, but worth while challenge to oblige.

She’s chosen a theme…but, because I know I may have a touch of ADHD…I think I’m gonna go random. Blogging whatever comes to mind and heart. I’m such an absent-minded professor, that to show my dedication, I’m going to put a recurring alarm in my phone to keep me abreast of my bloggerbilities (blogger responsibilities) LOL.

*inhaling…exhaling* Here goes nothing…

I think my girl Butterfly Effect would like to put it down for the month as well!