Yep, I’m talking to you. You know who you are. You’re the person who is EVERYONE’S friend…but no one’s at all. You’re the person who agrees with every statement, has no opinion, but somehow knows it ALL. Yea…YOU…the beady-eyed one who refuses to look ANY one in the eye because well…the windows to your soul are dirty from plodding full-force into shit…off a fan.

I’m not ashamed to say I’m 36…because, well…God blessed me with these 36 years and I’m also gorgeous. LOL. Nonetheless, in my years I’ve learned a lot and have actually learned to APPLY lessons. Not all…but, I’m learning more as I go along that application beats knowledge…because application is the foundation of wisdom. One of those very IMPORTANT lessons…which I’ve been applying for some time now, is to be myself. Unadulterated and unabridged. Self-identity is so important to self worth. It’s one of the main components in being accepted fully for who you are based on your own ability to stand strong against external influence.

When I was younger, I was in a relationship where I allowed someone to change me. From my hair to my clothes to the thoughts in my head…and I almost died a long and slow spiritual death. One day, I woke up in the middle of it all and asked God to help me. To conserve my true self…and He did. He allowed me to go within myself for protection in order to make it out the other side as unscathed as possible. Today, I am a better woman for it. I may compromise certain things, like small habits…to accommodate friendships/relationships…but never again will I change what has made me the kween I am, for another’s pleasure. My core will only change if it is what’s best for myself…and THAT is between God and I.

I’ve seen so many people who do this, fade to fit…and I feel utterly sorry for the emptiness they must feel when there’s no one around. When faced with self…how could they possibly like themselves when they’ve become dependent on being validated by the company they keep. I call them “chameleon characters”. They’re the kind of people who blend in wherever they go. Now, in some social settings…this is a good quality. You want to be able to hang with the homies on the block when you pop up home for a visit…and you want to be able to mingle successfully in a formal setting where etiquette is held in high regard. YET, if you’re the kind of person whose ENTIRE belief system changes when you’re around other people…that is a problem. If when you get around someone, the things you love are hidden, the people you love are shed, the life you live is diminished and given lesser value, if you’re self-deprecating to maintain “face” and take focus off of your choices…then YOU are a “chameleon character”. If you hide one facet of your life from every other facet…it’s possible that you’re a different person in each. Also, you JUST might be up to something dubious…which explains the requirement for a fractured personality. I mean, we’re never one thing all the time…but, personality traits are a far cry from persona. There’s something to be said for the person who is an intellect with one person, a yes-man with the other and an asshole all around. There is not ONE person, who can make me change my FAITH, my MORAL & ETHIC code…who can make me ashamed of my upbringing, my social status, economic state, the people I love…NADA. If you can’t accept me lock, stock and barrel…taking with me all the quirks and idiosyncrasies that come with me…then you’re not worth the time it takes to create space for you. I am NOT in the business of being what everyone wants to me to be. Either love me or leave me alone.

Lately, there’s been this running joke between myself and someone special…whenever someone says something about themselves, we shout “CHARLATAN!!”. If you don’t know what that is…the definition will follow. (I realize that the smarter you are…the dryer your wit…so I’m sure there’s a few folks with the *_* face on) LOL.

Charlatan: 1 : quack 2: one making usually showy pretenses to knowledge or ability : fraud, faker

Perhaps if when we spotted these folks, we yelled out “charlatan” like in ye days of old…slap a “C” on someone’s chest to bring attention to phoniness…people would take care to be truer to self. I don’t know, but what I DO know…is that life is too short to dumb down your light’s shine to fit in with others who have no appreciation for individuality. I’m good being me. Thanks.

Why Me?

In the past recent months, my dear sister friend has been frazzled by her break up. For the longest, she cried, contemplated life and God’s unfairness. I struggled with her…often fighting for her when her fight for self was nil. Not too long ago…she told me she was over him and I was in awe of those words. I don’t think I thought it would ever happen. Her turmoil was so deeply embedded within her psyche, heart and soul…I didn’t know if she’d EVER stop missing that dude. Then it came back and haunted her like it had never gone away.

One of the things she asks me all the time is, “Kiwi…how can he just move on and I can’t?” I often come up with a few answers. Most of the time, I tell her that I don’t believe he’s “moved on” like she thinks. When you break up with someone and never speak to them again…how can you ever be sure they HAVE moved on? Because they don’t call? That’s pride. Oh, you heard he’s got a woman? That’s called a distraction. Just because you haven’t heard hide nor hair of him in however long it’s been…doesn’t mean that he is over you, the relationship and doesn’t care. How can you ever really vouch for what someone else is feeling? See, men ARE visual and physical. So if theres another woman within stroking distance, he can temporarily forget the woman who has affected his heart for a millisecond. If that doesn’t work…he’ll get MORE chickies to fill the slot. Maybe, even just fall back on a female whose just a friend. Perhaps he HAS moved on because he was a bastard, a liar, manipulator and gamer and never felt feelings to begin with. So, where does that leave us? The women left behind in the wake of a shit tsunami? Well, you can either swim and get a little stank on you…or you can drown and swallow shit. Yea, graphic, huh? Well, that’s what it is. It’s a bunch of bullshit.

I can recall breaking it off with a cat…and he didn’t seem to be affected not one bit. He didn’t look back (at least not while I was going through it) to even see how I was. It hurt me that this dude once said he loved me on a daily basis only to find out that his words were baseless lines to perpetuate a lie. Until, one day…I saw him for the first time in over a YEAR. He looked at me and said, “WOW…you look so beautiful”. Well, I knew that already…lol…but he said something else that took me for a loop. He said, “You look like you don’t have a care in the world. You look stress-free…and I know that’s because “I” was the one adding stress to your life. I’m sorry for that.” You could’ve printed my face for a smiley template. Here I was, thinking this dude wasn’t at all affected by me…or sorry for his part in my heartbreak…and he comes along almost a year and a half after we broke off telling me this.

The thing is…that often people can be so preoccupied with protecting their own hearts, that they don’t realize they’re breaking yours in the process. Whether its, cheating to avoid intimacy…pushing you away to avoid pain…trying to replace their ex with you…whatever…it can all be an act of self-preservation. Not hearing from an ex, or having them say what you need to validate your feelings…doesn’t mean they’re cold, heartless people who must have never loved you. Some people are proud, oblivious, ignorant and selfishly afraid to the point, they’ll duck the feelings of accountability to avoid looking at themselves. As far as thinking that someone has moved on fast and left you in pain? Well, think of it like this. If they did, then its best. Rather they move on than to stick around shoveling bullshit onto your feet. If they haven’t moved on, but have left signs behind that they have…well that would be THEIR issue. They’re the ones who have to live with the fact, that though they may not be in your life they’ve chosen that out of pride. They’ll be the ones to live with any regrets they may have. On the other hand, all you can do is be true to your heart and get over things in your own time. Just remember, you can’t control anyone or anything but yourself. Accept that and you’re half-way to getting over the ex.

PUSH to Precious

A Saturday in October…I invited my friend Joy to come up where I live and go to the movies with me. Along the day’s planning my mother was invited as well. I let Joy choose the movie…she chose “I Can Do Bad All By Myself”. It wasn’t my first choice, but it was a good movie. I wanted Joy to be happy, so that was all that mattered…she needed cheering…if only by a few hours of being somewhere other than her own 4 walls…so the day was successful if for no other reason than she wasn’t home alone in her thoughts.

The previews set in…I love previews. I love the WHOLE movie experience. I’m not one of those impatient folk who has to see the movie right away and complains that the preview section is too long. HUSH, I say…see what ELSE is coming out! lol. I saw a few movies I want to see…”Couple’s Resort” with Faison Love and Vince Vaughn. “Lovely Bones” a thriller about a little girl’s murder…and Precious, a movie based on the book PUSH by Sapphire. Precious is starring a young lady named Gabourey ‘Gabby’ Sidibe as the entitled character. Her mother is played by Mo’Nique, whose role is CLEARLY against the type she’s expected. Speaking of people stepping out of their type, Mariah Carey plays the dowdy social worker and Lenny Kravitz, has a role as well. I am not sure if it’s his 1st role in a movie, but I know I’ve never seen him in one. Either way, I want to see this story.

This story is ugly…much like the name Precious is called over and over again in the 2 or more minutes of the preview. Not because SHE is ugly, but because the truth of how people are in this world is ugly. I’m sure not every parent is born with the instincts to love, protect, and build healthy people of their children…but to see examples of how wrong that can go is undoubtedly sad. When I saw the preview I cried…because one…I don’t like to see people demeaned, belittled and disgraced. Especially over societal views of what “beautiful” is. Two…growing up, I encountered ridicule from kids and adults, too. I look back at my pictures…and I wasn’t an “ugly” child…so, I don’t know why I was called that. I can only chalk up a lot of the chatter from other things such as skin color. Black-Americans have a negative inner caste system when it comes to skin color. Features play a huge part in the stigmatization of beauty vs ugliness. Flatter noses and thicker lips, regardless of skin tone can be seen as ugly. Still…The light-skinned vs. dark-skinned thing is an issue within our own culture and it shouldn’t be. I’ve been called too light…I’ve been called not light enough, and I suspect that growing up that was one of the components of a building complex I had for a long while. Being “thick” didn’t help. I got picked on incessantly for being weighty. I wasn’t even “fat” per se…but, I was stocky and couldn’t be considered skinny once I hit the 4th or 5th grade. What always knocked people off their square, was seeing how the “big” girl could outrun, catch, snatch AND pass most kids my age. Looks are surely deceiving…but, I digress. I can mostly empathize with the girl in this role. On so many levels she is me…still. Not always knowing your value comes with with the territory of having been taunted about your physical looks. When I was younger my ears were uneven. One stuck out further than the other and I was teased relentlessly about it. GEEZ, did my friends give me hell about that one…a sister and brother especially. I won’t say their names, but if they were to read this…they’d get it. LOL. I’m over it NOW, because…well…I’m FINE! HA! Yet, growing up…a little girl doesn’t know that she’ll be swan fine when all the kids see is an ugly duckling. To this day, I can hear a certain friend of my mother’s calling me that. When she said it out loud to my mother after years of not seeing me, suggesting that I’d “finally” gotten pretty…my mother got defensive. She’d never known that my “aunt” had looked at me as if I weren’t as beautiful as her own daughters. Either way…it confirmed in my being that people were superficial and cruel, and most likely did those things because they themselves didn’t feel adequate. I say that I am still Precious in some ways, because there is a part of MOST people who is affected by the things their loved ones say or don’t say. When starved, you crave…when overfed…you waste. It’s simple. I just hope that with stories like this one…we can push the issues of individual hatred further and further to the back…leaving room for nothing but acceptance of humans as they are.

No one can call me ugly now. I’d laugh in the face of that word. I’m God-made…God-created…God-loved. I don’t need the co-signing of man nor woman nor child to feel beautiful. It took me a long road to get here and I’m sure that when I see the movie “Precious” I will see a little or a lot of myself in it. I’m prepared to cry for her, for me, and for all the women out there who grew up feeling unloved, unwanted, unprotected and purposeless. I’ll be back with a review when I do see it.

Destiny – Mary J. Blige

never been written…

what is it about a love letter?
i think of a love letter
and i get warped back
to the basics of elementary
valentine’s notes
for everyone
but that one especially big
candy-scented valentine
the one you gave out amongst the rest
so no one would see
the deep shade of burgundy
i get taken back to the high days
in school
notes folded
in triangles
~sounds of bangles~
while hurriedly writing…
4 your eyes only!
and yet…
i’ve never been written
not promises
or intentions
but notes of admiration
captured on lines
by someone
who took the time
to note me worthy
of a little leaf
an old-fashioned
romantic initiation of proclamation
him on ball point
pointing out the good in me
that brings the best out in him
makes me wonder…
with all the
where in the hell
are the sweeping gestures
displays of affection?
to be thought of
in tandem with
warm haze
setting off
record plays
kool-aid days
(the red flave)
sitting under shade
with me laid
between his legs
i mean,
is it that chivalry
really IS dead?
i’ve written a few…
ran through pens
like after school discipline
writing “hims”
on lovely whims
but where’s MY
special delivery?
i don’t know…
i guess
somewhere out there
lost in the sorts
on a slow postal day
perhaps my personal
handwritten display
ended up at the wrong address
to KNOW without guessing
that it is written
dearly to me
would be sweet

The Fear of God in em…

On the heels of my blog concerning the deaths of three black men (Derrion Albert, Sirmone McCaulla, George Woodard Sr.)..comes my afterthoughts.

Sitting reading an interview with Derrion’s great aunt on sparked my tears to run again. My emotions to take over. My heart to bleed…as usual. As I read this woman’s words and flashed back to the blog my boy Rippa wrote which had 2 deep videos from a sister named Joy the word “respect” resonated in my spirit. As the sister named Joy broke it down, “respect” simply means to “look again”. To take a second look at something or someone before you make a decision or judgment. That was so deep to me. I love words. I study words and their origins in my free time. I pride myself on having a pretty decent vocabulary…but to me, what is most important…is knowing that the wisdom is in applying the usage to your daily life. So learning a new way to see that word was soul-stirring.

Derrion’s great aunt said that parents should spend more time with their children and that so many parents want their children to be seen and not heard. That is so true. I remember my mother saying to me when I was a child that I didn’t HAVE any privacy to be respected…that it was her job to invade my space. To an extent, I’ll agree…but, I think that parents should give their kids more of their own voice. I fully understand that at the beginning of children’s lives…they need to fear their parents. Their parents are their “God figures” and need to fear them in order to create boundaries when they’re young to keep them safe. Yet, when children begin to formulate their own opinions and independent thoughts…it’s time to reconfigure the parent-child dynamic. Make it safe for them to come to the adults in their lives about whatever pressures they may be influenced by. When kids…especially teens, don’t feel understood or as if they can express themselves, they make alternative routes. All of the pressures they may innately back off from…they partake in to drown out that lost feeling. Whether it’s drugs, sex, gang violence, or other criminal behavior…it’s a way to numb the feelings of being alienated from home.

Early this morning in the 5 o’clock am hour…I saw a woman reporting for Headline News TV. Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell is what it was. She was reporting on the after effects of Derrion’s murder, and she said that a lot of the reason these kids are angry is because of home. She said there is probably physical abuse, alcohol, drugs, etc. She’s right in a way…but, I think other culture thinks those things are the ONLY reason kids act a fool in the streets. MOST black children caught up in gang violence or criminal ways are screaming for attention. A lot of these children’s parents had them when they themselves were mere teens. They’re overworked and underpaid. They’re most likely single parents and have either NO one to assist in keeping watch while they work…or the job is left to elderly family or older siblings. Either way…it’s not always the worst situation. Sometimes it is simply a matter of mom and dad aren’t around like they should be. Not because they don’t want to be, but because bills dictate a working parent.

There’s a lot we can and need to do to grab hold of our youth’s futures. Is it nicely packaged with no damage to parent’s egos? No. It’s raw. It’s a hard road. It’s gonna take a long time…definitely not an over night process…but, it begins “I” believe…with RESPECT. Parents want their children
to respect THEM, but you have to respect them as well. If you treat a boy like a prince and a girl like a princess…then they will learn to behave in the manner of kings and queens-in-training. I don’t mean spoil them with material or allow them to disrespect you…but, teach them their worth by example and reinforcement. Give them the freedom to be themselves and nurture their individual personalities. Protect them and make sure that the world around them knows that there is a lion/father and lioness/mother within arms reach. A child who knows that they have parents to put the fear of God in them…and protect them with the wrath of God…will respect life a little more.

But, that’s just my opinion. What’s yours?

The Sista Circle

ABSOLUTELY…a personal vent blog. I don’t do it often…but, every now and then someone steps out into the wide crossing which is my range of shot. I’m a patient woman, a tolerant woman…but, I do get fed up. Don’t sleep on the sweet…please believe me.

Since high school, I’ve learned SO much about the dynamics of male and female interactions. I’ve learned that your friendships with your girls can sometimes carry over into your relationship with your man…and vice versa. If you’re not careful, that is. Girls since the beginning have had a kindred-ness that I wont say is “lacking” in male bonds…just different. What WE as women hold dear is way different than what men deem sacred. From the moment we could talk and emulate our mothers…little girls learned to chat and laugh and keep secrets. Some didn’t catch on to the “keeping the secrets” part…but that’s an entirely new blog. Most of us girls learned through trial and error that boys come a dime a dozen but that friendships…TRUE friendships can last eternal. EVEN if we stop talking…we never forget how we bonded with that chick that we did everything with, told everything to, went everywhere with and would’ve whooped ass for (and in some cases DID). We keep those memories…even when we don’t fully understand what went wrong.

SO, when we get older and actually LEARN from our mistakes…we tread very carefully around certain “unspoken rules”. I experienced a very traumatic betrayal when I was merely 19. I won’t go into details, but I’ll just say that someone who was 10yrs older than me, had ties to my family and I spent almost every day with…fucked me over…with the dude I was head over heels for. Even after we mended fences for the sake of family, we were never the same. I take VERY seriously that friendship bond…so, hence forward…she was never truly re-embraced by me. I love her, but I’m no dummy.

I digress…but, the point is (and I have one, lol) that because it took me a minute to get back into the swing of kicking it with females…I don’t play bullshit and games. If I trust you…that’s it. So, when a dude comes along…who too, is a friend…and infiltrates my circle…I gotta ask…are you CRAZY? No seriously, did you not read the manual? THESE *pointing at my girls* are my sistas by choice…so, if you have unsavory, dubious and surreptitious intentions…do not play over here. These beautiful, classy, sexy, smart, funny, sensitive DIVAS…will go into BITCH mode and tear your ass to shreds. PERIOD! Mind you…the ladies I deem sista-worthy…aren’t all best friends by default. “I” am the common denominator…but, because they love me…they respect each other. The dichotomy of each friendship is different. What I have with one isn’t the same as the others…yet, we know of one another and respect what we mean to the next. So if a cat comes strolling in the yard…tryna eat out a bitch’s bowl…well, it’s gonna go through all of it’s 9 lives in 9 seconds. *QQn* *LADIES…ASSEMBLE!* *inside joke* LMAO! To dumb it down…if there’s a tidbit of info to be known, in order to minimize drama…we’re gonna share it.

Fellas? If there was a chick who went from dude to dude in your inner brother circle…what would you call her? O_o RIGHT! So, if a dude knowingly bounces between friends…what does that make him? Oh…the MAN you say? Nah, it makes him a O_o too. I just don’t and won’t take pride in my boy making his rounds with my closest friends. I mean…Should a friend be respectful of a girls’ circle and shop elsewhere? Because, in MY book…it’s a violation. Don’t make a woman choose between her girls and her male friends…b/c if he’s in the wrong it’s an easy lose. If my girls are wrong, I tell them. We shoot straight no chaser…so, why should it be any different because your chromosome is a Y?

Miss me with that…


A Boy, A Soldier and a Deacon

WOW…that’s all that runs through my mind right now after watching footage of Derrion Albert’s beating on videotape. (BEWARE: IT IS GRAPHIC)That and a numbness. When did our CHILDREN become so vicious? No, I’m NOT naive. I was born and raised in Mt. Vernon, NY…where a LOT of my male friends were killed in some sort of violence. As far back as my boy Hillary Spruill, who was killed for his leather bomber when I was in 8th grade and how we cried during gym at the news of his death. To when my friend Jermaine Steele was killed driving AWAY from a girl’s building in our rival town of New Rochelle, when her boyfriend took aim at Jermaine’s jeep, killing him and injuring 3 of his friends riding along. I KNOW what crime looks like. What I mean, is when did they become so brutal to the point that you’d randomly hit, hurt, maim, KILL someone over colors, boundaries, gang affiliations…and TAPE it. I realize that whoever was taping wasn’t in on the actual beating…but, to hear the callousness…the casualness…as if he were taping a game is mind boggling. Maybe the “reality show era” is to blame…I don’t know. I still hear the young woman screaming for Derrion to get up. “GET UP DERRION!” Now…now, I’m angry and in tears. THAT WAS SOMEONE’S CHILD!! This world is over…it’s gotta be. When no one is concerned for the lives of others…when there is no forethought or moral code to reel them in RIGHT before the point of no return. To be so hateful to kill another human and walk away as if they never existed…yea, this world is coming to a close.

When I was in high school, our main concern was our looks. I just got through telling someone that my biggest gripe with my mother was that I wasn’t being bought Sergio’s and Guess. I was too proud at 14 to have purchased my own Reebok’s affectionately called 54-11’s because that’s how much they came up to after tax. I remember that my main concern behind my hair being done and my pants fitting tight, was my love of music and writing poems. I cared mostly about how my girl Leah and I were gonna get her to spend the night over my house…so we could go to my cousin’s house with whom she had a major crush on. I couldn’t imagine in high school, being afraid to wear blue, red or variations of black and brown. I couldn’t have cared LESS about whether the Hilltop crew hated the 4th street crew. Being able to have the same lunch period with your friends was the SHIT! NOW…they call my town “Murdaville” and recently in the summer…the entire town was on curfew lock down. What in the hell?

Derrion was 16. The age when you get that Learner’s permit for driver’s ed. The age when you think you’re the shit and people actually care. The age where your parents begin wondering if you’re a virgin anymore. I’m sure his mother didn’t think that her son wouldn’t return home that day. The last thing she thought was that her son would be publicly pummeled by a huge board and then kicked and punch until his life ran free from his body. WHO are these “children”? How can we stop/help them? Right now…my heart hurts.

Then there’s Sirmone McCaulla…a 28yr old young man, found dead in his girlfriend’s Philadelphia apartment. He took his own life after he’d taken someone else’s. Yet, that is not the totality of the story. He left in his suicide note on Myspace of how he…a man who’d been repeatedly attacked in separate random incidents had become defensive when approached with hostility. How, the victim Christopher Gutierrez had made it hard to walk away from their altercation. He stated how he’d been willing to walk away, but how Gutierrez had persisted in his aggression. Read the story here.

But, the kicker to this isn’t just the story as told by news channels…it’s the story told by a friend of mine. Rob used to date a friend of mine…and we still communicate from time to time. He hit me up almost out of nowhere, needing to vent. Sir, as he was called…was HIS friend and he was upset that the media had made him out to be a cold-hearted killer. Ironically, on my Yahoo messenger was a status by another friend who Rob doesn’t know. The status loosely stated for Sir to RIP…that she didn’t understand why he did what he did, but the she still had love for him and now knew that it was meant for them to see one another that last time at a party. Here are two people who don’t know each other, speaking so highly of the same man…and yet, the brother of the initial victim stated in an interview of how his brother was the kind of person if he was bumped, he’d pursue it. On top of that…add a man who’d been attacked several times before with soldier training and an aggressive opposer and you have a sad news story.

Sir’s story didn’t begin on the night of Gutierrez’ stabbing. This is a man who served his country, but was finding it hard to find a job after coming home. Not a story unheard of…plenty of vets come home to little opportunities to support their families out of the service. Perhaps his ending his life wasn’t just spurred by the tragic stabbing…perhaps it lies deep in the bowels of this society’s tendency to use the young to fight their wars and to fight the streets in order to keep a semblance of peace…all to be thrown to the wolves afterwards. Either way…another story that makes you wonder where this world is headed and how fast.

Last, but surely not least…a man killed in his own driveway in Huntsville, Alabama. At first, he was thought to have been an innocent bystander in a mugging gone wrong. Then it was thought he was in the middle of a scuffle involving his step-son. Finally, this man…who was a deacon in his church, loved by many, helper of ALL in need…was possibly killed at the hands of that very step-son. The one he’s taken care of since he was a baby. A man named George Woodard Sr.…a beloved friend of my Alabama sista, Dionne…killed for nothing. To hear her weep for this man was heart-breaking. To know that his own family could be the culprit is devastating. Again, I say…the world is coming to a close…or at least that’s how it seems.

Who cherishes life anymore?

Passion Into Profit

Ok, I put out a tweet a while ago, asking for people who had small businesses they wanted to promote…whether it be their own, or a fave they patronized. I have seen a few people in my immediate circle of on and offline peeps kicking off their side hustles, so I wanted to give them some play.

I’ll start with the family. My aunt-in-law is selling Lia Sophia jewelry. I’ve seen their stuff up close and personal and it’s NICE. Great quality jewelry with cool designs for the modern and traditional woman. Go by the site and take a look-see and be sure to tell her that her niece sent you. (Maybe I’ll get a hook-up) LMAO (j/k)!!

The next is a line of jewelry by a cool chick that I plan meeting really soon. She’s from the DMV area and she’s the mom of my godson’s future wife. HA! I digress…Ms Gina is making it do the damn thing. Glamma Gurl Xpressions (or GGX Jewels) is her other baby. Her Fung’kee Fing’Hers caught my attention first and then slowly she’s been branching off into other collections like, She’s So Shore…jewels inspired by summer tones. DO take a look, it is the most uniquely beautiful jewelry I’ve seen in a while…AND she’s nice on your wallet. Make sure to read the testimonials. She’s all the rave!!

One of Ms. Gina’s friends (and mine), Tracey also raves on another jeweler whose creations are starkly original. Her site 88 Links is worth a visit. I don’t know much about her, but from the looks of it, she’s quite the talent. I began following her on Twitter and retweet her posts to get the word out about her business. Don’t be shy…stop by.

The last business (for this blog) is “The Soap Seduction” which ended up in my lap through my girl Yesha, author of [fung’ke][blak][chik]. She said that the soaps, “Looked so good they make you want to eat them…”. When I took a gander…I agreed. I am highly considering buying some very soon (when the funds are right)…even though I’m afraid they’ll end up being fixtures in the house…I hate to use pretty stuff. LOL

Please do stop by and at least give these ladies’ businesses a try. I respect and support people’s passions. Creativity and drive are not always commonly met in a time when the economy forces people to work dead end jobs to make ends meet. To see that there is still a creative spark left and that people are turning their passion into profit is a beautiful thing…and I’m all for beautiful things. God’s speed to EVERYONE venturing out into a business of their own.

Don’t forget to hit the icons on the top right of the blog to see my faves. I may be rotating them soon…just to give everyone’s endeavors a shot at the spotlight.