The Problem With People

What’s been keeping me calm…sketching

I don’t know why…or the precise “when”…but the part of me that used to LOVE people and everything to do with connections…is at a standstill.

I’ve found myself less tolerant of people’s idiosyncrasies. Do I have some of my own? Sure, but we’re not talking about me. We’re talking about me in relation to people and their ways. lol

Here’s a short (or possibly long) list of things that have me questioning an escape to another life sustaining planet:

  • Common sense has eluded most humans; online and off
  • Self entitlement, arrogance and disrespect are commonplace. Generosity, humility and respect are rare commodities…just above common sense
  • Friend is the new Associate is the new Stranger…
  • A C C O U N T A B I L I T Y is another rare commodity in the ‘game’ of love/friendships
  • Hard-headed muhfuhs. How can you live a life NEVER being in the wrong, NEVER listening to leadership. NEVER caring what you do to others…yet, expect all that you NEVER give from EVERYONE? I’ve found that a lot of people prefer to “move on” and attempt to build new friendships rather than apologize for their part in past failed friendships. Until you deal…you’ll be making the same mistakes over and over.
  • Very few respect the concept of boundaries. When to quit. Where to draw the line. How to know their place.
  • The internet has made “stars” out of people; I’m all for a successful following…what burns my last piece of toast is when people place themselves above the very following they need to be a star. A lot will say, “I don’t need anyone to validate my awesomeness…”. I’d say, “I beg to differ my attention thirsty friend…”
  • There are a dying breed of free thinkers who haven’t had the chance to pass on their sagacious ways to the folly of fools. All that has done is left us with a band of idiots…in most cases…leading the way
  • Negativity: Negative feelings. Words. Actions. Such HATEFULNESS among humankind. It’s so ugly.
  • Superiority Complex: There’s such an epidemic of elitism going around. No one wants to be the commoner, but the truth is…we’re all commoners with material things being the deciding factor of importance. We live in a capitalist, superficial and materialistic world and it’s given many people the idea that they are above others because of one thing or another. Whether that thing is money, looks, or station…people seem to be constantly looking down their noses at SOME one. How small of them…
I know that seems like a lot of complaining…and it is. I’m not here to excuse away my feelings. This is my own personal blog and its purpose is to serve as my sounding board. I feel like the best thing I can do for myself and others is to remain low key. Until the feeling I’m experiencing subsides, it’s best for me to sit quietly and use that energy to recharge my temperance.
The truth is overall…I don’t EXPECT people to do right. I only HOPE that they can see their influence, their impression…their effect on others. I try hard to be cognizant of my behavior and how I come off…but, I’m not perfect either. I do wrong. I make mistakes. My only hope is that anyone within reach of my wrongdoing would be honest with me and tell me where I’ve gone wrong. Other than that…I’m living to the best of my ability. I’m working EVERY day to be the kind of person God can smile upon with a father’s pride.
…that’s my problem with people.