Holier than Cow

It’s been on my mind for a minute. I see SO many things that I never speak on. I figure, who the hell cares what KWEEN thinks? You know? Like who am I? Well damnit…I’m THEE KWEEN. THAT’S who. (Well, of this page anyway)…what? Was that too arrogant? *snickering*

Honestly…I have been seeing an onslaught of the I’m-too-good-for-that folks. Crashing ashore like a wave of righteous indignation, is the new “IN” thing…to fly above. Kandi was onto something good…flying above all the haters. Some fly above to look down. SOME folks have gotten to the point where it’s out of control. Flying above and looking down is a disaster for plowing head first into a cliff unseen.

We’re all constantly growing…unless you’ve taken up residence in stagnant waters. There, no roots can attach. Even if you do manage to attach to something…you’re still weakly tethered and susceptible to the tide. If you’re resting on some knowledge, some accomplishments and using that as a spring board for pulling everyone else down for sport…shame on you.

The Holy Cow Syndrome:

Do NOT get this twisted with having confidence or even COCKINESS. This brand of syndrome is so deeply embedded in the individual’s psyche that cockiness is too light a term for what they suffer from.  Is it that too many people have said, “You’re great”…and rather than pass off accreditation to a Higher Power (whomsoever they believe in) they take on a hyped up persona of themselves? Perhaps it’s delusions of grandeur. Maybe it’s a puffed sense of self…an escape from the reality of life and it’s traumas by retreating into the grandiosity of their own concocted power. Who knows! All I know is that humble pie with a side of crow is  meal they’ll dine on sooner than they know.

Where’s the humility? There is none. Everything is about them.  Their accomplishments. Their capabilities. Their over-standing. It’s inescapable that before you leave their presence, you may possibly feels snubbed, annoyed or both.  

I rarely see humility nowadays. Gratitude either. I’d love to see some people come out of their own revelry, long enough to give a second glance to someone who deserves it. I’d love to see people accept people for what it is they like, love, want to be. I’d love to see the political minds not be so judgmental of the artistic ones…and vice versa. How about, not imagine that your way is the only way and that every other method is beneath you? How about stop “keeping it real” and understand that what is REAL is that every thought, thunk…doesn’t need articulation. Every opinion founded…needs no soapbox. If I counted every thought that came to me…that DIDN’T get spoken/written…there’d be several volumes of books dedicated to the minutiae of snap judgments. 

I’d love it if there wasn’t competition for whose thoughts are more profound, whose works are more ingenious, whose life is more fulfilled. It could benefit us all if we read/listened more and spoke/posted less.  Your legacy will speak for itself. It will be spoken in what’s left in your name, who speaks of you with admiration and love…and in the ability to reach past your own ideas to give life to someone else’s. 

…all this from the chick named, “Kween”.  lmao