Word 26: Cold


she sent shivers
and chills
that turned goosebumps
to hills
with the very, very ILL
way she went for the kill
she’s got ice in her heart
like she’s been here from the start
like love is her nemesis
like she was the serpent from Genesis…

she leaves icicles
with her touch
and her tickle
feels more like a clutch
a clawing grasp
that pierces your skin
and drains the spirit and good within
she’s got the face of an innocent
there’s evil in her unintentional intent
her being bares no mercy
and her smile screams “have mercy”

she’s a freezing burn
tearing through souls
she’s dry ice
she’s pure cold
she’s so cold
she’s hot
she’s a danger
to all you’ve got

T R U T H…of heartless hate.

Sick and Tired

I threatened to write this blog like 3 hours ago…so that should tell you how out of it I am.

I have been sick with a cold/allergy for a couple of days now. Today, I could barely pull myself out of bed. I had a pear for breakfast and then a peanut butter sandwich a lot later on. I finally decided at almost 8 to make burgers for myself. I had been wanting some rice and gravy from the Chinese restaurant but I had issues with the $15 limit. I’m one person…how much could I order to come to $15? I had to do SOME thing though, because there was no one to help me out.  😦

I had the sinus headache from hell…it’s dissipating. I’m still clogged up. *UGH*…I went from hot to cold to hot again. I’ve been using mom’s cold/cough syrup…it’s working some. I’ve had tea, gargled with water and salt and just rested. Thank GOD Monday is a holiday, so I don’t have to worry about getting up and dragging ass.

Oh, I noticed…I hit 75 followers *Welcome ThugRockStar*. Yaay Kaleidoscope 🙂

Thanks for checking in on me Joy and Maria. You guys rock. I’m sure I’ll be good really soon. I suppose rest was overdue…it’s a shame when you need to be knocked down in order to stay down.

I am doing this blog with about 7 minutes to spare. I couldn’t go without posting. lol

Have a Great Weekend to you all 🙂