Kween Curvy Effect~The Weekend

Originally, we were supposed to meet up on the 12th of November, then it was the 22nd…because things kept happening. Life happens and things need to be prioritized accordingly. When we decided on the 6th of December, I was happy that we’d finally get to hang out. See, in the beginning…we just wanted to hook up and meet the people with whom we spoke to on a regular basis. No need for this to stay an “Internet Friendship” when we all lived in close enough proximity to see one another. Then, one person needed comfort…felt it would be a good way to give that support needed. Then the focus shifted onto another…and finally to me. I needed this like a booga wolf needs a shave. So, it was on. (Even though it almost got shifted to next week ONLY and I would’ve had to wait another weekend…THAT I wasn’t having! BRING YO ASSES)

I got up early, went to the train station about 10 to 8 in the morning. Got my round trip ticket for $11 from Peekskill to Bronx and waited. I almost got turned around at the transfer point, because they changed it, which changed the track I was supposed to be on. BE was like, “Do NOT get on the wrong train, I will be mad @ you Kiwi!” LOL Got on the train and before long I was in the Bronx. As SOON as I exited the train, I saw BE way down the platform waving and smiling! There should of been fields of flowers and a slo mo cam, so we could run to each other and hug. *LOL* Do you know the 1st thing she said to me? “Damn, Kiwi…you’re lighter than I thought you’d be!” Yep…that’s BE! We went to the street, nabbed a cab and got to her house…there, I met Albert/Bastum the cat.

BE made me breakfast. I had bacon, hash browns, eggs and coffee. We sat and talked, being entertained by some comedy and just got used to “seeing” the person we’d been chatting with for months.

Finally, Curvy Queen got there. She is too cute. Now, check it. BE is a diva. Chick was in the kitchen handling stuff all prissy (2 finger like). She’s got the HOT ass natural curly fro and she’s just a doll. Curvy is like a baby. She’s got the baby face, the baby voice and yea…she acts like one too. Curvy’s fave phrase? “Uh uuuh” *lol* BOTH of these chicks would NOT let the cat touch them. He got shooed, nudged with feet, looked @ funny! Poor Bastum. But, I digress. Once Ms CQ entered the building, we turned around and walked a block down to the liquor store. I flirted with a few people, including engaging in a staring contest with a dude walking past us. WHAT? He was staring so I returned the glare. I ended up choosing Disaronno & Sour mix for Amaretto Sours. (My Parrot Bay Pineapple Rum was unavailable) We stopped by Mickey D’s where I flirted, CQ harassed the register boy and his equipment and BE shook her head. *hehe*

We got into the house, changed clothes to lounge wear…and then ate. We talked some more and then relaxed. **DING DONG** Who da? What the? SAMURAI SOUL (BE’s baby boo) enters the building. *the crowd roars* Enter…the only man of the party. Well, time to mix the drinks. Hmmm, if I made 4 1/2 medium sized cups of drink…I drank 3. Hence the slanted eye in the pics. From there on, we were just enjoying the evening. I think the ladies were shocked at how much of a nut I am…but, they know now. I had a weak moment of tears and anger, but everyone…including BE’s baby boo, hugged me and made me feel good.

The next morning Curvy went home for church, and BE and I got dressed and headed to IHOP. Some dude flirted with me. He said to his friend, “She’s fine…” then says to me, “You’re so pretty with your butterfly earrings!” He then went to introducing himself and smiling at me the whole time. I turned pink. I guess BE thinks she cant take me NO damn where! LMAO I had to hide behind BE to keep that cat from staring a hole in my forehead. We finally ate and then went back to her place. I said goodbye to Albert/Bastum and we went to the train, but not before running to the 99cent store to pick up the TV tray I saw BE using for her laptop. We took a pic @ the station and then I got my happy ass on the train to Peekskill.

I had a wonderful time. BE was a BEAUTIFUL hostess and I enjoyed seeing her and Curvy and Samurai for the 1st time. It was so nice, we gone do it twice…next weekend!

**By the By…BE stands for Butterfly Effect and CQ stands for Curvy Queen. Gubment names were concealed to protect the not-so-innocent and the paranoid (*QQn @ CQ) LOL