19~ I, The Pen…Ink, My Soul

What do you love to do the most?


Writing. It’s my passion. I dream of stories and characters and how I’m going to weave it into something bordering on literary genius. LOL

I’ve always loved writing…

  • I practiced my penmanship independent of my teacher’s instruction
  • I had perfect penmanship before most of my friends could write in print
  • I learned calligraphy (translated literally into “beautiful writing”) in 7th grade and was told that I was one of the quickest studies at that time
  • I’ve been drawing and writing stories around characters since the 6th grade (I suppose that made me 10 at the time)
  • I STILL write the alphabet in print, script and calligraphy in my free time
  • Poems have always come easily to me…so has creative writing, but oddly enough I am having the hardest time composing an ending to a book I started in late 2005/early 2006. Too critical of my own work
Basically, writing is in me the way breathing comes instinctively. Second to writing, would be cooking and other “hobbies” like photography, drawing, Interior Design, arts & crafts and watching movies.
I have had a love of words since I was a child. I owned a Junior Scrabble game and love to expand my vocabulary. I once drew on an old journal, “Thoughts to words, words to sentences, sentences spoken, words heard”. It’s the basic cycle of thoughts manifesting. Thoughts are things and become enlivened with the passion of writers, thinkers, speakers…I truly believe the world goes ’round and history is penned by those who take the nuances of events and weave them into tablets of reference.
I am learning every time that I write…more about how much I love writing. I have literary hopes that far span erotica, poetry and short stories. I’d love to write something epic and classic for the times and have my name written/spoken beside bards of old and great authors in my time.
I pray that my work touches…any one…if only one. I would hope that my love could be felt through every word I create. That’s my ultimate goal.

Paint or Picture

I love art. Always have. As a little girl, it was second nature to draw, sketch/doodle, color and paint. I’ve loved the beauty in life. Clouds, starry skies, rain, bodies of water…all of it. I truly feel like my Pisces Moon is constantly taking over my Capricorn Sun. I’m incessantly in a creative mode. I love making things with my hands…or bringing attention to detail.

I want to pick up a hobby, but…um…I may be a little ADD so there can only be one. I want to follow through as well. Take it to new heights. I’m considering painting. I’m talking the acrylics or oils, canvases, easel and all. I am ALSO considering photography. Just getting a digital camera and filtering the world through my eyes.

I haven’t decided which, yet…but I do know I want to do something that puts my right brain to use. I’ve been writing since elementary school. Poetry, short stories…and most recently a novel/thriller in progress. It’s the thing I think about most. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t have an idea of some kind, whether it slips away before a pen can capture my thoughts…or a file where I jot down ideas daily. I love writing…don’t get me wrong…but, I need to find some inspiration elsewhere. Maybe I believe that in the midst of paint strokes or picture snaps…a story will pop into my head. A place will trigger imagined scenarios…or I’ll remember a specific time in my life from seeing a still subject in everyday life that will spark a poem. All I know, is I’ve got this creative energy circling through me and it needs release.

I’ll be sure to share which hobby wins out…and any by products of it. What inspires you? What keeps your mind spry and your spirit content? Is it the little things or is it bigger accomplishments?