Langston & Nikki

I’ve been reading poetry lately…

It’s been a while, since I sat down and read something of someone else’s. I hate to be influenced by other styles when I’m trying to solidify my own…

I’m quite aware that, “good” poets are inspired by others’ works…but, GREAT poets set the bar. I’ve been told I’m great, but recently I feel sub par. Now, now…if you’ve read my stuff and you say, “Kali…cut it out. Your stuff is GREAT“…pump your breaks. YOU are officially biased…and quite possibly…you love me, so again…you work for me. LMAO

I mean sub par against some deeper more established poets. People whose works stand out and BRING it. I’m talking creativity, uniqueness, style and depth. I’m talking opening “it”…widening “it”…and quite possibly…putting a hole in “it” because the bottom ain’t deep enough.

I’ve been reading Langston Hughes and Nikki Giovanni online. How I came across my first poetry book was quite spiritual. My ex pastor of long ago (RIP Rev. Wilson) had a sister who I rarely ever saw…but, one day while at their family home she invited me up to her room. She’d heard from her brother and my mother that I wrote…and wanted to talk to me. Not long after sharing thoughts…she gave me Nikki’s “Cotton Candy on a Rainy Day“. Unfortunately, I lost that book when a relationship ended. ~sigh~ …I have every intention on replacing my book AND acquiring some others. I don’t think I saw his sister much after that…but, she told me I’d love it and I did.

You wanna know something? Other than the ones mentioned above and knowing “of” Sonia Sanchez and other historic bards like Yeats…I’ve never really been a reader of poetry books. I began writing…and that was it.  I had so much in my head that I just wrote. So much so that it got me in trouble (see, journals/diaries/secret notes).

As a child, I indulged in reading fables, researching encyclopedias for vast types of knowledge and as I got older, reading novels/urban tales and the occasional autobiography. I honestly don’t remember being enthralled by the works of others BESIDES Nikki Giovanni. I DO remember having an affinity for Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven“…but that was it. One night, my friend, Tei was reading poetry to me…sharing her love of books she’s come to own and I felt like I was “posing” as a writer while listening. I mean, how didn’t I have at least ONE book in my hand from a renowned poet/writer? How did I manage to call myself a writer without reading some classic books? I could never sit among a field of writers and exchange quips, lines and quotes from memory. I could never sit at a round table of poets and throw out titles of books or poems ad nauseum.

I don’t know…I’m not TOTALLY kicking myself for shits and giggles. I guess I am asking myself to consider taking what I like to call “poetic inventory”. I am going to start looking into finding some collections from the above and some I don’t know and IMMERSE myself in someone else’s craft. I’ve been tussling back and forth with my muse…and it’s tiring. Writing isn’t coming as easy as it once did and that worries me. Perhaps it’s time to focus on something other than what I can create. Maybe I ain’t so great. Doesn’t mean I can’t BECOME great…but, maybe I need to be inspired.

We’ll see…

For now…I wanted to share a poem from Nikki and Langston.

I Wrote A Good Omelet by Nikki Giovanni

I wrote a good omelet…
and ate a hot poem… after loving you

Buttoned my car…and drove my 
coat home…in the rain… 

after loving you

I goed on red…and stopped on 
green…floating somewhere in between… 
being here and being there… 

after loving you

I rolled my bed…turned down 
my hair…slightly 

confused but…I don’t care…

Laid out my teeth…and gargled my 
gown…then I stood 

…and laid me down…

To sleep… 

after loving you 

~smiling at this~

Gods by Langston Hughes
The ivory gods,
And the ebony gods,
And the gods of diamond and jade,
Sit silently on their temple shelves
While the people 
Are afraid.
Yet the ivory gods,
And the ebony gods,
And the gods of diamond-jade,
Are only silly puppet gods
That the people themselves
Have made
~ain’t that the truth~

…thank you for reading 🙂

Gotta A-Muse Myself…

I have been SO lackluster lately in the writing department…penning only a few poems sporadically, here and there. I don’t like it. I need to “exercise” my writing muskles (lol, my little cousin used to say that).  I don’t like when I go extended amounts of time with a motionless pen. The worse feeling for ME is having ideas and not being able to articulate them…

I think my biggest impediment is not ever wanting to be monotonous. I would hate to seem redundant. I would hate to seem redundant. LOL

SO…I’m imposing a challenge upon MYSELF. This is NOT a challenge where I’m inviting others to do it with me…but, if someone sees it and chooses to participate…so be it. I think the reason why I didn’t do to well at the photo challenge I was last seen fleeing away from, lol…is because it involved less writing and more photo taking. I couldn’t for the  world of me remember WHAT I was supposed to be taking a pic FOR…which would result in me trying to find something…ANYTHING to snap once I got home. ~sigh~

Anyway…THIS self-imposed challenge is right up my alley. I’m calling it my “30 Day A-Z Word Challenge”.  I’ve come up with 26 words that I have to blog about…leaving 4 extra slots. The list goes a little something like this…

X factor *wild card word*

The last four words were fashioned out of the acronym for the word “word”.


Here I go…

A Book Review…

Let me first THANK Ms. Katlynne aka Ms. Downlow herself, for being such a support system. She rocks like spiked stilettos!!

Not only has she been an encouraging force since we made acquaintance on her blog “My Downlow Life“…but she’s penned TWO books and given me the biggest compliment you can give someone…public accolades. lol

Needless to say, each time I read her “Thank You’s”, I was blown away that she felt inclined to put in print, her appreciation for me as a friend and fellow author.

Now…the book.

If you look onto the right column on this page and scroll down, you’ll find a picture of her first book, alternatively titled, “Life on the Low: Creepin’ with Hip Hop”. Hit that. GET that and READ that. The first book takes you through the story’s damsel-turned-vixen, Katlynne’s life. Her life as a law student and wife…and all the drama that ensues when her nearly perfect existence is turned around. You feel her, you root for her and at times…you wish you WERE her. Who wouldn’t want to go from living a life of pulling yourself up by your boot straps…to being thrown head first into the surreal life of celebrities? She makes you feel it!!

The Sequel? Wow…I started this book at almost 10am on a Saturday morning. I did NOT turn my TV on all day until I had finished sometime around 7pm. That includes cat naps and a meal or two. The sexiness of BOTH books is hot enough to make you want to conjure up a lover on the spot. I think I “cricketed” my way through the entire read. LOL

I was more than happy with the book and the ending was FIRE!!! I mean, FIYAH!! I am now tapping my fingers waiting for her to pull the THREEQUEL out of her ass. LOL

DO buy this book. Not just because I said so (well, yea…because I said so, lol) …but, because and besides the fact that she’s a story weaver and a titillating seductress…but, this woman single-handedly published her own work. She took the bull by the balls (yea, I know it’s horns…but this is erotica) and did the foot work. Now, her book comes up on Amazon alongside the Erotic Godmother, Zane.  Her project deserves support and not only would SHE appreciate it…but, so would I. 🙂

Click the pic of the cover to send yourself to Amazon and pick it up!!

Paint or Picture

I love art. Always have. As a little girl, it was second nature to draw, sketch/doodle, color and paint. I’ve loved the beauty in life. Clouds, starry skies, rain, bodies of water…all of it. I truly feel like my Pisces Moon is constantly taking over my Capricorn Sun. I’m incessantly in a creative mode. I love making things with my hands…or bringing attention to detail.

I want to pick up a hobby, but…um…I may be a little ADD so there can only be one. I want to follow through as well. Take it to new heights. I’m considering painting. I’m talking the acrylics or oils, canvases, easel and all. I am ALSO considering photography. Just getting a digital camera and filtering the world through my eyes.

I haven’t decided which, yet…but I do know I want to do something that puts my right brain to use. I’ve been writing since elementary school. Poetry, short stories…and most recently a novel/thriller in progress. It’s the thing I think about most. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t have an idea of some kind, whether it slips away before a pen can capture my thoughts…or a file where I jot down ideas daily. I love writing…don’t get me wrong…but, I need to find some inspiration elsewhere. Maybe I believe that in the midst of paint strokes or picture snaps…a story will pop into my head. A place will trigger imagined scenarios…or I’ll remember a specific time in my life from seeing a still subject in everyday life that will spark a poem. All I know, is I’ve got this creative energy circling through me and it needs release.

I’ll be sure to share which hobby wins out…and any by products of it. What inspires you? What keeps your mind spry and your spirit content? Is it the little things or is it bigger accomplishments?

A Stellar Day

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I would’ve blogged it as soon as I got home, but I had to catch up with a few friends…so, by the time I was through I was too tuckered out to really blog. The day started off with a hilarious edition of the Mr. Chap Morning Show. Totally last minute for me, I got a KICK out of this show. Non-stop laughter. A few technical difficulties (including one where ya girl got a lil loud on a personal phone call during break) LOL…but, nonetheless a sweet show.

From there, I ended up talking to my mom. Now, if anyone has been paying great attention they know I’ve spoken of my mom who is an ordained minister. She has been allowing me to blog a couple of her messages/sermons, which have gone over really well with several online friends of mine. The Mama has even told me of how she was positively affected by my mother’s sermons…which led me and mom to a discussion that spanned almost 2hrs. (when I should’ve been readying for my day out, lol) I told my mother of Mama’s message to her, saying that she’s encouraging people who she has no clue about. My mother was appreciative. Really happy to know her words weren’t in vain. Then mom and I began discussing a biblical movie on TBN which was about Moses and his being called to free God’s people. I told my mother of what I learned and how I took a lot of the meanings of the story…applying it to life now. As she was listening, my mom (who I haven’t always had the best relationship with) says that I am an inspiration and would like for me to speak at her church, reading one of my inspirational blogs! **GASP** Be still my heart. To have my mother say such a thing about me was earth-shattering. We’ve had our tug-of-war about my singing and NOT singing…so to have her speak highly of me in my presence AND offer such a privilege as to speak at her church did my heart good. I agreed, IN SPITE of the reality that I have a phobia for public speaking. I didn’t even hesitate y’all. LOL That was sooo unlike me. I normally would’ve hemmed and hawed about it and made excuses, but not this time. I was honored and cant wait to do it.

Then, my girl, Jin came to visit me. Jin and I hadn’t seen each other since December 2007 when we saw a Christmas movie she wanted to see. So, she came up and we saw Sex and the City…which we both loved. I hadn’t seen the last 2 seasons of the series, but it didn’t take much to get back into the swing of things. Afterwards, we headed to Wal-Mart/Wally World where we did a little shopping. We laughed and talked and shopped and browsed. It’s always good to have the kind of friends that no matter how long its been since you last saw one another, things are still the same. A true confidante.I had a stellar day.

I started the day laughing…got a boost of confidence from the one person I love the most in this world…and ended it with a great feeling. I have good days, so I’m no stranger to them…this just happened to be one of the better ones.


**I’d like to give my condolences to the Mama, who’s brother-in-law passed on. My prayers go out to you and the family Mama…I love you**

Writer’s Block…weighing down My Muse

Lately, I’ve been in a slump. I can write a blog speaking my immediate emotions or thoughts, but I cant seem to get right with the creative part of me. I have an erotic story that needs finishing. A format for my poetry book that needs completion. I need to finish the NOVEL I started writing 2yrs ago…and even a simple poem is taking me days instead of the minutes I usually churn them out in.

One moment, I had inspiration coming out of the ass…and now, I am not even inspired to thoroughly READ my own stuff. I have to figure out what’s weighing me down. What is it that is making me feel thwarted from my original writing goals. I have a lot on my mind. Some things are happy things. Pleasurable thought. Anticipation of good things to come. Some are burdening thoughts of daily chore. Issues that I’ve been dealing with for a LONG time. Some are just nagging chatterbox issues that surface from time to time. Probably little things that mean nothing but sometimes get front stage in my mind. I have got to prioritize. It is of the utmost importance that I start thinking of life on an urgent basis. To stop thinking that what I need will come to me or happen for me…just because I pray and go to God with my worries. I trust Him to bring me out…but faith without work…yea!

I think the key to things is letting a lot of things go that have no place in my life. Learning to really get a grip on what I WANT vs what I NEED! Thinking my life through and figuring out what is real and what is not. What is fantasy and delusions and what is concrete and substance. I have a lot to figure. I just do. I am praying that I am given the ability to see what it is that needs to get done and have the strength and fortitude to apply the results of my pondering. Peace!