The Ninth Day…

…the day you discovered the Internet

Well, I got a computer in 1999…and was WAY too happy to be able to finally get on the net. I actually spent less time on the net and more time researching fun things. I had a love for surnames, so finding out what names meant had me geek-ed!

That computer was short-lived…some refurbished piece of shit that bit the dust. So, we got the PC of the moment…a Gateway. I got Britannica-wasted the first day. lol

I want to say that I truly got introduced to the internet in 2000. I found my sister online via AOL and she introduced me to chat rooms. LORDY BE, LORDY BE!!! That is the LAST place Kali needed to be. There I was in a chat room full of racist fools, hissing racial slurs and racial supremacy and I was NOT the one to fuck with. One dude was LIVID, I tell you…because I told him that Black people were NOT the true monkeys…White people were. I told him that take away the black hair and he’d see his grandfather. Small brains, larger cranium, white skin, big ears, thin lips, elongated torso, short pelvis and legs, extremely long digits and a barely there nasal passage…and VOILA…Grandpa Whitey! He left that chat room so quickly that I heard an e-door slam. LOL I told him that Black people had BIGGER brain mass, smaller cranium, shorter torso, longer legs and shorter arms. That we had natural melanin and less body hair, therefore…the primate known as a monkey was more HIS folks than mine!! hahaaaa

I had fun terrorizing racist and sexist assholes…it was QUITE the therapeutic outlet for a woman going through a tumultuous domestic abuse situation. I left my dripping venom on many a fool in those days. I traversed the chats and Black Voices scene, barely meeting anyone…just reading to see if I WANTED to.

Finally, my true segue into social media came via MySpace on 2006 when I got a page to my god-sister’s urging. It was also the year that I got SUPER cat-fished. The drama was STILL one, that to this day leaves me looking over my shoulder.

Later that year after the crazy person whose REAL name I do not know had left…I found [the now defunct] site of Yahoo 360. A friend I’d met on MySpace had lured me over and I was hooked. There I found friends and love and unveiled my poetry and found erotic writing tucked into my repertoire. From there we migrated to Multiply, which has now closed ITS doors.

I sometimes can’t believe how much has changed since the days of chat rooms and AOL’s “YOU’VE got MAIL”. The dude running…and running…and running…as you wait to be connected via DSL.

Dang…I feel old. lol

Steps to Social Media Cleansing: How to Delete

first they’re sour…lol

If you’ve been on the Internet long enough, you know that as quickly as we add friends…we subtract them as well. The social media networks are proverbial revolving doors. One day you’re e-besties…the next you’re blocking/blocked. Fights and misunderstandings not withstanding…there are times when “the list” must get purged free of stale connections and dead weight.

I’m a sentimental sap and at times…that’s a bad thing. I’ve often kept people on my list because ONCE we were fast friends, ONCE we spoke all of the time, or we grew up together and knew each other when. It’s not enough though. Social media SHOULD be a tool to not only get to know each other, but to grow from the experiences. Networking is a big thing on the Internet and it serves as a wonderful ladder to success…possibly.

Ultimately, it boils down to what kind of operation you’re running. Here are 5 tips to find out what you should do and why:

~ Do you know this person outside of social media?
    Yes? Would you speak to them in person?
    Yes? Keep.
    No. Delete
~ Is this person a business associate or personal?
    Business? — Keep. (unless they’re not serving a purpose)
    Personal? — See above
~ Is there an unresolved issue between you and this person?
    Yes? Do you care to resolve it?
    Yes? — Keep and Confront [in your own time]
    No? Delete.
~ If you don’t speak…is there another reason you hesitate? (ie. Games, Family, etc)
    Yes? Keep only if you play said games or they’re family.
    No? Delete.
~ Lastly, Do they add anything positive to your day/life?
    Yes? Keep.
    No? Delete

Of course, there are so many other factors. If your friend doesn’t come on often for some life reason or another, it’s best to keep them if when they DO come around they’re a pleasant addition to your feed/timeline. If they’re not…then let go. If you’ve allowed an issue to fester and don’t know how to approach it…give it time. If it fades, it wasn’t important, if it doesn’t…delete.

I for one am not impulsive. I don’t get mad and delete for no reason. You have to violate my code of friendship or association. I’m not rude. I’m not a judgmental person. I mind my own business. So if you cross lines that I can’t deal with, I’ll delete you. I’ve made the occasional rash decision and I’m not proud of that, but for the most part when I’ve cleaned my slate…I’m confident in my decision to do so.

For me, this place on the Internet is as much about evolving and learning as it is adding friendships and networking. It means nothing down the road if what’s being discussed and dealt with today is the same shit from the year before. I choose people who grow with me and who have inspiration to dispense.

I suppose, having said that…it’s time to purge again.

Leave YOUR tips to social media “pruning”. lol

Randomosity: Midnight Meanderings

So, I’m up…in the middle of the night…per usual.

I slept a little from 10 til 12ish and now I’ll be up until around 4 or so. THAT means, I’m flipping back and forth between TV and Internet…more TV than Internet. I’m burning the midnight oil on tumblr and Pinterest with a little dip back and forth on Facebook, which means I’m shaking my head at the confuckery (confused fuckery) that seems to incessantly infect my feeds and dashboards. Goodness…

So, here it goes…my rare randoms:

1~ There’s a LOT of angry little Black children on the net. I remember in my 20’s when I was a political and informational zealot. Learn new things? Rage against the machine!!!! This shit is sickening though. They can’t tell what they’re maddest at…slut-shaming, Beyonce’s light skin or gay marriage. Don’t get me started with the arguments on natural hair. *hiss*boo*hush*

2~ Folks brag on the WRONG shit. UGH. I’ll let you fill in the blanks…because I’d be here all morning…

3~ Muhfuggas forget REAL fast when their asses are happy, just how much of an annoying, sad, bitter and complaint-ho they were. I bet you dollars to donuts (whatever THAT means) …that the moment they’re boo-less, every social media outlet they’re signed into will get the news that they’re single and oh…fuck love! ~____~

4~ I can’t believe how cliquish people still are…so closed off to new friends.

5~ Food Porn 101: Don’t take pics of food that aren’t discernible. If your stew looks like shit and your potato salad looks like pig slop…save us the trouble of losing OUR last meal. #everyonesaphotographer

Why does this tickle me so?

6~ If I were Chris Bosh, I’d go to Disneyland…in Tokyo…dressed in a Goofy costume…just to avoid the public. #lookslikebukkake #eww #hismoufwasopen

7~ Kind of connected to #3…um, I wish people would quit getting new on FB…especially if your ass has the timeline. There’s scrolling PROOF that you’re an UNSTABLE CREATURE! Quit acting like you fly above when you been slinging pigeon shit for the longest…

8~ It’s a damn shame that people…men and women alike, still play mental games. SO glad my ass is single.

9~ I want some folks to boycott Mob Wives. Since Basketball Wives is SO damn violent…go on and boycott them other chicks. The fighting on there is a LOT worse than the bickering and ATTEMPTS to fight on BW. Have y’all seen Drita connect with a chick’s jaw? Hell, even them chicks on Jersey Shore have had it out…don’t just single out the coloreds.

10~ I’m a rebel. I wore panties on No Panties Day and now…I’m drawlz-less. In yo FACE!

11~ There are kamikaze spiders in my room…

12~ I officially can’t stand tumblr, Twitter & Facebook famous folks. You too good to respond to folks’ comments? O__O

13~ I’m officially feenin’ for an Avengers and Thor 2.

14~ While I’m on movies…I STILL love the end of First Wives Club! *it just went off*

15~ I’ll leave you with this last one…why is it so easy for women to turn on each other?

So there you have it. A midnight random rant…courtesy of me, Kween. lol

Good night/morning!